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Dirt, Tents & Campfires! Oh my!

I went camping.

Like real camping.

Not glamping.

In a TENT.

It all started as a dare last month during a Sunday night dinner at my parents house. Something came up about the smell of a campfire and how yummy it is and then the boys ran with it. Talking about how we need to go camping so I said, well then let's go! (totally kidding) and next thing I knew there was an email in my inbox from my dad saying that we were booked with the campground attached.

Last Friday we packed up our cars hillbilly style, dropped son off at grandma and grandpas house and we were off! It's been 17 years since our family had been camping! We traded our tents in for hotel rooms and it will probably take me another 17 years to get back in a tent.
Road Trip!

On our way up the mountain

Our campground was awesome, not going to lie. It was beautiful, the leaves were starting to change colors and there was a crisp in the air that we haven't had at home. That crisp in the air was awesome for 2 hours and then I was over it. The boys set up the tents while the girls ate, we walked around the area and then ate some more, built a fire and cooked dinner over it, cleaned dinner up and made s'mores. Basically all we did the entire weekend was eat and freeze our butts off. So feel free to stop reading at any time..

First night in the tent was cold but not bad. Kate slept great and we all woke up alive which was a good start. We spent Saturday afternoon in Big Bear City for a little shopping, coffee and lunch. Saturday evening was miserable. Dinner over the fire was nice and then big dark clouds started rolling in and you could smell the rain.

We packed up almost everything besides the tents and agreed that if it did start raining we would pack the tent up and head down the mountain. Mom and I were praying for the rain to come before we went to bed but no luck. Instead, we were all in bed by 8:15 tucked in our freezing cold tents with the loudest neighbors ever. Kate screamed almost the entire night due to being cold and who knows what else. Don't forget we were in a tent, there were no walls so the entire campground got to hear her screaming and me pleading with Chris to take her to the car. In between her screaming my dad was snoring like a bear, 3 different packs of coyotes came in our area and killed animals all throughout the night, gunshots were firing (it's bear hunting season) and I was so tired that I felt sick and begged the Lord to help me not throw up. It was so miserable y'all. At one point during the night Chris finally took Kate to the bathroom while she freaked out, he got her calmed down and by the time they came back out she was screaming bloody murder again. All I could do was laugh. My mom and I had the biggest laughing attack between our tents, I for sure thought I was going to wet my sleeping bag.

I'm not sure what was worse, Saturday night or the fact that NONE of us got to take a shower the entire weekend due to the showers being ice cold. Y'all, you do realize that I am the biggest clean freak ever. I have never missed a night of showering and shaving my legs. Never. I even shaved my legs and showered the night I gave birth, both times. My poor child was a dirtball all weekend, it was quite a sight seeing her like that and wearing mismatched dirty clothes. I didn't even share about the bathrooms, the bugs or spiders on my pillow or the two pincher bugs that were in my dryer lint after doing the first load coming home. Seriously!!!

I like nature but not living in it. I wouldn't mind getting dirty if there was a way to get clean. I like being cozy but when 2 pairs of pants, a shirt, two sweatshirts and fuzzy socks inside a sleeping bag isn't enough to get you warm, it's not fun.

It was an experience for sure.

Kate said it was the best trip ever and that she wuvs camping!


I will make sure our next hotel stay has a room with a view so we can be in touch with nature.

Because really dirt + cozy don't go together.


Jeremy Hill said…
I was having a laughing attack the whole way through reading your story of camping. That was funny!! I guess not everyone enjoys camping or the cold. It's inevitable here in northern BC so it was good to hear from the other city side of things. Keep truckin' on and enjoy God's nature from your hotel room!!

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