Friday, October 12, 2012

Kate Marie is 3!

Three years ago the Lord blessed us with an incredible gift on a rainy October day.

That gift was you, Katelyn Marie.

I sort of knew what I was in for when becoming a mommy, well actually I had no idea. I did not know that your heart could grow so much and love someone so tiny and whom you just met! Katelyn Marie, you rocked our world on the 7th of October in 2009 and our world hasn't been the same since.

You are so full of love and joy, you have a zest for life that makes me want to see the world the way you do! Your heart is so soft and tender. I know where you go that from. You are a sweet friend, the best big sister, you adore old people and truly care for others. You are our little pistol and have a stubborn side which is a daily reminder that you're mine! Girl, the fits you can throw are impressive. But really I'm not impressed. You constantly want to learn, singing and dancing is a passion of yours which I love and once again, sorry I passed down my white chocolate moves to you.

Being your mommy is one of my greatest joys in life. Each day with you brings new wonders and adventures, you are just what we needed. You love getting dressed up and being girly but you are a total tom-boy at heart. You love getting out in the dirt, gardening and being silly and crazy as any 3 year old does!

I haven't stopped smiling since I found out we were expecting our first baby and when we found out you were a girl the excitement went through the roof. I knew I would have a girlfriend for life and I pray that as you grow older and become a young woman we will always remain close. 

You are precious, Katelyn Marie. 
Daddy and I love you with everything that's within us.

Happy Day, Peanut!


 Love you to the moon and back x3232424123

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