Monday, December 31, 2012

11 months.

11 months.
My boy is weeks away from turning ONE.
In a way I feel gypped.

Where has the time gone? 
So much has happened that I can hardly wrap my mind around it.
This is the last month our baby boy is an infant.

William Allan Marshall Andrews.
My sonshine...

You are working on your 8th tooth.
You really have no interest in walking.
You eat everything we eat, tons of it!
You love playing with sissy and adore all of her toys!
You love to sleep and need lots of it!

You say mama, dada and badanujboi.
If you hear the word "yay" you automatically start clapping.
You're learning to wave hi and bye bye..
You love to dance.
You give the best open mouth wet kisses ever!

You are a precious gift.
I thank the Lord for sending you to us daily. 
Love you, sweet baby boy.

1st Christmas
Photo by southernatheart
 I'm sure one day he'll love books..
for now they are great chew toys!

Photo by southernatheart

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