Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back where I belong.

I just returned back to So Cal from an awesome girls trip Nashville, Tennessee. My mom, sister and I flew out to spend 5 days with our family there and to soak in the southern hospitality and all it has to offer. From the minute we landed to the second we took off, my little southern heart was home.

We celebrated my birthday at Cancun, the best Mexican food I've ever had, which seems funny! We drove down beautiful back roads listening to country music. Pretty sure that is the most natural feeling. The wide open spaces, farm houses, the charming little cottages and the gorgeous cities we drove through were breathtaking. Liepers fork and Franklin are at the top of my list. We might have done a little house hunting! {wink}

We visited the Loveless Cafe not once or twice but three times! Their homemade biscuits are to die for. I'm pretty sure they are missing us and wondering where we've gone.

The pie lady made the Goo Goo Cluster pie for me on Friday. I've been drooling over it on Instagram and asked if they had it in, which they did not so she made it. And let me tell you, it was ahh-maazzzing!
Talk about southern hospitality.

Photo by southernatheart
We spent our afternoons driving, exploring, eating, shopping and meeting the neatest people. Our evenings were spent with our precious family and the in between times were spent dreaming about a life here in the south, the heartbeat of America.

breakfast at the Loveless

Dinner at the Pharmacy in East Nashville

tourist, what?

Hey y'all!

Need to get us one of these

just rockin' with our sweet tea after some pie

winter time

happy place

It was an awesome time and so good to be back in the land that I love, all that was missing was my man and our babies. Every time I leave Tennessee I leave a little piece of my heart there. It's hard leaving something you love so much but we look forward to watching the Lords plan unfold for our life and our families! Good things are in store. Thankful for the open heart and promise that God has given us.

Now, will someone please ship me some biscuits and fruit tea?
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michelle16_01 said...

There's nothing like Tennessee! I have lived here practically all of my life, except for the year we live in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm glad other people see Tennessee as a great state too!

mybizzykitchen.com said...

We vacationed in Tennessee in 2008 - our kids loved it. Our favorite day was when we rented a pontoon boat for the day.

Just floated, swam, and fished - so fun!