Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Day!

A year ago on January 21st, 2012 - our life was forever changed.
A little blonde hair, blue eyed boy was born and my heart hasn't been the same since.

William Allan Marshall Andrews.
6 pounds and 14 ounces of pure sunshine.

Your sister is the pitter and you are the patter to my heart.

The timing of your birth could not have been more perfect.
You were the light in the darkness that was all around us.

And son, you haven't stopped shining since that day.

You are my angel pie..
my wild man..
the willster..
our little man..
and my sonshine.

This past year with you has flown by yet we feel like we've known you our entire life.
You're an incredible child, a precious gift from the Lord.
We are so thankful that He sent you to us to take care of us raise.

And while I wish we could keep you tiny forever, we are thrilled to watch you grow and thrive into the little man that God designed for you to be. It is a joy to watch you reach milestones, to watch your tiny teeth grow and to snuggle you in those quiet moments. I cherish each and every bit.

Your first year was one I will never forget. I hold each memory close to my heart and my cup is overflowing when I think about what this next year of your sweet life has in store.

We had a small and intimate party to celebrate you and are so blessed by the friends and family who have stood by our side and have a role in your life. You are so loved baby boy.

Birthday boy sick on his 1st birthday, but still so handsome.

My heart

Our dear friend dedicated Will to the Lord.
Such a blessed moment where we publicly committed to raising our son up in the ways of the Lord.
Our hearts desire is that our children will come to know and love the Lord at a young age and follow and serve Him all the days of their life.
Our job: to raise them in a loving home showing them the love and grace that the Lord gives us and always pointing them to Jesus. Not an easy thing to do in this world.

Will's grandpa prayed over him
and so did his papa..
So thankful for the examples he has to look up to and follow.

The ones who make my heart sing


I think he liked his cake

 I love the way she loves her baby brother
I love this boy more than he loves his cake.

Happy 1st Birthday, Son!
I pray you always know how much you are loved.

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