Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love wins

I, along with the rest of Orange County woke up to news of a shooting spree that happened and ended a few blocks away from my parents house this morning. The news is depressing, not even sure why I let myself turn it on. There is so much evil in this world. Why don't they ever share the happy and encouraging stories? Will people not be as intrigued? I don't get it.

I had a decision to make this morning. I could either be discouraged and upset about the madness that is going on all around me or I could put my head up and be a light that this dark world needs. I went on with our typical morning and had breakfast and got the kids ready for the day. Will and I dropped Kate off at school and did our errands and instead of heading back home I felt like I was supposed to do something nice for someone. I took the easy route with a little guy in tow and headed to my local drive-thru Starbucks (which isn't so local). There was a long line of cars and just as I was about to turn around and leave the parking lot about half of the cars were gone so we got in line.  Totally embarrassed but I was praying for the Lord to bring someone "good". Not sure what I meant by good but I sat in my car and no one was behind me for the longest time. So there I was like, Lord really? You brought me all this way and now there is no one!! I ordered and next thing I know a mini van pulls up behind me.

I'm totally checking her out, old lady who looks like a mess, angry, shes smoking and has two little dogs on her lap and a man in the backseat. I was so disappointed in myself for "judging" her. Next thing you know she is ordering and nosy me rolls down my window to see if I can hear what shes ordering. Will was talking away and I again realized that I was being ridiculous so up went my window. I already knew in my heart I was to pay for her order so I didn't care what the total was. It was my turn to pay so I did that and then told the cute cashier girl that I wanted to pay for the lady behind me. She looked at her order and said, "oh honey, it's kind of a big order...are you sure?" I told her yes, I was sure. So that was done and the cashier had tears in her eyes and couldn't believe I was doing that. I thought I was the only person left who hasn't paid for the car behind. She asked if I had a message to give her so I smile and told her to tell the woman that I pray God blesses her. She began to cry and so did I. {she cried first, I blame cute starbucks girl}

So, I pull out and the van pulls up to pay and I got to watch the whole thing go down at the red light. The van lady was shocked and the cute starbucks girl was learning out her window with her elbows on the counter having a sweet conversation with her. My heart was literally singing as I sat at the longest light ever and watch those two talk. I went with the intention of blessing someone in a small way and drove off feeling like I won the lottery {and just paid for the most expensive carmel macchiato ever}. But seriously, the van lady had a face that went from angry to a smile that was so beautiful, and that Starbucks girl...she was just so sweet. Seeing the joy on her face alone was worth it. She has been on my heart and in my prayers all day, I just pray that she knows how much she is loved.

Do you realize how easy it is to make someones day? You don't have to drive across town and pay for someones coffee, sometimes a smile is all someone needs to get through their day. This world is tough, be easy on one another.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?

Spread some joy.

Love always wins!

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Erin said...

Had to look up the story since I hadn't heard about it. So scary.

Good for you for doing this. It's so hard to not focus on all the bad, but as you said, all we can really do is try to be the light that this world so needs. That woman will remember what you did for the rest of her life!