Sunday, May 19, 2013

Treasure in my boxes

Life right now pretty much consists of making meals, changing diapers, preschool, swim lessons, sorting, throwing out and packing. I know packing might sound crazy since we aren't moving for another two months and have another year until we make the trek cross country but there is a lot of work that is involved. We are packing for two moves. One here in California, the things we need on a day to day or random basis and the other half is getting sort and packed for storage to send to Tennessee.

We're sort of getting ruthless if you will, the last thing we want to do is haul a bunch of crap across the country only to get rid of it once we arrive. The daily grind of this is tiring and I'm already over it but I keep reminding myself of what's to come and keeping my eye on that prize! 

The garage has been our main focus since that's pretty much where everything is. It's Chris' space and he does not run a tight ship like I do inside. {wink} So, clearly it's one big straight up mess. 

We have been cracking ourselves up over the things we're finding. Seriously can't believe some of the things we've held onto and brought here! The best belly laugh we had was over my glasses from third grade. I will never be able to live them down. So many of my friends has glasses and I was sure I needed them too. I somehow convinced the Lens Crafters lady that my eyes were bad by not passing the eye test and ended up with a pair of glasses that were beauty's. My eyes are still 20/20 and you better believe I packed the glasses up for the move.

I've had the joy of going through the picture boxes. I had three large container boxes filled with pictures and old things of mine. I've condensed it all into one box, that felt good!! While going through them I found myself laughing and crying. SO many memories. All I could think of was, where has the time gone?
My entire weekend was consumed by these boxes and I felt like I was in a time warp and had an amazing trip down sweet old memory lane. 

Treasures and look, I've been Southern at Heart since I was tiny!

I found pictures of when I was little and pictures of just about every trip I've ever been on. Found all of my old journals from the early 90's to the early 2000's. My life flashed before me like one of those flip books. I relived it all. I found myself trying to explain them all to Chris, I wanted him to see how amazing my life has been and have him try to relive it with me. 

I found some absolutely precious items that I have packed away and will cherish forever and ever. Letters from my incredible grandparents and parents. Words on a page that filled my eyes with tears. My heart is filled with more love that I know what to do with. And you never know how precious something as simple as a handwritten note that your grandma sent you at summer camp is or a certificate that your grandpa made you that says "redeem for one big hug" until you can't redeem it and no more letters will be written. I tucked it away safely and thanked the Lord for such sweet memories. I've got treasure in my boxes, y'all.

This time has been so refreshing in so many ways. Getting rid of so much "stuff" feels amazing and finding old treasures you didn't even know you had is like a sweet reward for all of this work. This is definitely cleansing and we still look at each other some days and smile, can't believe it's all happening.

 More to come soon..

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