Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baby #3...

This pregnancy has been so different yet so much like my other ones which has had me completely clueless to whether the Lord is knitting together a baby girl or a baby boy. Chris has been 99.9% that it's a girl, and he has been right this far and my gut has been boy, I have never been right. I asked God to give me a dream of the baby a couple weeks ago, the next night I had a dream of twin boys. I didn't think about it since I knew there was only one in there and had a dream a few nights later about another baby boy. My tired mind didn't even put two and two together that God had totally given me a dream about what He is creating until the night we found out..

Chris and I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon to find out, waking up felt like Christmas morning. As I laid on the ultrasound table I was totally having flashbacks to finding out about our William, it felt like I was just laying there waiting to find out!! The first thing we saw was the baby's sweet profile and the words that came out of my mouth were, oh my gosh the baby looks exactly like Will! A minute later we found out that baby #3 was indeed a baby BOY. We were both shocked, not sure why I was but Chris definitely was. We went to lunch to celebrate our new boy, we laughed a lot and started throwing around names...none have been successful yet.
One of the first things we talked about was sweet Kate. She wants a sister so bad and has been telling us that if it's another boy she is going to cry her whole life. So funny but my heart broke a little for her, so I started praying that the Lord would bless her with joy in that moment we shared she was getting another little brother. 

We love parties and believe every child should be celebrated so we threw a gender reveal party the next night and waited with excitement as our family arrived to share the news. Everything was set....

We let Kate cut into the cake...

 and you know what?

Major bakery fail! 
Kate kept saying it's white!! 

We laughed hysterically. 
But you can bet the bakery will be hearing from me tomorrow..

So Chris and I shared on the count of three that..
It's a BOY!

I leaned over and asked Kate if she's excited to meet her new baby brother..
She smiled with such joy and said, uh huh! I am mommy!!! 
I cried and we celebrated our new little man for the rest of the evening.

My heart is so full. I am amazed daily that the Lord has allowed me to be Kate and Will's mommy and is creating a new baby boy as I type. It brings such joy to my heart knowing that He has had our family planned since the beginning of time. Hard to wrap your head around but we will never stop thanking Him for His good and perfect gifts. 

So Kate remains the princess for now and we are so excited to start planning for the arrival of our new son in these next 6 months. Now to give him a name...

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Julie said...

I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations! I think all girls long for a sister. Sweet girl. For some reason, the name Benjamin comes to mind! xo