Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25 weeks and pass the potato chips.

 I think updating baby 3.0s progress and my belly every 5 weeks is acceptable. Unless you're following me on Instagram, you're all up to date on my belly and have seen more pictures that you probably care to!!! ha
Half the time I've forgotten I have a blog and the other half of the time I'm too busy raising kids eating the house down.

Weeks: 25.5

Cravings:  Pretty much anything that's in front of my face.
 :::blank stare:::
for real. I can't stop eating. That means he is growing, right???

Food Aversions: Nothing, dang it!

Heartbeat: high 150's

Gender: precious baby BOY!

Extras: Still feeling good. Lots of pressure. ahem.. like feeling like I could push this baby out. All is good though, I've been checked out and we're good. I'm tired but what's new? I love food, trying hard to work out daily which is pure entertainment for my husband I'm sure. I'm up a total of 10 pounds since getting pregnant. And to be honest, I feel like someone is packing my face like a fat suit. I still fit in regular clothes but my face is playing chubby bunny on me. Whatever, it's all for a good cause. {i tell myself that 13 times a day}

How big is baby 3.0?  Mason James is now about 13.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. {see, all 10 pounds aren't mine!!} My belly still feels like it's on the smaller side but he is measuring on track and I definitely feel pregnant. 15 more weeks baby boy! But hopefully it's more like 13-14 more!

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