Monday, May 5, 2014

35 weeks and a Babymoon!

I cannot believe how fast the days are flying by. I'm finishing up my 35th week with sweet Mason in my belly and we are getting ready for his arrival and life with THREE kids. This is crazy. I've been calm this whole pregnancy about #3 but you know those pre-birth nerves that come before delivery? Yeah, I have those. Dumb.

I am feeling good for the most part. If you don't include sleep, being uncomfortable and looking like an Ogre, then things are awesome. I've never swelled during my previous pregnancies so this one has sort of taken me by surprise but I'm so close to the finish line and I'm trying to not focus on looking and feeling huge. This too shall pass. 

I'm hungry all the time but then I eat a little and feel like I just ate a cow because holy smokes there is no room left in there. My heartburn is just about as bad as it was with Kate. I'm on the highest dose of Zantac and still throw up... again, this too shall pass. 

Chris and I got away this past weekend to one of our favorite local resorts in the desert for our Babymoon. Whether you're on your first baby or your sixth, you need to take a babymoon. Such sweet time to re connect, talk and dream about the days ahead before we're totally incoherent sleep deprived again. It was so weird not having schedules to go off of and little ones to tend to. The rest was amazing but it was SO good coming home to our sweet treasures.

My to- list before Mason arrives is long but I'm making headway daily. My eyes are on the prize. I can hardly wait to lay in the hospital bed and just snuggle our newest love. 

 35 weeks down
less than 35 days to go.
Let's do this!

Also, I wonder if my friends will ditch me if I start wearing crocs until I get this boy out.
Only two pairs of my sandals fit on my right foot. What the what? Help!

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