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So you want to learn about all these oils?!

You may have seen me post about Essential Oils this past year. I've slowly been getting my feet wet learning about them and adding them into our life. I've been asked by many what is the best way to learn about essential oils. The beauty of oils is that you can learn as you go and as things come up. 

Want to know how I got started? 

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit. It's a beautiful introduction to oils and is filled with 10 different oils that will get you going! Plus, it comes with a diffuser so you can diffuse them in your home or at work! 

 Right now Young Living is offering an incredible deal if you sign up this month:
  • Oil samples and brochures with all you need to know about oils
  • A home diffuser 
  • 10 essential oils plus a free bottle of Citrus Bliss
  • -Pan Away, Joy, Purification, Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, Melaleuca, Lemon, Stress Away and Frankincense
That is product worth over $300, available right now for $150!

That is a GREAT deal and discount! I'm not a good salesperson. I'm a busy mama whos been using oils for a year and have had great success. I LOVE essential oils! I am under an amazing team of women who are leaning and growing their knowledge of essential oils to be able to use them more effectively in their homes. If you are interested in being part of my Young Living team you can email me at! When you decide you'd like to start using Essential Oils head on over and sign up! Click on my link right here to get started! Becoming a wholesale member allows you to save 24% on oils and products! You'll see they ask for your Social when signing up. That is in case you decide you want to become a distributor after falling in love with your new oils! :)

 The majority of the uses which I am listing I only recommended for Young Living essential oils. Why? Because 90% of the essential oils on the market contain chemicals, pesticide byproducts, or are purposefully cut with other ingredients. Due to poor labeling laws, these bottles can actually have the words "pure" on the title. It is so important to know who your essential oils are coming from so that you can trust you are getting a high quality product.

 If you want to learn more about Young Living and the Premium Starter Kit please visit About Essential Oils

Listed Below are the oils and some of their suggested uses...

This is one of the essential oils that I use the most so of course we are going to talk about it first! It's one of those things that you can just use for everything. My friend Lindsay and I joke that the first rule of essential oil use is "When in doubt, always use lavender".

1. Sleep and Relaxation
How to use Lavender Young Living Essential OilI will diffuse lavender, rub it on my feet, put a few drops on my pillow, or take a relaxing lavender bath with epsom salts before bed to get a good night's sleep.

2. Bug Bites
 For Bug Bites I have a 1 oz salve jar full of coconut oil and I've added 25-35 drops of lavender. I apply a small amount of this to the effected area and feel instant relief

3. Itchy or Puffy Eyes
This is an amazing trick, but adding some lavender to coconut oil and rubbing it around your eyes (not in your eyes) can help decrease puffiness! If you get essential oil in your eyes, wash it out with carrier oil-- not water!

4. Butterflies/Nerves
In research, it has been demonstrated that Lavender may be a good substitute for anti-anxiety medication. In a study, they found that if you diffuse lavender for 20 minutes at least 3 times a day, patients reported decreases nervousness.

  If you want more ways to use lavender, here's 20 ways to use lavender, but trust me there are many, many more!!

How to use Joy essential oil Young Living
Joy is a blend of essential oils that creates a sense of happiness. It contains Lemon, Mandarin, Rose, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Jasmine, Rosewood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Bergamot essential oils. It's a beautiful floral scent and so many people enjoy diffusing it, but they are unaware of all the different ways it can be used.

1. Sadness or negative emotions
Joy is a very uplifting essential oil which can be used to help support mood. My favorite way is to diffuse joy and simply by inhaling the scent, my mood improves. But you can also rub a drop of Joy oil over the heart and on the bottom of each foot to relieve feelings of frustration
 2. Entertaining 
If you're throwing a party, you probably want everyone to have a good time, so why not help the mood with a little joy? Diffusing this while you're entertaining helps to keep everyone's spirits uplifted.
 3. DIY Perfume
I have yet to make my own but word is that Joy is one of the best stand alone essential oils for a signature scent! If only I was that "crafty!"
4. Laundry
Joy is one of my favorite scents to use in the dryer to scent my clothing. I use dryer balls, but you can also use 1-2 drops on an old rag that you toss into the dryer with your clothing.

 How to use Young Living Purification essential oil

Purification is a blend of essential oils that smells so amazing! It contains Lemongrass, Citronella, Rosemary, Lavandin, Myrtle, and Melaleuca essential oils and it's so gentle on the skin. This is one of my mom's favorite essential oils to wear as a perfume and the bonus is that it doubles as a bug deterrent! You can't find many perfume smelling bug sprays at Walmart. Just sayin'

1. Odor Removal
This is a big deal in my house because I live 3 stinky boys, and a dog. Odors are everywhere! Several of my friends are using some sort of medium (baking soda in a sock, cotton balls) with a couple drops of purification to place inside of stinky shoes to remove the odors.

 2. Summer Time Spray
I love using purification in the summer! Not only does it smell so fresh and clean, but it can work with citronella to help keep away our bothersome buzzing party crashers. Check out some DIY recipes on Pinterest!

 3. Deodorant 
Since Purification is so good at removing odors, lots of people are using it as an extra boost to homemade deodorant recipes. Again, I have yet to make any of this but maybe one day when I have free time again!? Other people simply mix purification with water and spray their pits. They swear it works, but I'm not that brave.

4. Hotel Disinfectant 
I admit that I may have a paranoia about traveling. When I travel, I always take a 1 oz spray bottle full of distilled water that I've added 1/4 tsp of salt which has soaked in 15 drops of purification. I'll spray it on the bed as soon as I get to the hotel to kill all the little critters that may be lurking between the sheets.

How to use Lemon Essential Oil Young Living Premium Starter Kit Lemon
Lemon is one of the biggest powerhouses in the essential oil world when it comes to cleaning both your house and your body! It also tastes great in water or baked goods!

1. Cleaning Cabinets
  I have been using lemon mixed with a little olive oil to clean my cabinets. It really makes them shine and look like new!

2. Adhesive Remover
1–2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and crayon from most surfaces.
 3. Flavor your drink
 I like adding a drop or two to a glass of water

4. Diffuse!! 
 Because HELLO so fresh and so clean clean. Yum!

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil Young Living Premium Starter Kit  Peppermint
Peppermint seems to be one of the favorite essential oils because it's good for so many things! Did you know that peppermint can help improve energy, but also help to ease headaches, and stomachaches, too?

1. Minor Aches
Peppermint is my go to for daily aches. I put 1-2 drops of peppermint directly on my body when I feel achey.

2. Energy
I find that when I'm dragging that all I need to do is take several deep inhalations of peppermint directly from the bottle! Within seconds, I have more energy and I'm ready to work! It can also be diffused or rub onto the feet as well.

3. Hair Care
I love using essential oils for hair care! My hair has become much more healthier now that I incorporate different essential oils into my hair care routine. Peppermint can help support a healthy scalp scalp.

How to use PanAway Essential Oil from the Premium Starter Kit from Young LivingPanAway
To be honest, I wasn't crazy about PanAway at first (it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub), but it was the first essential oil that I used and I've grown to really enjoy it. It really helps after long days of picking up and carrying my babies around.

1. Supports a Healthy Muscular System
This is great for all sorts of minor muscular discomfort of daily life-- just make sure you read the instructions on the bottle for proper dilutions!

2. Post Workout Relief
  Who loves a good massage? A PanAway massage. I add 2-4 drops to 1 TBSP of coconut oil and give a back rub. It can also be applied to achy, sore, or tired muscles. No massage needed!  You can also take a soothing epsom salt bath with PanAway: 1 cup of epsom salt with 4 drops of essential oil.

3. Bumps
PanAway is great for reducing bruising. I just apply it directly to the bump. For more serious injuries, you should always see a doctor, but you can use PanAway to help support normal, natural soreness.

How to use Frankincense essential oil from the Premium Starter Kit Young Living Frankincense 
This is one of the most famous and oldest essential oils. I remember hearing about it as a child in church and it being mentioned frequently around Christmas. However, I didn't have my first experience with Frankincense until this year. It was love at first sniff! Seriously, this stuff is ahhhhh-maz-ing!

1. Skin Care
Frankincense is know as one of the best natural ways to support healthy skin. In my opinion, Frankincense and Lavender are pretty much the power house of skin care and help to keep that fantastic complexion.

 2. Healthy Nails
You can take Frankincense internally for both anxiety and for it's anti-cancerous effects. However, a fantastic side effect was stronger, healthier nails. You can also apply frankincense directly to the nail making sure to fully coat the entire surface of the nail.

3. Stretch Marks
Use Frankincense and Lavender together to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

4. Relaxation
I diffuse frankincense when I need to relax. There is nothing like it!

How to use Thieves essential oil premium starter kit from young living Thieves 
Thieves may be the most well known of all the Young Living essential oil blends. It's being used in hospitals as a cleaner, but yet it's gentle enough that it can be used safely on children.

1. Foaming Hand Soap
 I have an obsession with clean hands, but the traditional soaps tend to make my hands dry and cracked. There are so many great DIY hand soaps you can make with this!

2. Cleaning Spray
This disinfectant spray is one of my absolute favorite things! I carry a small vial in my purse to spray on door knobs, tables, carts and even as a hand sanitizer spray. The best part is that this is so gentle that it can also be used as a breath freshener or a spray for sore throats.

 3. Immune Boost
When I'm sick, the first essential oil I reach for is Thieves. I can diffuse when I feel a little down and I can do an immune boosting foot rub to help support a healthy immune system.

You can make your own toothpaste, mouthwash and so much more! This is also an awesome oil to diffuse!!

How to use Stress Away essential oil  Stress Away
Stress Away isn't part of the Every Day Oil kit, but it is a bonus in the Premium Starter Kit. Normally you can purchase it two ways: The bottle or the Roll-on. The Premium Starter Kit comes with a roller filament so you can change your bottle to a roll-on!

1. Stress Buster
The Premium Starter Kit comes with one Roller Filament to make an essential oils a roll-on application. I love putting it on stress away! I keep this in my purse and I will roll it on my wrists, neck, or behind my ears when I need a little Stress Busting power.

2. Add to the bath
Add a few drops to your bath, you can even make your own salt scrubs!

Introducing the {NEW} Essential Oils of the Premium Starter Kit!!!!

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree)

Melaleuca alternifolia is highly regarded for its wide range of uses. It supports the immune system and is beneficial for the skin. Commonly known as Tea Tree Oil.
1. Helps support Healthy Skin 
I like to use Tea Tree to help support healthy skin by using it diluted in some carrier oil at 50%. I just dab a little bit on any imperfections.

2. Helps to support a Healthy Scalp

You can use tea tree in DIY hair products to help promote a healthy scalp. You don't even need a lot-- just a few drops!

 3. Supports a Healthy Immune System
 Diffusing Melaleuca is a great way to help boost your immune system.

Citrus Fresh
Citrus Fresh™ is a relaxing, calming blend loved by children and adults alike. It is a blend of Orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, and spearmint.

1. Removes Odors
This is one of my favorites to diffuser because it smells so amazing! It helps to freshening air from environmental impurities.

2. Uplifting
Citrus scents are very cheerful and Citrus Fresh has been known to help support a good mood! Diffuse it when you're feeling sad or lonely.

3. Boosts Creativity
When I'm writing my blog I often diffuse Citrus Fresh to help boost my creativity, I also love having it in the diffuser in the morning to get me going!

5. Flavored Water
Many people like to add 1 drop to a glass of water for some extra taste!


Lucy Heartfilia said…
i want some information about the way using essential oil with shower :D.
Sometime i use Lemon Essential oil diffuser for my house. it's good
Monika Pearson said…
Thank you for the wonderful article!!!
What brand of electronic oil diffusers can you advise as most safe?
susan said…
Well, we must be mindful of the nature and our health is in our hands. I often try new blends of essential oils
, it is exciting.

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