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Super fun.

Chris and I had a super fun weekend! Sometimes I wish weekends were never ending. Yesterday mom, dad, chris, megan and I went to the Anaheim Hills Golf Club for brunch. It was so fun to be back, we talked about the wedding and even had one of the same waiters that we had at the reception. Can't believe it's been 6 months already. Last night Mia had a sleep over with us. Shes my little buddy and hasn't left my side since I brought her home with us. Mom and dad are missing her and Riley can't figure out what his friend is doing here but he loves it. He hasn't stopped stalking her. She will be going back home this afternoon, love that puppy to death but this house was not made for dogs! The Mudder. Love that face. It's a funny farm around here today.

the lastest at the Andrews household.

Our new patio new doors in the office. Riley had a sleep over with us last night.


We love Fridays! This afternoon Chris, dad and I went out to visit grandma and took her to lunch. We had a great visit. We all went back afterwards and did a big cleaning job at her house. Chris and I are feeling a little lazy right now so we're going to watch our new movies and have some ice-cream sundaes in bed. That is after the police leave our house. We went to get in his truck tonight and discovered that the passenger door was unlocked and when I got in I noticed a huge hole, some punks stole his stereo system. I was bummed out for him but he doesn't care at all, after all it is just a thing. We're more concerned for our safety and the safety of other peoples "things" so he reported it and we are having the sheriffs make more of a presence in here. The break in did not happen inside our neighborhood, it was the street above. I pray that God convicts those stupid punks!! Movie time....I'll update more tomorrow.

Seattle and Nashville bound!

Chris and I are going to Seattle in August to see his family and play around around downtown for a few days then from there we are going to fly to Nashville for 5 days to see my family and celebrate Chris' 27th birthday! Mom, dad and Megan are also going to fly out and play with us! You have no clue how excited I am right now, Chris is pretty excited about it too! I think he's most excited about hanging out with my awesome cousins, drinking beer, fishing, smoking cigars out by the pool, fire flies, good wine, going off roading, and of course shooting of some huge fire crackers. I am so excited to see both of our families and for the food!! I think I need to start losing weight so I don't feel so bad about eating at all the amazing places....Cracker Barrel anyone? Loveless Cafe.....HRH Dumplings? Cancun? Ok, enough. I'm excited. Good night.
It's been a great week so far. I've gotten a lot accomplished at home....I put our honeymoon album together, bought an address book and filled it up, finished organizing all the pictures for the wedding and sent it off to our photographer, watched Bachelor and American Idol two nights in a row. It's been an awesome week. Chris made me dinner tonight. It was amazing, shrimp and crap raviolis and yummy bread. We went to the Flame Bible study which also was great. It's a big night for American Idol, someone is getting kicked off so it's time I get back to my show. PS. Did anyone see Paula last night? What was she wearing?? Leather gloves and diamonds? I'm not sure.....


I've received a couple emails from some people asking how the job situation is going for Chris and I. Here is the update... For me, the past two weeks have been how they used to be, awesome! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I have always loved my job and that's why I was so bummed out these past few months when things weren't going very well. It is probably the best job in the world and I feel so blessed to have the position and I am SO thankful that things are getting better. I'm only in the office 2 days a week and I really look forward to those 2 days again and enjoy my time there. God does answer prayers and I thank Him for working through situation there!! As for Chris, he is still in the position he moved to in January. He has a lot of things going for him right now over there and we're anxious to see how they're all going to come together. He definitely wants to get out of there in the next 6 months. Right now he is trying to figure

Happy Birthday Pops

Today would have been my Pops 72nd birthday. I miss him so much. How awesome it must be for him being in Heaven, it probably feels like his birthday everyday. A day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought of him and wished he was still here with us. Easter was not the same without him and grandma. I haven't been able to look at a picture of him and not cry yet. Love you Pops.

He has Risen!

Today was an awesome day. It's always so much fun to be with everyone you love and on top of that get to celebrate Jesus. I know for my family and I, we are so thankful for the cross and what Jesus did for us. It is amazing and a joy to celebrate that and His resurrection ! We had our Easter brunch this afternoon as we have had for so many years. It's always so great to see our family friends who mean so much to us and see all the kids and how they've grown. I love it. We had lots of little ones today, I got my baby fix :) PS. as a side note, We really don't like when people tell us how long we should to wait to have kids. I don't know how many times we heard it today and we're ready for it to end. It's been a long and beautiful day, we have much to be thankful for.

Bath time.

Today was a day of cleaning around the Andrews household. The house got cleaned, the cars, laundry and even Riley! Here we go! So mad.. All done!


This is a conversation that Chris and I had last night after we did our devotional. The devotional brought up elderly people and asked "how does God use the elderly for His purposes?" I went on and on from this because I LOVE old people. I laid there and said, "I don't know who I like more, babies or old people.." Chris very sweetly said, "well you can go have an old person!" It was for some reason at the moment so hilarious to me, I laughed for like 7 minutes..maybe because it was past midnight. Now I'm torn between having a baby or adopting an old folk from the nursing home. Thanks babe. Maybe I should just open up my own "elderly home"?


Today was an awesome day. In a way it seems weird and a little bit wrong to say that but it truly was. Chris and I went to the good Friday service at church this afternoon and it was such an awesome reminder to all of us. Pastor Philip said a statement today that is so true and really clung to my heart. "Good Friday is an awesome and happy day to us but to Jesus it was an excruciating and painful one." It seems so weird that we rejoice and celebrate in His sufferings but without His horrible death on the cross we would not have eternal life in Heaven with Christ. I am so thankful for what He has done and in just a couple days we get to celebrate His resurrection! Beautiful! It was also an awesome day because we had a great night with the Andrews-my in-laws. We had a BBQ, played games and laughed lots! I love family and I am so thankful for the one that God has blessed me with. "He was wounded for our transgressions; He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement

God is awesome.

I went to see the specialist this afternoon to have the tumor checked and it went really well. She said not to worry about this one. It is starting to break down and I will not have to have surgery on it! I was so relieved! I couldn't imagine going through another one this year. There is nothing I can do to prevent them from "growing". Some people are just prone to get them for one reason or another and I am one of those lucky few I guess. It is really painful at times but I can't complain about that. I am thankful and praise God for this blessing. Thank you for the prayers!!


We are so excited right now! We just booked our 1 year anniversary trip, which is almost 6 months away...crazy! We're going to this amazing brand new resort in Cabo San Lucas! Chris' parents gave us a week with their time share and this is where we chose We are so ready to get away! Neither of us have been to Cabo so this will be fun!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

So, Grandma Styll called this afternoon and asked if Chris and I would like to come for dinner. How can you say no to that? It was the cutest thing. As soon as Chris got off work we headed down and had us some awesome corn beef and cabbage that grandpa made all on his own. We had the best night!! I love those times together. I am such a family girl and being with grandparents is always such a special time. Check out some fun pics from tonight... Grandma and I were the only ones festive in our green.... Love you GM and GF!!!!


I post these for mom and dad because they are Riley's number 1 fans, aside from Chris and I. So I'm sorry you have to suffer through them too if you're going to keep up with our life! This was on our way home from mom and dads today, his first time out of his kitty mobile box and it was raining....he kept a good eye on the wiper blades. Ps. sorry it's filmed sideways....I will get better at this, I promise!
Bad kitty! This is his new favorite thing.... He gets bored when we're gone and this is what we came home to after church tonight. Shredding it isn't enough, he leaves it all over the house for us. Thank you Riley.

my entertainment

I told you before that I'm a nut about my kitten and I'm sure you'll believe me even more after these clips. We play ball every night to wear Riley out and I sware he is half dog, he runs down the hall twice and pants louder than a dog, tonight I caught it on film! woo. The sounds is kind of not so good, I'm new at this but... Enjoy!


I think God has really been trying to teach me something big in the past 8 months. I am not sure what it is but I will continue to be patient, to follow His will and press on. One thing He has taught me thus far is to be completely dependent on Him and to trust Him in everything. I have. My accident on the lake was 8 months ago, in a way that was a blessing because it did slow me down and made me make more time to take care of me. Other than that I'm not really sure why it happened. I am so thankful that it wasn't anymore serious that it was and thank the Lord all the time that I am not paralyzed. I had my tumor removed 3 months ago yesterday. That was s scare and found myself again completely dependent on Christ. I was OK with whatever it was and am so thankful it was not cancer. Maybe God was testing my Faith? I lost my Pops 2 weeks ago today. That is the toughest thing I have ever gone through. I miss him so much and find myself with tears running down my cheeks at rand

On my knees

Here is the song I have been singing over and over in my head over the last month. It was written by a friend of ours at church who is an incredible singer/songwriter. His name is Lou Hager and he wrote "On my Knees" a few years back when his brother was really ill. I could not get it out of my head when my Pops was here and suffering. I pray that this song blesses you as it has to me. Here I am Lord, I’m on my knees again, Seeking the forgiveness, that only You can give You’re my rock Lord, You’re my salvation, Showing Your mercy, everyday that I live. I can’t make it, without Your strength Lord, No I’m nothing without You, so Lord hear my pleas, Cause humbly I come to You I’ll meet You on my knees Yes on my knees Lord, is where You’ll find me Your love reminds me, that You’re always there. And when I’m with You, nothing else matters. Be with me please, I’ll meet You on my knees. Here I am Lord, I’m on my knees again, Thankful for the blessings and the love that You

almost there.

We're getting closer to being done with our house every day. We still have a little ways to go but we've made a lot of progress this week. Our new doors are up and tonight we bought the matching big comfy chair for the living room. I'm so excited that it's all coming together. That's it :) American Idol is on and I'm too distracted to write. Peace.

Rileys latest

I'm a nut about my kitten. He is the best cat in the whole world (Ben comes in second). His new favorite spots are the bathroom sinks. He is too short to jump onto the counters so he sits and whines at your feet until you pick him up and put him in there. He rolls around and takes his cat naps there. He's the best! What am I'm going to be like when I have a real kid? Be scared. I'm nuts.

Sunday night

It's been a great weekend. It started off with a double date night with mom and dad Parker on Friday. We went to Blue Agave in Yorba Linda, so good! We're all fans and can't wait to go back! Yesterday Chris and I got a ton done on the house, he worked on the front patio and got our new hose reel up along with our new bench. So exciting! It's all coming together. I spent the WHOLE day painting the new doors. I am so over painting. Two rooms are complete and I have 2 more to paint tomorrow, then we have to order the last 4. We have also decided to re-arrange the living room to add more seating so we are in the furniture shopping business again for a big comfy chair and a corner piece. It never ends! I know you're not supposed to love things, but I really do love our house. It is a complete gift from God and everyday I thank Him for what we have. This evening we went over to my parents house and had a BBQ with grandma and grandpa styll. It was an awesome time, I lo

It is finished

Today was an amazing day, I am so so glad that it is over with but it was very special. Thank you so much to all our family and friends who came and supported us. It meant so much to us and brought a special comfort to my family and I. Love you all very much. Pops would have loved today. I pray that he got a glimpse of his service from Heaven today. All of his friends and family there sharing stories about how he touched their life. He would not have liked being the center of attention but he deserved every minute of it. It would have made him smile :) It is all just surreal to me that my pops is no longer here. The whole time during his service I couldn't take my eyes off his casket, I knew his body was in there but for some reason it was so hard to believe. When I think about Pops I think of the times when he was well and at home and it seemed like nothing could stop him or bring him down....and now he is in Heaven at peace with our Lord. Where did all the time go? Mom, dad, Meg

Pop's Memorial Service

Tomorrow we are celebrating grandpas life at his memorial service. It has been on my mind all day and as it gets closer it is hitting me even harder. I really haven't been able to mourn in his loss since his passing last Wednesday. There has been so much going on with the family and preparing for tomorrow but today it hit me. To be honest I am really nervous and anxious about it. I can't tell you how freaked out I am to see the casket. I know with all my heart that no part of him is there but it's so weird and so final. I have been so bummed out. I don't feel like doing anything and to be really honest I don't feel like I've been very nice to those around me. Tomorrow will be a great day as we sit with loved ones around us and remember Pops and the amazing man that he was and always will be in our hearts. Please pray for my family and I for tomorrow...especially for my dad, he is going to be speaking about his dad but more importantly he will be preaching the