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I have the best husband in the world!

I got to see a lot of my handsome hubby today! He picked me up at work this afternoon and we had a nice long lunch break. He got home early today which was fun! You will never guess what we decided to do with the rest of the afternoon. We went fishin'! I busted out my very own fishing pole that Chris made me for Christmas 2005. Believe it or not, I had an awesome time fishing with my love. We had a bet going but unfortunately neither of us caught a stupid fish. I had one and didn't pull hard enough to keep it is what Chris said. Thank the Lord it didn't hook, I think I would have had a heart attack. That was pretty much our afternoon. We also decided to add a couple more days to our trip to Seattle and Nashville so we did that. Something else kinda fun happened today, our new blinds for the bathroom were put in today! I got the idea from a designer that critiqued our house, I love it.

mom and me

Today was awesome. I spent the day with mom...we went to the Brea mall and once we got there we decided we weren't in the mood to shop. It was way too hot! We went to Babies R Us and had a blast shopping for an up-coming baby shower.(No, it's not for me!) After our shopping spree we went over to some new model homes by us in Yorba Linda that were so beautiful! Chris and I went to see them on Saturday and I had to take mom because she loves them like I do. Got some great ideas! Then we found this neighborhood that was the most beautiful neighborhood we have ever seen! It was incredible and I wish we had had a video camera in the car with us. It was hilarious-our jaws were down the whole time and every two seconds we were yelling "oh my gosh, look at this one!" It really was ridiculous, just too bad we don't have an extra 3,000,000 laying around. Dang it. Tonight we went to mom and dads for dinner, it had been a while since we were there. It's always a blast,
So it's been a long, hot and productive weekend. I'm already over this weather and ready for it to cool down about 15 degrees! We got a ton done on the house yesterday...Chris tore out an ugly green shrub that was on the side of the house and planted a big beautiful queen palm, I planted more flowers (we are idiots for working outside in 106' weather), I did some touch up paint around the house, washed all the windows and screens in the house and then cleaned the house. I am a total clean freak and I realize that more and more each month. I can't stand a dirty house. Last night we did something totally out of the ordinary and went to dessert at 9:30pm. For some reason we have gotten in the habit of being back home by 10pm-we are like old people. We went to Melting Pot. Not huge fans of the dinners there but we got a cheese fondue to start and then had the most incredible dessert, it was milk chocolate with carmel...I made myself so sick over it. We dipped strawberries,


Here is a little update with what is going on at the Andrew's household... 1. Chris is meeting with the company I talked about a while ago (the accounting firm) on Thursday, very exciting! Please be praying for him and us, we are very excited/anxious/trying to be patient/ready for a change. 2. We have been married for almost 7 months! (where has the time gone?!) 3. My tumor is growing (bad!) and is getting really painful. We're trying to figure out what to do. 4. We had an awesome date night tonight...went and saw "Baby Momma", hilarious! 5. Riley is doing fabulous, he is almost all better and he also got a new red safety collar today. He is stylin. 6. Shout out to my Lo Lo, I got to talk to her today and she says she is a stalker on here. Love and miss your face friend! Shes in SF and is leaving for DC this summer. She's amazing. (she was the singer at our wedding.) Night world. Please keep us in your prayers for the next couple weeks! Oh one m

It's been too long

Y'all need another Riley video. I know you have missed them. This is one of the funniest/oddest ones yet. Riley loves birds, he is a hunter in his own mind and every morning and night he sits by the door and chatters when he sees birds. It is a really weird sound and freaks me out at times. His whole face shakes when he does it, I tried to capture it as best as I could. PS. He is very messy looking, he can't have a bath for a couple more weeks because of his surgery. Here is my boy... He is one of a kind....


to the best mom in the whole entire world!!! I'm not going to say how old she is but she's definitely not 50 yet! :) Yesterday we did lots of celebrating....she went to lunch with her office and I tagged along since her boss loves me and invited me. We went to Zov's and had an amazing lunch and dessert. Chris and I met up with mom, dad and meg for dinner at Wood Ranch. That is definitely a family favorite. I'm sad to say that the pics we took are not blogable. They would all kill me and have this blog shut down if I put them up here so I'm sorry you too aren't able to see what I had to put up with all night. Everyone came back to our house after dinner for cake and games (the guys ditched us to smoke cigars.) They're rude like that. I worked so hard on the cake I made for mom and it just didn't turn out very pretty. It is a German chocolate cake filled with carmel and toffee. Sounds good huh? It was, I loved it and still have a ton left...but I will nev

we're nerds.

Tonight we headed back out to our tennis court and believe it or not we are getting pretty good! I really am not athletic so after 45 minutes I was done but it was a good time for sure. It's Alaska week so we're busy every night this week. (we love Discovery channel at our house). That's it. Boring, i know. Sorry!

Sunday fun day.

So, this morning Chris and I went to hear Jeff Scorziell preach at their church. We have been wanting to go forever and it totally worked out this morning. Jeff was the main Pastor who married us. We did pre-marital counseling with he and his amazing wife Tammy. We love that family and can't wait to see more of them in the coming months. After church we went to lunch with the Scorziells and their daughter Debbe and her husband Mike. They are expecting their first baby in June, so exciting! We pretty much just lounged around the house today, we're both so tired and I have not been feeling too good. Tonight was youth group and was awesome as always. I love all those kids to death. (especially my P31 girls). At the end of tonight (like when everyone was gone except for us) the kids wanted to put on a show for me so I caught it on tape. It's a little crazy so you might want to turn your sound down a little. Have fun. PS. I'm not sure what happened to my face, so ignore i

La Costa.

Last night myself and 3 other leaders from PINC took a handful of high school girls from the PINC Ministry down to La Costa Resort in Carlsbad for a little getaway. It was absolutely gorgeous, I found my new favorite resort. It is stunning, we had three rooms (leaders had our own!) and had a great time together. I am so exhausted to the point where I feel sick though. That's really all I have to blog about tonight. Nothing too exciting, sorry. But, look up the resort and check it out. Beauty! Girlfriends Meg, Becca, me, and Jan Sorry I caught the end of the performance... I even requested this song, I was too into it to film..... Just a few of the "PINC" ladies

Romans 8:28 (look it up)

Chris and I felt like we had a new born last night. We set Riley up in our room so we could keep a close eye on him. Chris woke me up at 2am to find Riley on his pillow without his party hat on. Somehow Riley took his hat off and jumped on the bed and took over his pillow. He is super cat. Then 5am came and there was Riley on the floor next to the bed without his hat on again, I put him in bed with us and he didn't get up until 10am. (Riley report:) He is doing better today. His little hands still hurt but he's getting better. I had my small group girls over tonight and it was the biggest turn out yet, 6 of them came and totally took over the whole dining room table. It was an awesome night. We focused on "unanswered prayers". I know we have all prayed for something and in our eyes it wasn't answered. I have had a few experiences myself and wondered why God said "no" to my requests. I have learned that you never ask God "why" because He does

He's back!

We got our boy back today and are soo happy to have him home. Our house was so quiet without him here for the couple days. He is the cutest thing ever, he just wants to be snuggled up with me. He really hates his party hat, poor guy. We're making him as comfy as possible. He's a king for sure.

Taco Tuesday!

Today was awesome. Chris and I went to the VP/El Dorado volleyball game this afternoon to support a couple kids in the youth group. They lost-bummer. We must have been bad luck. This evening we met our friends Mark and Rachel (they got married 2 weeks before us), Hillary and Janice for Taco Tuesday/Happy Hour at El Torito. Too much fun! We are for sure going to do it much more often! PS. I called and checked on Riley today and he is doing just fine, we get him back tomorrow. Yippee!! :)

spice it up.

I obviously had a tough morning but the day got better as it went on. I kept myself busy as best as I could. Tonight was "PINC" the ministry that I am on staff with at our church for girls ages 10-18. PINC stands for "Passionately Involved N Christ". It is an amazing ministry that a handful of us women started in the fall and has been such a joy to be part of. I love it! Tonight was health and fitness night. Wow, did I kick my own butt tonight!! I'm worn out and haven't worked out that hard in a loooong time. It's a good kind of worn out though. This is what I did all afternoon to distract me.....I submitted pictures of our home to decorators from HGTV. I really didn't know what to expect but I wanted to get some feedback from professionals. I'm still new at this home decorating thing but I LOVE it and...I love new ideas! I personally love our house, its a very calm and tranquil place and truly is my castle. It's one of my favorite places i


Ever have those days where you're just kind of sad and down in the dumps? To be honest with you, I don't have them often if at all but I am today. I took Riley into the vet this morning to have his claws taken out and to have him neutered . It was terrible, I am so protective over him and I hate knowing that I won't get him back until Wednesday and that he is in pain, drives me crazy! What am I going to do when I'm a mom of a baby? I'm crazy over that little guy. I've been thinking about my Pops a lot lately. I get so bummed out when I stop and think of him. I normally will distract myself when my mind goes to him because I can't handle it yet. I've dealt with his death really well so far. I thought I would be a wreck day in and day out but the Lord has kept me strong, especially for grandma. I heard the song "Tears in Heaven" this morning and for some reason it got to me. I used to love the song when I was younger, I would think of my brother

we're back..

It is good to be home. I am so happy to have my little crazy man back. This is what we wake up to every morning... he is a busy boy

it's been fun.

We are on our 8th and final night here in Corona Del Mar. It has been an absolute blast and a joy to be able to take care of this beautiful home and gooshie animals. I am so in love with them, its going to be hard to leave them tomorrow. I'm just going to pack them in the Jeep and take them home to add to our crazy family. Anyway, today was beautiful. Perfect weather, perfect everything! Chris and I slept in a little and then went and had a play day at the beach. After sunning ourselves for a while we went to Balboa to walk around the rest of the island we missed on Sunday and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch. We came back to the house to rest for a little bit and then spent the evening at Fashion Island. It was a much better experience that it was on Monday! We had fun shopping together, eating, picking out things for the house and just enjoying one each others company. There was a showing on the house this evening so that's why we left. -this house is for sale :( - I think t

happy day.

Today was wonderful. I went to grandma and grandpas this afternoon and went to Panera for lunch with grandma. After lunch we went and walked around the Castaways, it is such a beautiful walk! We had a great time just walking and talking. I came home around 2:30 and Chris arrived home just 5 minutes after me so that was a nice surprise! We had such a fun afternoon! I made brownies for tonight and then we went to Rogers Garden. What a fun place that is! We or I guess it was more like I found some adorable things for our room/bathroom. I am so excited. Tonight was our favorite yet, we went back over to grandma and grandpas for dinner and our championship game of Skip Bo. Grandpa grilled up some fabulous salmon, very good! We got right into the game, grandma and I whooped the guys the first game, the boys came back on the second and then we smoked them for the championship. They said we cheated, it was very intense but we did win fare and square. It was amazing. I did the winners dance for


I don't know how many of you are familiar with "CCM Magazine". It's an awesome magazine that focuses on Christian artists AND it was created by my Uncle John. He started it here in Newport Beach California and took it to Nashville, maybe it took him to Nashville? It's their 30 year anniversary of the magazine and they just sent out their last issue. I am so proud of him and all the amazing things he has done and is doing in the world of music. I am really sad that it will no longer be on the shelves to buy but they're taking it to the internet. Check out this clip, you will see just how awesome my uncle is :)

it's about time.

I am so excited right now, I'm watching American Idol (of course!) and the contestants are ending the show with the song "Shout to the Lord". That is so awesome! It's about time they use their gifts and sing praises to Him! Thank you Jesus...nothing compares to the promise I have in You.

sick dog.

I woke up sick as a dog this morning and all I wanted to do is sleep. When I'm sick I just want to be in my bed in my house. Lily came to get in bed with me after Chris left for work and just as I was about to go back to sleep the puppy dog threw up allll over the bed. (Sorry, I know that was gross.) I wanted to cry, it was the worst thing that could have happened at that moment. I had to tear apart the whole entire bed which meant no more sleeping for me. I just finished the laundry about an hour ago! Ah. I felt a little better this afternoon and went to South Coast for a couple hours, it was fun but I have come decide that I don't like shopping by myself anymore. Thankfully, my car stayed right where I left it and I didn't have to track down the security guards. Oh, I have some awesome news! Chris had a lunch date with a good friend of my grandpa Marshall. He owns as accounting firm that deals with businesses and corporations and is looking for a partner. They had a g


It is getting harder and harder for me to wake up in the morning. Today it was 5am when I heard something at the bedroom door, I about have a heart attack every morning when a knocking/scratching sound is pouncing at the door. Nala is a very needy girl at she lets you know when she is ready to eat and have her morning milk. (Nala is a cat!) Just as I'm about to get up to stop the non-sense, Lily (the big golden retriever) will come and lay right on top of me and fall asleep. I'm not too used to all of this yet but we're getting there. I went up to work for a little bit today and got everything done for the week in just a couple of hours. I am so thankful for my job. It is amazing and I am loving it so much more now! I could not ask for more. Chris and I met at our house for lunch which is what we normally do everyday so that was fun. I went to visit my Riley cat at mom and dads this afternoon for like 7 minutes before heading off to an appointment but it was a great 7 min


I love Mondays. I know not many people can say that, but I do. No work..all play! Chris and I were up at 5:15am today to feed all the animals and because he had to go back to work :( I must say it is amazing what you can accomplish when you wake up at the insane hour. I think I had all the dishes done, 4 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded, vacuumed the whole house, showered and was ready by 8am. That is a first!! I had much time to kill since I had the whole day to myself so I took Lily for a walk then headed off to Fashion Island. I was stoked because its like 2 minutes away from this house. I got there and felt so lost, I don't know when I was there last. It's been over a year. I had a blast and found some awesome things for the house and some new spring clothes for me. I was probably there an hour and a half and was ready to leave because I could carry no more. I walked back to the car only to find that my jeep was not there. I walked the whole first level, second le

Sun day.

Today was a perfect day. It was a little weird not going to church at all but we needed a day to relax and have no agenda. We tried our best to sleep in but with a huge golden retriever who likes to sleep in the bed with you and two crazy kittens...its a little hard. We took Lily for a run this morning then headed off to Balboa which is only 5 min from the house. We walked around the whole island, got some breakfast and coffee then took the ferry over to the fun zone area, walked all over, had lunch, walked some more then went back home to lay down for a bit. I laid out in the yard with Lily until Chris came out and took me to the beach. I forget how close it all is to us was so beautiful!!! I got lots and lots of sun! We are totally drained from it. Tonight we went to the restaurant "Bandera" on've probably seen it, its the one with the rotisserie chickens on the spit. It was wonderful!!! A great way to end such a perfect day! There's my husband

Rough life.

Tonight Chris and I took mom, dad, megan, flo, grandma and grandpa on a little boat ride around the harbor. We had a blast together. It was the perfect evening-beautiful and warm! We brought some yummy snacks and drinks, listened to Jimmy Buffet and had ourselves a mighty fine time. After the boat cruise we all went back to grandma and grandpas for a wonderful homemade dinner, ham and beans and home made lemon pie! Mmmm. It's been a perfect day and night.... I'm so thankful for them Mom and Dad Parker It was so beautiful! She's driving anything she can get her hands on! The best husband in the world!! I had just spilled diet coke on grandpa! Check out these trees


Chris and I are in Corona Del Mar for 8 days house/pet sitting. I am in love with my new best friend Lily, a 3 year old Golden Retriever. She is so dang cute...The cats Midnight and Nala are pretty awesome too, they're been all over Chris. I think I'm going to steal her.

save the animals!

Let me start this off by saying that... #1. I am an animal wacko #2. I will bring my car to a stop if I see a loose dog roaming the streets to find its home #3. I don't put up with people who abuse or mistreat animals I am an animal nut that is for sure but I am proud of it. I'm am no where near a vegetarian but I do have a huge place in my heart for furry things. Today I was watching Oprah and what I saw disgusted me and brought me to tears. (I'm not a big fan of Oprah, but I do love some of the things she does.) It was on puppy mills and the horrible abuse that goes on there to the momma dogs. They then showed the pound and all of the animals there and explained that the dogs/cats have 5 days to find an owner before they are put down. It made me nuts watching it, there were soo many precious puppy dogs in there and I watched them be put to sleep!! The sweetest dogs who walked in the room wagging their tail and seemed like awesome family dogs were killed. Oprah fe


This is hilarious, Megan will wash your car if she can pull it in the driveway and pull it out when she's done. My car was filthy today and I told her that she could even drive my car around the neighborhood if she would do a good wash job. She agreed and off we went, it was one of the most frightening things to see my little sister behind the wheel and in MY CAR! She did a great job though. I totally took me back to when I was between the age of 12-15, I would wash my parents cars every weekend just so I could move them. The joys of being a teenager. "Dear Lord, please protect us and bring us to the driveway safely "


I went over to mom and dads this morning and made strawberry jam with mom, grandma and megan. It's a tradition for the girls in my family to make jam every grandma did it with her mom, my mom did it with her mom and we do it with my mom (you get the picture!) It's always would think after all the year of jam making we would get it right but every year we mess up some how. The jam is awesome, turned out perfect....good times! Professional jam makers! Megan and our labor of love..

It's good.

It has been a really great week for us. We've been able to spend a lot more time than usual together which has been awesome...last night Chris and I went to Yorba Regional Park and had a little nature walk. I was a little freaked walking through the forest of trees in the dark but it such a fun night. We saw a bat, a jumping fish and some little animal (not sure what it was)...very exciting. I felt like I was in a horror movie the whole time though because I looked over my shoulder every 4 seconds to make sure nothing was behind us. The whole time Chris was pointing out the good bass fishing areas in the lake. Just so you know if you would like to know where to catch bass in a lake, bring me along...I can point them out in nothing flat. Small group with my high school girls was tonight and it was awesome! We have been talking about prayer and what God says about it. Prayer is intense and is a privlidge, it's sad to think that so many people don't take it seriously or only

Vote for Riley!

This really is lame but we entered Riley in "That darn cat" contest through the Orange County Register. He's winning so far thanks to Chris and I and mom and dad. Go to Click on "That Darn Cat" can just scroll down under "find my cat" and he's under "Riley-Yorba Linda" You can vote up to 25 times a day....

April Fools

I love April Fools day but the thing that I hate is I am soo bad at coming up with good pranks. I suck at it to be honest with you. I get so excited when I can finally come up with one and they are never successful. I tried to pull one off on Chris this morning and it went down like a fat kid in water. I also seemed to get pranked all day and somehow forget that it's April Fools. Aside from all the jokes of the day....we had an awesome night. We had our friends Phil and Mindi over for dinner tonight. It was a great night but a very sad one. They are in the process of packing up and are moving to Montana next Tuesday. They got married 3 weeks before us and we just cherish their friendship so much. We are so sad to see them go but we will stay in touch and visit each other. We are so thankful for such great friends. This is all true by the way, no jokes here. PS. I can't believe it's already April!!!