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Tonight my sister, the samsvick girls and myself are here....on Sunset boulevard. We left this afternoon and are staying in a pretty sweet hotel. At check in the guy told me that he upgraded us to a suite. It's awesome, there are only 4 suites in the hotel and he gave us one of them. The guy is a little creepy but we're thankful for him upgrading us! We went to the Grove for dinner tonight and did a little shopping. It's so beautiful. We are here in LA for tomorrow, we are going to the taping of "So you think you can dance?" I got them sent to me last week and we decided to make a little girls trip out of it since we have to be at the first taping so flippin early. We are supposed to be going to two tapings tomorrow, the last one being the result show. Look for us tomorrow! I think it's on FOX at 9pm. I'll keep you posted. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures!

catch up

I have been so bad at blogging lately. I have been one busy girl! Let me see if I can recap: Saturday Chris and I worked at mom and dads house. Chris put in all new door handles throughout their house. It looks awesome! Sunday we went to dinner at the Brysons and were joined with the Dedmons . SO much fun! We are trying to get together once a month. Monday I had my girls over for tea which was great. I love those girls to death. Last night Chris and I went to the fair again with the fam . I think I have gotten my fix for the next two years. We had more good food, went to see the hypnotist again (my family dared me to to volunteer. I did but I didn't get picked, thank God!) PS. Megan's and my shirt are up because we got henna tattoos on our backs and they had to dry. The things you'll do for little sisters... This morning during our prayer time at work we were alerted by sheep. They escaped from the house below and me being the animal freak went to try to herd them a

Ghetto date night

Tonight was awesome. Chris and I went to the OC Fair. It is something I have never liked because in my mind it has always been a dirty, trashy, everything is fried place. Two years ago Chris "surprised" me one date night by taking me to the fair. He had never been and I always begged him not to go because I hated it. We ended up having a pretty good time. All week I've been dying to go to see the hypnotist who is awesome so I dragged him with me tonight. We ended up having a great time and walked around for 4 hours. Trust me, we could have used 4 more hours. We shared a beef brisket sandwich, a blooming onion, sweet tea and a funnel cake. I am grossed out thinking about all the crap we ate but it was so much fun and so worth it. I am so ready for our southern vacation that is just around the corner! All the BBQ, country music and animals got me so excited. I guess after tonight I am a fan of the fair, but it's still ghetto!

Lake Trip 2008

I'm home and alive and well from Lake Trip 2008. It was a good time, but it is always so good coming home. We got to the lake just before dinner time on Sunday and got camp all set up and spent Monday and Tuesday on the water. It was so beautiful. This was the smallest trip I have ever done. We had 24 students, 6 staff, 3 boat drivers and 1 cook. ( Confession time: I went tubing. I was in a safe tube with one of my girls who is scared to death of tubing and we went slow. I got my fix and don't think I will ever go again. I went knee boarding and had a blast!! Pictures to come soon!) This trip was really challenging for me because I was a small group leader, in charge of logistics and a cook. Needless to say, I am totally exhausted. When we got home yesterday I got a message from one of my small group girls who just graduated high school. I've been her leader for the past 3 years and the things she said to me yesterday totally made me going on the trip worth it. I know that

My new home.

I'll be spending the next 3 nights and 4 days here.. Lake San Antonio in beautiful wine country. We are taking 25 high school students well about 10 of them just graduated high school but we're bringin' them! This is the 3rd lake trip I have been in charge of, first for camping. The last two have been houseboat trips which were pretty much amazing but I am so looking forward to this week and roughin it in our tents! I will be living in a 3 room tent. Yeah..we'll be living large on the lake. I just bought a brand new beach chair today that has a built in pillow, packed my aero bed. I think I'm all set. All I am missing is my hott husband. He has to stay behind and work. Boo! Since mom, dad and grandpa are my only avid readers of the blog (that I know of) this is for you: Please do not worry about me this week. If I do get on an inner tube I will make sure the boat is going 5mph, I can't get hurt on the knee board (I'm pretty good!) and wake boarding, well I

In awe.

We have had such a great night just soaking in God's faithfulness and mercy. We are so grateful for what He has done. Chris built our new BBQ tonight and we broke it in with some amazing southern bbq ribs. Mmmm. We both feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and there is now peace flowing in our hearts. It was so nice to sit in our little backyard tonight and just soak in all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. It is amazing when you take time to think about all of the wonderful things God has done in your life. You will always find that He is faithful. Whether the outcome is what you wanted or not, He is faithful. His plan for our life is far better than the most amazing plan we could ever come up with. It's true. If it was up to us, Chris and I would have a totally different life and he would have left Enterprise a lot sooner than now. I am so glad that the plan for our life isn't in our hands. We would be a mess. We also find comfort i

With a heart full of thanks to our Lord Jesus

Yessss! Woohoo!!! Yippppee!!! We can't tell you how happy we are right now!!! God has heard our cry and has answered our prayers in His perfect timing!!! Today Chris was offered a position at the CPA firm!!! Thank you Jesus! This has been a prayer of ours for over a year now. This is the same firm that he interviewed with back in April and was denied in June. We were really bummed out but knew that God had a better plan. My grandpa Marshall is good friends with one of the partners and when they had lunch last week and the partners heard Chris was interviewing with another company they jumped back on him. He is going to be making a little bit more than he would have if he was offered the job last month. It's a perfect example of how God works everything into good. His timing is perfect. There have been months where we didn't know how some of the bills were going to get covered and not once did we miss a payment or come up short. God has provided as He promises in His Word.

Happy Birthday Megan!

Today my little sister turned 15. It really is amazing when I sit and think back to 15 years ago and the day I became a big sister. I never thought that day would come for me. I always thought I would be an only child and the day Megan was born, my life felt complete. I no longer was alone. Most of you know that I had a brother named James and a sister Kristen who died as infants and going through that at a young age was hard. It was all part of God's plan for our life and it will be a great day when I get to meet them in Heaven one day...until then I am thankful for the sister that God did allow me to have (and drive crazy). We had an awesome day celebrating...this morning I met up with the birthday girl herself and mom and dad for breakfast. This evening we all went back out on the boat in Newport for some dinner, dessert and games. It was super relaxing and so much fun! Happy birthday sister! We love you! Birthday girl! momma and me all the girls captain dad


Yesterday was madness. Megan and I ran all around town to pick up things for Lake Trip 2008. It was quite hilarious. We went thrift store shopping and to wal mart (all which were a first for my sister). It was a pretty ghetto day from all the stores we went to and all the things we saw. It was good for her, she needs more ghetto experiences in her life and I am more than happy to introduce them to her. There is nothing better than embarrassing the heck out of your little sister. I love it. The day ended on a much nicer note, mom Andrews came over for dinner with a long time family friend, Norma. It was great having them up and we enjoyed their company very much! Our BBQ arrived today so you can bet that we will be many more dinner parties to come!

I'm deaf

So, last night was the Jonas Brothers concert. Haven't heard of them? That's ok, I hardly knew who they were...they are apparently the new hott boy band and they're brothers. My sister is a huge fan and so are all her friends. My parents neighbors gave us tickets to their suite (they are soo good to us!) and we surprised the girls by taking them to the concert last night for my sister's birthday. It was seriously the cutest/craziest thing ever. It took me back to my N'sync days when I adored the boys and would stand in line for hours for their tickets. These girls screamed the whole night...from 6pm-10:15pm, screaming. After the concert was over we somehow were able to get down on the floor to some seats that were awesome. 16th row... The Jonas Brothers were filming a movie in 3D and we were part of it, so they say... the best part for me was seeing Taylor Swift. She's the cutest little teenage country star and she sat behind us in VIP. I wish I could have recor

save the ducks!

I don't know how in the world I always end up finding and rescuing animals but I swear they are drawn to me somehow. Chris and I were leaving this afternoon and I looked down our side yard because I heard a funny sound. There in the grass were 5 baby ducks (probably born yesterday) and the mommy duck was stuck on the other side of our wall. I was freaked out that our neighborhood cat Brody was going to kill them so Chris and our neighbor Edgar rounded up the babies and took them a momma down the hill a little to where they would be safe in some big bushes. I caught a little bit of them on film, until the momma duck flew at me honking and about gave me a heart attack. One day we will live on a farm and have our own ducks....

we're a good pair

I'm surprised I'm up and blogging right now. Chris and I had a fun but long and exhausting day! We spent the whole morning and afternoon at one of moms houses she just sold in Villa Park. Chris was the repair man and I was the house cleaner. It's such an awesome side job. Chris loves to fix things and I love to clean. Works out great. What was even better was that the people had a brand new treadmill (that's maybe been used once) and they sold it to us super cheap! I was so stoked! Now I have no excuse to have a fat butt and chunky legs. Chris is starting to get our little home gym up and running in the garage. His project while I'm away is insulating and drywalling the garage. I'm excited! We will be fit again! We had Bible study tonight which was awesome...we love it and love our friends in the group. We have the best friends in the whole world and have much to be thankful for. Good night world!

my little tiger

We did some summer cleaning around the house today and found kitty... Riley has always beat up on kitty since he was a are some shots from today...nothing has changed except he is now bigger than kitty and can some what drag him around the house. Enjoy mom!

Girl's day!

Had such a great day today and I'm sure my fisherman of a husband is saying the same thing. I had an awesome girls day. Started out at Bible study which was so refreshing and uplifting. Megan and I went and got pedicures then we went to the mall with our momma and had fun shopping! Tonight was so much fun! We met up with mom Andrews and Aubrey for dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney and had so much fun together. I am so thankful for the sweet family God has blessed me with. I could not ask for more! Mom, Meg and I are going to go do facials now. It's been a much needed beauty day! I miss my love but am happy because I know he is in Heaven out there on the water fishing. I'm sure he is still out there fishing with his dad as I type this. Can't wait to see him tomorrow night and hear all about their adventure!
I'm spending the night with mom, dad and Megan for the next two nights because Chris is away at sea on a fishing trip. He is so excited about this trip, they are going to have a great time. It came at the perfect time, hes in need of this time away from the office. I have a prayer request, I have had so much pain the past month in my back. I am miserable and am checking into different options to help ease the pain. Oh to be pain free again! :) Nothing else new with are my girls tonight before mom and I took them for a walk. It's just like the old days when I lived here..
We are exhausted! Mom and dads house was like a 3 ring circus last night. We all played wii until the weee hours of the morning and Riley and Mia slept with us. I think I got 4 hours of sleep...maybe! We did a little bit of gardening today-it's looking so pretty out there! Other than that we did nothing! Played some games, good naps, went to Target, did laundry and got Chris all packed for his trip he is leaving on tomorrow night. Riley slept from the moment we came home today (11:30am) until 8:30pm. We could not get him to wake up. He is so exhausted from mom and dads. Mia gives him a run for his money. I love that little guy. Time to catch up on some much needed zzzz's! My boys napping together


Happy Independence Day! I love 4th of July...I love seeing all the American flags flying, I wish it was like this all year round. Chris and I were at the annual Warbler Place block party at mom and dad Parkers all day. It was a good time for sure, the smallest crowd yet but so fun to catch up with everyone. They have the best neighbors ever and they're all like family. We are still here at mom and dads, we're spending the night! We weren't planning on having a sleep over but it worked out. Gotta go to bed so we can wake up in time for the big pancake breakfast! Mmm! Hope you all had an awesome and safe 4th! Much love.

summer nights

Yesterday was a lot of fun! I caught up with Jess for two hours over coffee which was great. I miss that girl and we most likely won't see each other again until September-October due to our traveling schedules! Chris dropped me off at mom and dads last night while he played volleyball so mom and I could ride bikes. Dad and I got mom to play the wii for the first time and we are never inviting her again because he rocks at it! She kicked my butt, I'm no longer pro. Once Chris got back he and dad bowled then smoked cigars while I made s'mores and then bowled again. I love summer. Riley cat spent the night over there since we will be at their house all day and didn't want to leave him home alone with the fireworks. He is a little needy. Time to get this party started....Happy 4th of July!

update on interview

Chris' interview went well this morning! He is really excited about the opportunity. It looks like they want him to come back for a second interview next week! We'll keep you posted!! It's in the Lords hands..

door # 3?

Here we are, another day...another week. Chris and I have been at complete peace these past couple weeks. We have finally put all of our worries and desires in our Creators hands and are trusting in Him with everything. What a difference it makes when you put yourself aside and let go of things we weren't in control of in the first place. Why did it take so long to figure out? We have been learning a lot and growing every day, to that we are thankful. My sweet husband goes in for an interview in the morning 9 am to be exact. If you read this before then, please be praying for him! We are excited and trust that God will open a new door in His perfect timing. We are hoping it is this door that we are at now, but if not we will continue to wait patiently. I will update more tomorrow as we get feedback. Be praying for us!

At the Cross

We always have music playing at our house, either country, jazz or Christian. This week I have fallen in love with the group " Hillsong ". They are amazing. Here is one of their songs that has been playing non-stop on the iHome .