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I am not a fan of politics so I'm not going to get into it but I have to vent...I am so sick of Obama. I'm sure hes a nice guy and all but I sure do not want him as our next president. I did something tonight that Chris and I said we wouldn't do and that was to watch the convention, it was the democrats closing night and I was curious. I wanted to see what Barack had to say and it made me even more passionate about McCain. I can't wait until November 5th. It will all be over-no more ads and people slamming each other and hopefully Barack Hussein Obama will not be our president!

Happy girl

I know I've said it before but....I have the best husband in the whole world! He takes such great care of me. I have had the worst migraine for a couple days and just haven't felt like myself. Today my sweet man came home from work with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. I was wondering why it took him an hour to get home. He took me out and bought my favorite perfume for me tonight. He is the sweetest. Other than not feeling well it's been a great week so far. I got to catch up with my girl Jess over coffee this morning, shes getting married new years eve this year! This will be the first wedding I've been in besides mine! Can't wait to stand up there with her and steve! I also got to catch up with my sweet friend Dana and celebrate her birthday over lunch. I have been blessed with the best friends ever.

Meet the Andrews

Aren't we hot? Here is Nikki in 1972 and Chris in 1984 Many more yearbook pictures to come- these are our best!

we're still here

It has been a crazy week, hence no blogging. Chris started his new job at the firm on Tuesday, good thing it was only a 4 day work week. New jobs are hard, frustrating but exciting too. That was his week. I am so excited for him, he is going to do so well there! They all already love him, considering there are only like 6 guys that work in the firm- the rest are chicks. I worked 3 out of my 4 jobs last week: administrator (at church), house cleaner (for my parents) and nanny (for Brighton and baby Brennan). I was busy but it was a great week. Yesterday, we celebrated Chris' birthday (again) with his family and mine. We had a great BBQ at his parents house. I don't think he has ever celebrated as much as he has this year and he's not even 30 yet! Today was awesome. We went to the angel game with my family and hung out at their house and swam then went to the lake by our house and had a nice walk. It is so nice having extra time to spend with my hubby. We both are missing

Happy Birthday...

to my husband!!! He turned 27 yesterday! We celebrated by sleeping in, breakfast in bed, BBQ and mom and dad parkers , bike ride to his parents and ice cream! He is amazing and I am so thankful that God has blessed my life with Chris. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Last day in Tennessee

Chris and I got one more day in Tennessee! We went to the airport yesterday only to find that our flight was changed from 11:40am departure to 6:00pm. We said bye to mom, dad and megan and went back to the house to spend more time with the family. I was stoked because we got to go to Cracker Barrel to pick up a few things and go to bread and company for lunch. We laid by the pool and relaxed. It was perfect. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I was very mature about leaving and didn't cry this time. It won't be too long before we're back again. We're in love with it back there. one last picture so long Nashville

Nashville, day 4

Today was our last full day in Tennessee. I am so sad but on the other hand it has been such an amazing trip that I can't help but smile. We all got up at 8am this morning to get ready so we could leave for breakfast. The reason we had to get up so early and leave was because the restaurant was 30 min away. The family had been there a couple years ago and we all missed it because we had to catch our flight so this time we made a point to get there. It was called the "Beacon light tea room". By no means was it a "tea house". It was pretty darn redneck which was expected but the food was out of this world! The best part was they sold everything in the store so I got to shop from my chair, how awesome is that? I totally felt like we were in some sort of hillbilly family but it was fun. Went back to the house to work off breakfast and rest a little bit then mom, dad, Megan and I went to Franklin for a mini lunch and shopping. We had a very successful trip! While we

Nashville, day 3

Here we are at the end of day 3 in Nashville. Time is going by way too fast! This morning we all slept in and had breakfast at home. Mom, Chris and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood this morning which was beautiful. We saw two yellow labs on the street that reminded us so much of our sweet Liza puppy that we just lost. The boys went off and had a boys afternoon together at Justin's company which is a beer brewery. They had an awesome time and got the full tour which they loved. Us girls went off to Green Hills mall and did some shopping and went to an awesome bistro for lunch. Today is Jennifer's birthday (cousin Brandon's wife). We had lots of fun celebrating and all walked away with new clothes! We all met back up after lunch and went to "Nervous Charlies"- which is none other than a firework store. Here in Tennessee fireworks are allowed 24/7-365. Scary! The boys were like little kids running through the firework store (which by the way was at a gas st

Nashville, day 2

Day two in Tennessee. It was not easy waking up this morning but we had so much to look forward to. Justin and Brandon (cousins) crashed here at the house with all of us last night and this morning we all went to breakfast together. We went to the oh so famous and so very delicious Loveless Cafe'. They have the best breakfast in Nashville! We even saw the famous biscuit lady! After breakfast, Uncle John took us all around on a home tour. We saw Alan Jacksons house, Steven Curtis Chapman's beautiful home, Miley Cirus' old place and a couple others. It was awesome. The fam (the 5 of us) went off to Opryland and went to the huge mall out there. Chris was in Heaven again at the Bass Pro Shop. We had ourselves a great time out there. After Opryland we went to Franklin, Tennessee (which is the family favorite). It is the best little town. We went to another very cool mall called "The Factory" that is an actual very old factory with really cute little stores. Then....we

Nashville, day 1

Chris and I are seriously on an awesome journey right now. We had the most wonderful time in Washington with his sweet family and said good bye to them this morning to catch our early flight out of Seattle to Nashville. We met up with mom, dad and Megan in Atlanta which was so fun! They were at the gate waiting for us when we arrived. We hadn't seen them for almost 2 weeks so it was a fun little reunion!I am laying in bed (in a water bed) here in Nashville, Tennessee where it is 1:15am and have the biggest smile on my face as I type this. There is no other place in this world more incredible than where I am right now. This place is the crown jewel of America. You have to come for yourself to find out what I am talking about. I guess that having some pretty awesome family members live here also helps make this place so special. I have to admit this, when we pulled in my aunt and uncles neighborhood we were so excited (obviously). Dad pulled the huge rental car in the driveway and we