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Washington day 2

Yesterday was wonderful, beautiful and so tiring. We spent the morning with Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave and waited for lovely Enterprise to pick us up. They were over an hour late but we ended up getting hooked up with an awesome Jeep at a super cheap rate. Can't complain. We went to Pikes Place- walked around and soaked it all in. Chris said it was his first time there which was surprising since he lived here for 15 years. He loved it. We had a strawberry creme crepe for lunch which was out of this world. The crepe place here is why I am so addicted to them. No one else makes them like this place at Pikes. We bought some gorgeous flowers for grandma. I wanted to buy them all!! It's truly breath taking. After lunch we headed over to Woodinville to visit his old house. It apparently looks the exact same from when they lived there over 10 years ago. We got brave and knocked on the door to see if we could check it out. The lady answered the door and it was the same buyer who bought it from the Andrews. She was so cute and so excited to see us. We went in the house and to the backyard. Such fun to see where my husband grew up. They lived in an awesome neighborhood!! So, from Woodinville we drove over to Edmonds I believe and caught the ferry to take to grandma and grandpas. We arrived at their house in Sequim about 6:45pm. It was soooo great to see them!!! We sat around for a little bit and grandpa filled out glasses with drinks and then headed off to this cute little restaurant called the "Alder Wood Bistro" to celebrate Chris' birthday. It was beautiful, quaint and delicious! There were about 10 little tables and it is all organic food that is out of this world. We had the BEST time talking, laughing, sharing stories and having a race to see who could drink their wine the fastest. I had to bow out of the race because there is no way I can handle a competition like that! I had hot cheeks and was laughing after the first few sips! After dinner we headed back to their house to sit around the table and grandpa gave us his cure for a good night sleep. It was a shot of something that was wonderful and did the trick. We were all out and slept great!
Now today....we slept in and skipped church for a yummy breakfast. We're now at a little coffee shop called "Hurricane" and are about to embark on an exciting day. I will post all about it tomorrow!! We're having a great time and are so thankful for family. His grandparents really are like my own. I love these two to death and pray that God gives us many more years together! They are just precious. Grandpa Elmer reminds me so much of my pops. There have been a couples things he has said that made me do a double take and brought tears to my eyes because it reminds me of my sweet grandpa who is with Jesus now! Ok, friends we're off! Catch ya tomorrow!!

Pikes place

so beautiful!

his old house.

a kiss on the ferry

going through a little storm

we love them!
grandma and grandpa

after a little wine..

good times...


Jennifer said…
I think these might be the grandparents Drew and I talked with at your rehearsal wedding. They were fun!
Nikki said…
That is them! They are amazing!

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