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We are now back at our little cozy house after staying at mom and dads for 10 days while they were in Maui! We had a great time staying there and taking care of everything but there is no place like home! We've already gotten back to work on the house since we got home tonight. I did a little gardening and Chris is installing our new hall closet doors as I type. They look awesome. We have one thing left in the whole house that is original and that is the guest bath vanity. It's not even bad since I painted it black. I am working a couple days this week for my family that lives down the street from my parents. I love being a nanny and taking care of little ones. Can't even tell you how much happier I am. We are loving this time in our life.

Christmas shopping part II

Husband and I had date night tonight and decided to do a little more Christmas shopping. I am determined to have everything bought and paid for by Thanksgiving. We finished 3 more people tonight!!! So exciting. After our 2 hours of exhausting shopping we went to grams and grandpas house for dessert. Such a great way to end our date night. I love this time of year!!!

Christmas is coming....

Yes it is! I'm so excited! Last week I was in charge of making desserts for Thursday night Bible study so I spent the whole day baking. I turned the air conditioning up, turned on my Christmas music and baked all day! It was awesome. This afternoon mom andrews and I spent the day shopping at South Coast.....Christmas shopping! We had such a great time. Even if we didn't get everyone checked off we got some great ideas, lots of good talks and yummy food! Tis the season! Ah! So excited!

Answered prayer

Today has been weird. First of all I got no sleep last night. I was stressed out last night and had an asthma attack because for some reason I was worried about my parents flying to Maui today. I've never been scared of them flying or traveling but I had a bad feeling last night. I didn't say anything to them about it because I didn't want to scare mom. So i kept it to myself and just prayed. Their plane left at 10am and all morning before then I was praying for them. As 10am approached I said "ok Lord, you're in control". I was sitting at my desk on my computer at 11:40 when I got a text message from mom. First thing that came to my mind was "what the heck, you're supposed to be flying right now" I opened it and it said "we just made an emergency landing with fire truck escort. Thank the Lord we are alive. I love you and will call you as soon as I can. xoxo" I knew it! I knew in my heart that something was going to go wrong. It had bee

3 years

3 years ago yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of our beloved Pastor Chuck's last day on earth and his first day in eternity with Jesus. We miss him so much. Yesterday all I could think about was Chuck and my Pops. I learned so much from them, things that will never leave me. Chuck taught me compassion, patience, trusting in the Lord, what Faith really is and that Heaven is the home we are to long for. Pops taught me to never take life too seriously, laugh lots, treat others like family and to enjoy the little things in life. They both taught me that we are to fear nothing. If we have accepted the Lord into our life, what is there to fear? God has already gone on the road before us and paid the ultimate price for US! Neither of them were scared to die because they knew exactly where they were going and who they were going to get to meet as soon as they took their last breath. That must have been an amazing feeling. I know they are shining down on us. My heart is at peace with the


I am LOVING this time off and away from working. This week has been awesome so far. I had my Bible study yesterday which starts at 9:30am and didn't end until 1ish then we all went to lunch. I have been so blessed by that group of women and are continuing to grow more and more in my Faith. God is doing some amazing things in our life. Today was a nice quiet day at home. I got a lot of things done that have been on the "to do" list. I also am finally getting to work out in the mornings which is great. Considering I have to be in a bathing suit in like 2 weeks- it's time to get my but in shape! I told Chris that I could get used to this housewife thing! I have a nanny job tomorrow and an interview on Friday. We are so excited to see what God has in store! I'll keep you posted! As I was going through and cleaning we decided that we would sell the extra refrigerator that has just been sitting in the garage and collecting dust. It sold in a day and the sweetest guy fr


Gosh, I don't even know where to start. It's been a long and exhausting week for us. We have lots to update on but this blog is going to be short because we're so exhausted tonight. Grandma and Grandpa Ruehlmann were in town this week and we got to spend some time with them on Tuesday and Friday night. So great to see them again! We had a nice dinner at the Andrews on Friday night and had such a great time with the family.

Our brother needs help!

Most of you know, I am a very passionate person. There is this man who has captured mine and my family's heart. It was 3.5 years ago at Olive Garden. We went there to celebrate my Pops and Grandmas birthday and our waiter was drawn to our family and we were drawn to him. Pops and the waiter became instant friends and exchanged numbers. We were so taken by this guy that we would go to Olive Garden on the days he was working just to see him and get to know him more. When we met Aron 3.5 years ago it had been 7 years since he had seen his family. You see he is from a very small country in Africa, it is poorer than poor. They have nothing. He had to leave to come here to make money so he could support his family. Aron will buy things such as shoes and clothes and random things and send back for his family to sell over there to make money. When he sends things such as shoes he has to send one shoe at a time because if he sent the pair, the government would steal them in customs. Another


I admit I have been a terrible blogger lately. We have been busy but I also feel like I sometimes blog about nothings and I don't want to write just to..write. Things are going well in the Andrews household. We've been working hard, spending lots of time with family and been getting out and going biking and hiking. One thing that is going on in our life that I am so stoked about is Bible study. I have been in a Monday morning Bible study with a group of about 10 women, it is incredible. Words can't even describe how wonderful it is to be in this study. I have learned so much about Christ and the Holy Spirit and grown so much in my Faith the past couple months. Chris and I have been so hungry for the Word and to dig in and learn more about our Creator. Finally! Tonight is started! I am doing the Bible study again with some new women and some from the old study. (the original Monday morning group is still meeting- we're onto a new book!) and Chris and my dad are doing one