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Happy Halloween

Hate is a strong word but I really do hate halloween . I loved it the first 12 years of my life. What fat kid wouldn't? Dress up like a cow and get free candy. I so wish I could some how get my pictures of me being a cow, nurse, tigger and Lord knows what else I was and put them on here for your entertainment. Maybe that's why I hate halloween so much now. Anyways, I am a total scrooge when it comes to it and tonight we turned off our porch light and shut the blinds. Part of me felt really bad because there were some adorable kids walking around but I just want nothing to do with the stupid holiday. I kept peeking though and looking at all the little munchkins. Instead of celebrating halloween , we celebrated our anniversary! Or tried to at least! I made a yummy steak dinner and pulled out our wedding cake. We had a nice candle lit dinner and thanked God for the door bell not ringing once! The cake...not so good. Tasted like freezer. Yuck! We were totally grossed out and ins

our angel baby

So, I found out I was pregnant on Monday, October 13. What a happy day that was!!! Chris and I wanted to keep it a secret until we got my blood test results back to see what my numbers were. Got the results last Wednesday, numbers weren't good and I was in extreme pain with all the signs of a miscarriage waiting to happen. My doctor put me on bed rest because she thought there might be hope to save the pregnancy. I went over to my parents house and told them. Not the way we wanted to tell the family but since I had been put on bed rest we figured we better say something fast. We had a special way to tell our families all planned out but that didn't happen (this time). I had two more rounds of blood tests on Thursday and just waited and waited until Friday came. My mom came up and spent the day with me while we waited for the call from the doctor. It wasn't the call we wanted but we were prepared. My numbers had gone down and I ended up losing the baby last Wednesday, I was

pumpkins part II

As promised here is Chris' pumpkin. He finished it tonight.

start of something new

This morning was the first time we have been to a new church in 11 years. To be honest, it wasn't really that weird or awkward. It was almost like a breath of fresh air. We went to a really young church this morning. It was really nice but most likely is not the church we will call home. The pastor was awesome, 35 years old and the congregation was filled with young couples and babies. There were about 30 other friends there from our old church, so that was comforting. We're really excited to see where God is going to take us. We're learning to be open and willing to try new places. It is weird and sad when we look back at what an awesome church we had-but it was very clear that we were not supposed to be there anymore. We look back and are thankful but we're focused on the road ahead and are excited.

Fall dinner

Chris and I have been doing a bi-monthly "progressive dinner" with the Dedmons and Brysons. We started in June at the Dedmons, then went to the Brysons in August and tonight we got to host dinner. It's always such a good time, especially when us girls go off and do our own thing and let the guys watch sports. Tonight we (girls) went to Home Goods (Jen and Patti had never been!) and then we had to go to Trader Joes to pick up a couple extra pumpkins for our carving contest. I don't know when the last time was that I carved a pumpkin, my dad always did them for me. I am so not creative (take a look at my loser pumpkin). Doesn't get anymore original than messed up hearts! Good times though! PS. Chris is still working on his pumpkin, you know how articulate he is! I'll post his pumpkin when he's done...
So glad the 15th is here and almost over! My sweet husband has been working 13 hours a day this week since we got home from Cabo starting Sunday. Their deadline at the firm is midnight tonight. I think I have seen him a total of 3 hours since Sunday. Sad! He works so hard and I am so thankful for all he does to provide for us. I spent all Monday in bed sick and the last two days at mom and dads. I've had lots of time to clean the house, nice bubble baths, and cleaned up the front and back from the stupid wind. I am loving staying at home and doing my nanny job a couple days a week. It's perfect. Life is good, we feel so blessed!

we made it

Thank the Lord, we were able to escape the hurricane and get out before it hit. We had a great flight home, no problems. It is good to be back in the US and there really is no place like home. We're all settled in- all unpacked and laundry is done. I am coming down with a really bad sinus infection :( Bed time! Tomorrow we're going to start planning our next trip back to Cabo ...we're hooked!!

Cabo- day 7

Here we are, our last night in Cabo. (maybe) Today was actually beautiful despite the off and on cloud cover and little rain storms here and there. We spent the majority of the day at the resort on the beach and in the pool and went into town for a little bit in the afternoon. Did lots of window shopping and a little bit of buying. Came back to the resort for happy hour and also our afternoon chips and cheesy salsa! This is the life! We are so relaxed yet so tired! The sun has completely drained us. We got soo much color today it's insane. I have to take a picture of my husband tomorrow and post it. He is a lobster! Mine has already turned to tan. Thank God I got grandma Earla's skin! We spent the evening in the condo, made our own dinner, watched a little baseball (very disappointing!) and got to talk to my fam! (Thanks for calling mom!) Update on Hurricane Norbert: The storm is here! We are getting rain, very strong winds and 15 foot waves. It's quite a sight. The hurrica

Cabo- day 6

Today was long but oh so fun!! We got up early and went to another time share presentation deal. It was the most incredible resort!! We saw Oprah, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan and a couple other peoples home who own where we were today. Breathtaking! It was definitely not hard to say no to the salesman although he tried to do a really hard sell with us. Just for going and saying no no no no we got a dinner cruise and a half day fishing trip. But..since the hurricane is on its way they have pulled all the boats out of the marina. We were bummed but my husband being the sweet talker that he is went up to the lady at the resort and asked if we could exchange our gifts that were no longer valid for certificates to the spa. She ended up giving us $200 to the spa and $100 to any restaurant on the property! Chris being the sweetheart that he is made reservations for me to get an hour and a half Swedish massage and a french manicure. It was the most amazing 2 hours ever!!! Never had a $50 manicur

Cabo-day 4

Another day in Paradise! Nothing but pure sunshine and smiles. We had a nice breakfast in again and watched the huge waves roll in, went to the beach for a little bit, had lunch at the condo then went into town. We went to a new grocery store today, it's the main one in town. It was like Nordstroms compared to the other one we were going to in the ghetto! Chris bought a case of coronas for $2. We explored downtown San Jose Del Cabo and loved it. It's beautiful and so unique. Chris found some cuban cigars and is going to go back to barter with the guy some more. Hes trying to get a box for $80, should be interesting. After our little adventure we came back to the resort and swam in the pool for a couple of hours with our friends john and meg. We then decided that we were hungry again so we went back up to the condo for chips, cheese and salsa! Mmm! It's now our afternoon ritual, we're going to try to keep it goin when we come back home! After chips and salsa we went back

Cabo- day 3

This is going to be short and sweet because the sun sucked everything out of us today! After breakfast Chris, John, Megan and I packed up in our car and headed to Cabo for the day. It's a beautiful town with beautiful people! We were determined to snorkel so we caught a water taxi and got a tour of the famous rocks and sea lions (we got so close I felt like we were at sea world!)... then we got dropped off on Lovers Beach. We spend an hour and a half just swimming. It was heavenly. Our taxi guy picked us back up and then dropped us off at a good snorkeling area. I totally had to mentally prepare for this excursion. I'm like deathly afraid of fish but fish are like my husbands bff and I wanted to share it with him. I jumped in and had an asthma attack. I tried so hard to be brave and I was 70% of the time, it was that 30% when the school of fish came and swarmed around me and they were not small fish!! I screamed through my snorkel countless times and grabbed onto strangers to s

A year ago today...

Can't believe it's been a year. We've said that all day long. What a year it has been! We feel so blessed to be where we are today and thank God for the love He has given us!!

Day 2 in Cabo

We woke up to a perfect day. It was so exciting as we opened up our big plantation shutters to see what it looked like outside. Nothing but sunshine and gorgeous tropicalness. The roar of the ocean is nothing like we have ever seen or heard. The waves are huge and the water is crystal clear. We had breakfast on the patio and then headed back to the store to grab a couple more items. It was much more comfortable today since we could actually see where we were going and knew where everything in the store was that we needed. By the time we came back it was time for lunch and then we hit the beach! We're on a white sand beach that is just beautiful. We laid out for a while, went for a swim in the pool and then walked about a mile down the beach. I could sit in the ocean for hours. It's the perfect temperature and I can see everything around me so I know when a fish is coming! We went back by the pool and made lots of friends. We have about 8 new friends. 4 of them are from New York

We're here!!!

Oh my gosh, what an adventure we are on! It has been such a long day and quite eventful! We landed in Los Cabos around 5:15pm (4:15 cali time) and decided that we were going to get a rental car. Yes, we have NO clue where we are going but we decided that it would be cheaper and easier than getting taxis everywhere. We rented from National and got a new 2008 Honda. Seriously, it looks like it's a 1993. I have to take a picture of it tomorrow and show y'all our ride! It's awesome! We decided that we were going to go to the grocery store to stock up on food. (breakfast and lunch items). It's really hard to know what is ok and what is not ok for us so I decided to go with the names that were familiar. (dole, doritios, oscar meyer) We got some not so familiar named things too. Praying that they're yummy! It was so exciting to see how cheap things are!! Our total came to $588.00 pesos but really it was only $45 in dollars! Whew! So- here is the adventure part. I was tryin


Chris and I are leaving tomorrow morning for our 1 year anniversary trip! Can you believe it? It's already been a year! What a year I might add! We are soo looking forward to our time away together in Cabo San Lucas! Thanks again Mom and Dad Andrews! We'll do our best to update while we're there and post some pictures. See you in Mexico! :)