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Yesterday was such a special day. I had no expectations and no plans except for lunch with my mom and dinner with my hubby. I had a nice quiet morning, made a nice breakfast, went grocery shopping, got lots of nice calls and waited for my mom to come and pick me up for lunch. We went to a new restaurant in Orange called "Prime Cut Cafe'" (which is so fabulous!)...and much to my surprise my mom had planned a surprise party for me. We walked to the back and saw 12 of my really close friends waiting for me. It was a complete surprise and really really lifted my spirits. We had the best time at lunch. I am so blessed with such incredible friends. The love I felt yesterday is indescribable. My mom treated us all to lunch and also had a delicious cake from Zovs for all of us. The Lord has blessed me with such amazing parents. The center piece at our table was a gorgeous flower arrangement that my daddy sent me. He is in New that was special. After lunch I snuck away

Finally free..

from cords that is! We got wireless internet last night...finally. My laptop and I have been stuck to the desk in the office for the past 15 months. Last night Chris asked if I wanted to get a wireless router and I jumped up and down "yes! yes! yes" so we headed off to target. We bumped into our good friends Erin and Jeff and they were there buying me a wireless router for my birthday. It was the best surprise ever. She knows how I was going crazy sitting in my chair and not being able to move when I wanted to go online. Plus, we all skype together and Jeff wanted to see our house. So last night he got the tour via skype and our new wireless connection. I know this sounds so lame but its a big deal to me. I am sitting here typing this rambling blog in my big comfy chair in our living room with my kitty sitting next to me. Its so nice to be free!

new obsession!

Chris and I got a web cam for our laptop this week and have entered the world of Skype! My family in Tennessee has had it forever and last weekend when we were playing around on a mac computer we fell in love with the idea of seeing each other when we talk. parents now have a camera and my grandparents are in the process of getting one also. If you don't have a web cam then hurry and close out this blog and run to the closest Target and pick one up! We got ours for $40! Then hurry home and go to and download it. (Its free!) It takes about 2 minutes. Make your log in name and ta da you are now in the world of web cam! Oh and look us up...we are under Nikki Andrews or candnandrews. Its amazing. We're hoping our whole family will soon be part of this...Enough about talking about it, We're off to skype- see you there :)

Lake Arrowhead 2009

Chris and I spent last weekend in Lake Arrowhead with my family. We've been going up every year for 15 years. Its a tradition that we all look forward to every winter. We had such a great time together. Spent lots of time talking, laughing, shopping, taking pictures, dancing and hardly got any sleep! Enjoy the pictures...until next year when we do it all over again. Thanks mom and dad! Every year! Chris' shark and my kitty moms USC poodles and dads infamous monkey Sarah and Megans hearts snow! did I mention they spent 9 hours playing pin ball?! until 2010!

Because we all need

Some good news... #1. Grandpa had all of the tests done on his heart today and we get the results back tomorrow. He is happy to still be alive as he thought he was going to die on the table. Im so thankful the tests are over and am praying for some good news in the morning! #2. I completed week 3 of physical therapy today, still have lots more but I am getting stronger. Very thankful for that! #3. Chris got me a new kink-free hose for the front yard. I'm in love with it. I can now water my flowers and grass in peace without getting sprayed from all the holes and no more yelling at the kinks. (its the simple things that make me happy) #4. Chris and I are going to Arrowhead for the weekend with my family. Its been a tradition for years and years. We love it and look forward to it all year long! Woohoo ! Time to pack!!

blogging loser

I have been slacking off in the blogging department. Life has been busy but so blessed. Not too much has changed over here in the Andrews household. I am back in physical therapy, on week 3 out of 6. It is oh so painful but I know the result will be good. The doctors say that I will have pain for the rest of my life. I really can't even think about it because I break down. It is so painful. I am praying for a miracle. I believe God can do it! I've also been spending lots of time with my grandma and grandpa styll. Grandpa isn't doing well, he has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is going in for a bunch of tests tomorrow. My heart has been so heavy for them so I have been spending lots of time on my knees for them. The Lord has brought so much comfort and peace to my heart this week to which I am so thankful for! Our house is improving week by week. Chris is installing under cabinet lighting in the kitchen as I type this. He is always thinking of new things to

Reigel Wedding

On New Years Eve I was in one of my best friends wedding. Jessica Hogg and Steve Reigel tied the knot. It was a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous reception. It was an honor to be part of their special day and it has been a joy to watch their love grow the past 3 years. Im so excited for them and this new journey that they are now on. Welcome to the married club Jess! woohoo!