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Cabo, day 1

We made it! Getting here sure is a hassle but we made it to our resort around 3pm and got all settled. It was a MUCH better experience than it was when we were here 7 months ago. We got a sweet Jeep for the week and are staying at possibly one of the nicest resorts in Cabo. Its a Hilton and we all feel like we've died and gone to Heaven. I can't even wrap my mind around what Heaven is going to be like. I sure hope its like Cabo! :) Anything and everything you can think of, this resort has. And the best part is the resort is basically empty. Our condo is overlooking a huge gorgeous pool. I've posted some pics but will try to get better ones tomorrow. The pool is huge and there is an enormous swim up bar with big comfy bed like lounge chairs surrounding it. The pool next to us is a raised infinity pool so it looks like it drops right off into the ocean. We're totally blown away. The weather is perfect as is everything else. We are all so relaxed already. We're just so

Cabo Wabo

Audios friends! Chris and I are leaving early tomorrow morning for Cabo San Lucas. We will be there for the week with his parents. We are so looking forward to getting away and finding rest for our body, soul and mind. I will do my best to update while we're there with pics and all so be sure to check back. I've also posted some new things on Kate's blog! :) See you in Cabo!

It's been confirmed

This morning I got the call that we have been waiting for! My doctor called to tell me that the ultrasound results all came back clear and normal. The cyst on Kate's brain is completely gone. No sign of it! The Dr. said that it is a miracle and is an absolute work from the Lord. These cysts (ones that are not associated with down) typically don't go away until week 26-32. They also said that everything else is perfect on her and me. Thank you Jesus! We are so relieved! We are blown away by God's mercy on us and all the prayers He has been answering. His timing truly is perfect and we are so undeserving of it all. Thank you again for praying for us....please don't stop! :)

There is nothing like

ANSWERED PRAYER! Seriously, there isn't. When you labor in prayer over something and realize it has been answered. It's the best thing in the world. With very very grateful hearts tonight we are sooo thankful to announce that the cyst on Kate's brain is GONE! We are amazed and I'm still trying to soak it in. We knew that our prayers were going to be answered but I honestly didn't think it would be this soon. We have been filled with so much hope since day 1 with this pregnancy and if anything we have been filled with even more hope since we found out about the cyst. Before we went into the ultrasound today I got a call from a really great family friend, Aron. Our sweet friend from Africa (who I will blog about soon!). I told him that we were about to go in for the ultrasound and told him about the cyst. The first words out of his mouth were "Nikki, don't believe it. The enemy is a liar and he is trying to steal your joy! Don't believe it! She is perfect


This may not be a big deal to anyone else but it is to us! Chris and I are going to Maui in August with my family and were planning on staying with them in their condo for the week. It would be a little tight but we were all ok with it. I put in a request through the time share for a week in Maui and had requested like 13 resorts. We knew it would be a slim to none chance that we would get the exact week we wanted but we gave it a try. Well, I got a call this morning and not only did we get the week that we wanted....we got a 1 bedroom condo at the same resort as my family!!!! Seriously, that is a gift from the Lord. There were so many other resorts and yet He chose to open up a room at the same resort!!! I have been doing the happy dance all morning- it woke Kate up but we're so excited! This is a blessing to us and as small and crazy as a request it was to lay before the Lord, He granted it! Thank you!!!

still waiting...

So, today was our "big ultrasound". It was the 20 week one which is when most people find out what they're having and also make sure there is nothing abnormal about their baby. I woke up around 6:45am and couldn't go back to sleep so I had my quiet time. I must say, it was the best one I have had in a long time. I really needed that time with the Lord. I met Chris at our doctors office at 10:30 and we waited to be called back for the ultrasound. The whole thing went not as we had envisioned. The ultrasound tech seemed like she was in a hurry and wanted to get it over with. She was really rough with us until we opened up to her and told her what we're going through. I asked her if the cyst on Kate's brain was gone and she replied "what cyst?" Chris said "well we were told last week that she has a cyst on the left side of her brain..." she scanned back over her brain and sure enough there it was. Plain as day to see... I don't know how in

kick, punch, swim!

That is what Kate has been up to these days! Its the coolest thing ever! There are no words to describe what it feels like. It literally feels like she is swimming around in there doing big arms and kicking her little legs. I love it!! Every time I call Chris is to come feel her, he puts his hand on my tummy and she stops. As soon as he leaves, she starts her swimming lessons again. I don't get it. Shes making a liar out of me! I guess shes just being shy. She already has him wrapped around her finger. Anything for his Kate. So cute. I need to take swimming lessons this summer. Seriously, Kate is going to be a better swimmer than me! Be sure to check out Kate's blog this weekend, posting pics on closet remodel! :)

Peace. Love. & Prayer

Chris and I just want to thank all of you who have been praying for us and sending us words of encouragement. There is nothing greater than knowing you are being prayed for. There is also no greater honor than to be able to lift a brother or a sister up in prayer! As you can imagine, Chris and I have been deep in prayer over the past few days. It got me thinking, why aren't we like this all the time?? Yes, we pray everyday for others but not like we have been praying this past week. It has really opened our eyes to how lazy we become when things seem to be going good. To be honest I feel selfish. I should be lifting others up before the Lord a lot more than I have been! I'm thankful for this reminder and it is my prayer that I will be faithful to pray for others everyday just as we are being prayed for everyday! A big prayer of ours (obviously) has been for Kate. I believe our prayers have already been answered. The peace that we have is from the Lord. There is no other way tha

The Lord is our strength

Hmm. I don't even know where to start as I sit here and try to explain what it is we are going through right now. Let me start off by proclaiming that the LORD IS GOOD!!! He continues to cover us with His peace and his Grace, we are amazed. I had my monthly check up this morning and had a great appointment! Little Kate has a strong heartbeat in the 160s and is actually measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule! Woah! My nurse asked if I had any questions so I gave her my list, just a couple concerns I had. One being the cyst on my ovary, it has flamed up this past week and is causing me great pain. I also asked how my ultrasound came back from two weeks ago on my cervix. She said that they had not received anything and she would call to get the results. I went on with my day thanking Jesus for a great appointment and went to spend time with my parents. We were out to lunch when I got a call from my nurse, a call I was not expecting to get nor was I ready for. She told me that my c

Mother's Day weekend

We had such a great weekend. Saturday was a little crazy but we got to pick up all the furniture for our daughters room! It was so exciting! We are no where near being ready to set it up yet but hopefully next month we can move it in! Can't wait! Mothers day was wonderful. Chris and I celebrated...he was so sweet and made me heart shaped pancakes in bed with my favorite coconut syrup from Hawaii. He washed my car and helped me run some errands. We spent the afternoon and evening at my parents house with the whole family. It was the most relaxing day we've had in a while. Played in the pool for hours and kicked our feet up, not to mention a fabulous dinner! We had dessert with Chris' family and spent the later part of the evening with them. I am so thankful for the family that the Lord has blessed us with. My parents spoiled me (or should I say Kate) and bought her a darling outfit and a couple of books and my auntie came over and brought over a whole bag of gooshie pink goo

One more thing...

I will be updating "how big is baby" and all the other details on Kate's blog from now on. I really want to keep that one all about her and focus "welcome to our life" more on us as a family. We'll see how well that goes! :) Kate's blog has now been made private so send me an email if you would like the link.

I've got the bug

Don't worry, no swine flu here. I've got the cleaning/nesting bug BAD! For those of you who know me (which is hopefully everyone who reads this blog) knows that I am close to if not the world's biggest clean freak. Well get this clean freak pregnant and watch out! Poor Chris doesn't know what is going on. I am cleaning everything, washing everything, organizing, throwing out, giving away, selling...etc. Whew. I don't think I've sat down once this past week. I have been so busy going though this house (which is pretty tidy already) and making it perfect. Perfect for our baby that is. On Monday night I took all of the hanging clothes out of Chris' closet and transferred them to his new closet (in the office). His old walk in closet is in Kate's room and we are tearing the whole thing out and are going to make it all built-ins. Last night we went through the rest of his clothes and got rid of 2 trash bags full and transferred the rest in his new organizatio

Kate's website

Hi family and friends! I have started a blog that is all about Kate...there you will find pictures, updates...etc. We made it private so if you would like to be a follower please leave a comment with your email or email me at Thanks! :) Once I add your email you will be sent the link to be part of the blog!