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SO good.

I have been doing really good with not having any crazy cravings. I really haven't had any....until this past week. During my first trimester all I could eat was waffles and bread and since then I've had normal eating habits. Monday night all I could think about was pizza. Stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. I would have done anything to have some but I restrained. I held back until Wednesday night. When the delivery guy showed up at our door it was like my heart was full again. It definitely was what I needed. Last night my parents came up and left around 9:15pm. They went to Yogurtland after our house and I threw out the idea of going to Sonic to Chris for a late night snack and to my surprise he was all for it. We had never been to one in California before, only in Tennessee. Every time we go to Tennessee I make the family take me there for a cheeseburger and slushy. [side note: if you've never had a Sonic cheeseburger and fresh fruit slushy you are missing out big time.

Don't laugh!

One more story to bore you all. I need my pregnant friends and previously pregnant friends to come in on this one... Last night, I was obviously very content after my cheeseburger and had a great night sleep. I was sleeping great until someone called my cell phone at 2:45am! Who does that?! Anyway, after that I fell into a deep sleep and had a bunch of crazy dreams. Dreams I won't even fill you in on. The oddest thing though. I woke up around 5:45am laughing hysterically. I was laughing in my dream and apparently I was laughing out loud the whole time. Chris was the one who woke me up out of it....I think I completely freaked him out. He freaked me out! It was a good dream and he ruined it! Once I was awake I couldn't stop laughing. It was like the full on belly laugh, you know where you get the giggles and just can't stop? I tried to explain to Chris that it was a hilarious dream (even though it was so extremely lame, I'm not even going to tell you what it was about.

My week = pure bliss...

This has been such a great and exciting week. Monday, the crown molding was installed (it's so big, I love it!). Tuesday, my dad came up and painted the crown and touched up the room. He and Chris also brought the changing table/dresser and hutch in the nursery along with the glider. Wednesday, Chris built the crib and my parents brought up the bedding. Her room is almost complete. There are still a handful of details that need to be done but we're getting there! I am thrilled with how it is coming along. I walk by her room and my heart melts. It's my new favorite room in the house. I sat in the glider all last night just staring at the room and dreaming of the day that she will be in there. I ate breakfast in there this morning. It's pathetic really but I am just so happy. It's all becoming so real now. I honestly can't even think about holding her because I get way too excited and antsy. My new favorite hobby is shopping for the peanut. She officially has the

simple things

Yes, its the simple things in life that tend to bring us the most joy. My heart is so happy and content. The latest and greatest things to bring me happiness are: my new peep hole in the front door (so I can see who is there before I open it!) my dad coming up and working on the nursery (you wouldn't believe the progress today) ordering the last of our interior doors today (I'm glad they are done but who knew 2 doors could cost $600!?) New maternity clothes (im growing out of my clothes at a rapid rate) the new bridge by our house (we dont have to wait for the train ever again!!) Kate having the hiccups. Such a sweet but odd feeling!

Fathers Day 2009

Father's Day was exciting this year! It was so fun to celebrate our dads who we love dearly and also got to celebrate Chris! My poor husband was sick all weekend and wasn't feeling too hot on Father's Day but we made the best of it. We started our morning out at church which was great and then spent the afternoon at my parents house. Had a great lunch, laid by the pool and swam, had a yummy BBQ dinner and celebrated with some fun gifts. My family is all about celebrating and presents. All the men were spoiled, they are the best. Chris raked in the gifts...My parents got him all sorts of cute bibs and onzies (or should I say, got Kate all sorts of gifts!) and cigars (those are for dad!) and I surprised him with the most adorable "toy". We found it at FAO Schwartz when we were in Vegas a couple months ago and Chris fell in love with it. We didn't get it because it was a little pricey and to make a long story short I had a friend pick it up for me when they went

OC Fair

The fair is coming!! I can't even believe I'm posting this but seriously, there hasn't been a day that has gone by since March that I haven't thought about the fair. This is embarrassing to admit and my family makes so much fun of me for it but I admit that I am so excited for the fair. I used to hate going, its ghetto, white trash, yucky...but last year we had a great time. I think we went 2 or 3 times and I was so sad once it was over. I don't know what it is about this year and my obsession with it but I'm counting down the days! Sadly, I will be missing opening day because we will be on vacation but you can bet that I will be there as soon as we return. I will be ordering my super pass soon. Laugh all you want! I can't wait. BBQ and funnel cakes have been calling me name. Oh how I can't wait. PS. if you ever want to go let us know. I think my husband and family can only handle it so many times!
It was a great week at the Andrews abode. We accomplished a ton! As far as the nursery goes, there was progress! All of the molding in the room was painted along with the doors and the walls are now pink! It's pretty darn cute. Crown molding got postponed until Monday morning which threw off our plans but it's ok. The plantation shutters have been ordered and all of the bedding arrives next week! You could say that we're pretty excited. I can hardly wait to put all the furniture in next week! (Check Kate's blog for pics and updates on her room!- if you need the link, email me!)The days seem to be flying by and we know that our little pumpkin will be in our arms before we know it. 3.5 more months!! Yesterday was the day that our first baby girl was due. It was bittersweet. Bitter because the loss of her was so hard to go through and knowing that she would be in ours arms now hurts but it was so so sweet because her sister is growing so big and strong inside me. The Lord&

Guessing Game

Ok, we've set up a page for you to go and make your guess about our little bundle of joy who is on the way! Click on the link below and start guessing when you think baby Kate will make her arrival, how much she will weigh and how long those legs will be!! Winner gets to be her first babysitter! (just kidding) But really, head on over and start guessing! Can't wait to see who's the closest. Will it be the momma, daddy, grandma, grandpa, auntie, long lost friend, stranger??? Have fun!

busy bees!

I'd just like to announce that Chris and I are kicking butt on our house. We have been doing something everyday to get things done around here. Our goal is to have all of the "major" things done before our bundle of joy arrives in 4 short months. This is our list.... (also check out our bucket list a few posts down..) Install new garage door and master bath door (both have been ordered) Paint the nursery (happening this week) Have crown molding installed (happening this week) Plantation shutters (happening next week) Set up the nursery (happening next weekend!) Tear out old and gross bathtub (next month) Buy new tub and stone for bath (next month) So that is basically it along with the everyday obsession I have with nesting and making sure everything is "perfect" around our house. I am a terrible neat freak, I know I will have to loosen up when Kate comes but I absolutely love a clean house, clean laundry and a pretty garden. I can't tell you how excited we

Labor of love

Many of you know our dear friend Aron from Africa or have heard us talk about him. My family met Aron about 5 years ago at the Olive Garden in Orange. He was our waiter and my Pops instantly became best friends with him at dinner that night. Aron told us a little bit about his story (since my pops asked about his family) and instantly we were drawn to him. We left him a big tip and my mom, megan and I came back 2 days later to find him. We sat in his area and tried to get to know him more. Finally we all exchanged contact information and from that day on Aron has been part of our family. When we met Aron it had been 5.5 years since he had seen his wife and sons. They were stuck in a tiny country in Africa and could not get out and he could not get back in. Our hearts were broken for him, all we could do was pray. Aron would bring over the latest DVDs of his family and play them for us. He has 3 sons who are just incredible. They know 5 different languages and can recite the Bible. They

Cabo, day 7 & 8

Our last full day in Cabo (friday) was perfect. We went back to the cove for snorkeling and then came back to the resort for lunch and swam and laid out by the pool the rest of the afternoon. It sort of became our daily routine which was fun. We ended the trip with a really great dinner at the resort. It overlooked the big infinity pool and the food and service was fabulous! We we were there for 2.5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. The full moon was also out and it was quite a sight, it made the ocean sparkle! So beautiful! We played one last round of skip bo..... Chris and I were the champions! Good competition though! :) Saturday was our last day there, we had a relaxing morning. Chris and I laid by the pool one last time then went up and packed. We arrived home around 6pm....It was such a great trip. We are so blessed with such great family. It's good to be back home....I'm in full nesting mode and we are now in full swing with getting things done around the house and w

Cabo, day 6

Here we are on day 6 and it almost seems like we're on day 10... there is no such thing as time here. No plans, no's great. Chris and I slept in a bit later today. We had breakfast on the balcony and then headed back to Santa Maria Bay. The boys snorkeled and the girls laid out. I bought some peas for them to feed the fish with and they got some insane pictures of some pretty insane fish. So glad I didn't have to experience it, seeing pictures on the camera is enough for me. Chris is trying to talk me into going with him in the morning and he promises he won't bring peas with him but I'm not sure yet. I'm becoming more of a chicken with things as I get older. Maybe it was my father in law talking about his encounter with the fish today, they came right in between his arms and in his face! Yikes! After snorkeling we came back to the pool and had a great afternoon. When Chris and I got in the pool a cute couple sitting on the side stopped me mid swim

Cabo, day 5

Here we are on day 5 in Cabo! In a way it seems like its going by fast but then again, its hard to believe that it's only day 5. All this relaxation is wearing us out! We slept in this morning and headed to downtown Cabo around 10am. It's only about 15 min from our resort. We walked around a bit then took a water taxi to "Lovers Beach". Our boat driver gave us a tour of the famous arch and took us back to see the sea lions. We got way too close for comfort (again) but they seemed more scared of us than I was of them. They are the gooshiest things, too bad they aren't nice. After our little tour we were dropped off on the beach where we floated in the waves and the boys snorkeled. It was so peaceful and beautiful. After a couple hours on the beach we went back into town and ate at a fabulous restuarant! I'd really love to find out what kind of cheese they use around here because it is amazing. I could live off of bean and cheese burritos! We headed back to our

Cabo, day 4

It's hard to believe we're half way done with our trip. Today was great. We went to the most popular bay in Cabo this morning for snorkeling. We were the first ones there then all the snorkeling tour boats arrived. It was absolutely beautiful and the water was perfect. The boys went off to snorkel first while MIL and I floated in the waves. It was heavenly. I was on the look out for fish and praise the Lord I only saw a couple... Chris came back and floated with me and thankfully he waited until I was out of the water to tell me about all the creatures he saw under there. Soo glad that I didn't stick my head under water and see all the creepy creatures! We came back to the resort for lunch then went and laid by the pool. All of us got a ton of sun today. Wow! I'm starting to blend in with the locals. My motto is tan fat is better than white fat so I'll take it! We had a super relaxing evening in the condo....made a yummy mexican dinner and played couples skip-bo, Ch

Cabo, day 3

Sorry this is a little late. We're a little relaxed and by the time the end of the day is here my mind is long gone. Rough life. Let me see if I can recap yesterday, 3. The boys woke up at 5am and headed out to their private boat to fish for 6 hours. I slept in and then enjoyed the morning and early afternoon by the pool with my MIL. The boys came back around 1pm with a cooler full of fish. They caught 20 and brought home 8. We all spent the rest of the day in the pool and sleeping under our cabanas. Very relaxing day. After we got cleaned up we walked a couple hundred feet to the lounge for happy hour. Again, it was relaxing and breathtaking. We overlooked the infnity pool and ocean. After drinks, snacks and churros dipped in chocolate and carmel we came back to the condo and chilled some more. The boys processed their fish while I lounged on the couch and caught up with some family on skype. My handsome man and I took a nice walk on the beach at sunset and just soake

Cabo, day 2

Sunday was what Sundays are supposed to be about, a day of rest! We slept in, had some breakfast and headed out to the pool. There were probably 5 people out there max. It is so quiet around here. We're at a huge Hilton resort and they say its only 40% occupied. Sweet! The pool is the best thing you've ever been in. It almost feels like a river, it winds around every corner and it's an infinity pool. So fun. We did that for a couple of hours, then went up to the condo for lunch and headed to downtown Los Cabos. We putted around here for a bit and I was ready to leave in the first 5 minutes of being there. We were at the marina and apparently there was some big carnival fiesta thing going on and the main event was the "cock fights". Let me tell you, worst thing ever! Such a terrible sound of those poor roosters. I dont like roosters but I felt so bad. I don't know if it was my motherly instincts coming out or what but I was terrified. The boys found the boat th