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Sorry I haven't been the best blogger lately. My mom so kindly reminded me last night that my blog is starting to get boring and that I'm slacking off. I can assure you that I have a good excuse for my absence. Ok so maybe I don't but there hasn't been much to blog about and when I blog about nothing you get a boring post like this one. I'll fill you in on our life this past week. I am now in my 29th week of pregnancy (that is some exciting news folks!) You know how pregnant women are referred to as being ovens?? Yes, cooking those cute little buns makes you feel like the oven is on at 500 all day long!! And I have the joy of cooking a little bun in the middle of summer. Needless to say our air conditioner is my best friend these days. We actually have a love/hate relationship right now because every time the air comes on (which is like every 15 min) a loud horn sound also comes on. We can't figure it out so the air conditioning man is coming out on friday morni

Grandma turns 80

My sweet Grandma Earla turned 80 and so the family threw her a big party last weekend! 30 of her closest friends came along with the whole family. It was another beautiful party and was a joy to shower grandma with so much love!

Megan's Sweet 16 Party

Last Thursday we celebrated my little sister turning 16 by throwing her a super sweet 16 party. It was pretty amazing. Mom and I had so much fun planning it. Yummy appetizers, dinner was Olive Garden, lots of delicious desserts including cotton candy spun by my husband and party favors were the heart cookies. When we go, we go all out. We love a good party. It ended by my dad singing "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman to my sister. It was so sweet. Can't believe my baby sister is already 16.... click pic to make bigger

No title needed..

You are all going to be happy to hear that my insane craving for the Orange County Fair has been fulfilled! Last night Chris, mom, dad, megan, libby and I packed up and finally went! And the best part...we got in FREE! I read somewhere that if each person brought 5 canned goods on Wednesday night then you got free admission. It saved us $60! I love finding we got to help out the less fortunate! Ok, so the fair was wonderful. It's been on my mind since February and it was everything that I was hoping it would be and even a little bit better. We got there around 4pm, there was hardly anyone there! Dinner was beef brisket and waffle fries, so good! We did some walking around to all the shops or vendors. The workers are a little creepy. If you show any bit of interest in their items they pounce on you. (not literally but it felt like it) After lots of walking we got our funnel cakes (so good!) and then got seats for the hypnotist show. We go every year for this

Palm Desert

I am very relaxed so this will most likely be short and sweet. The Parker/Andrews gang is out in Palm Desert (been here since thursday). We're having a blast and could not be more relaxed. Our days are spent by the pool (more like in the pool) with smoothies and yummy lunch delivered right to our chairs. We usually come back to our villa mid afternoon for showers, snacks and naps. Wonderful! We've had lots of good times and many laughs. So good for the soul. I really can't believe how much I am growing. My tummy seems to be sticking out farther everyday. Sometimes I forget how big I a until I walk by a mirror. Is that really me? Wow. The pounds seem to be packing on which I don't like at all but I just have to remember that its for a good cause and they WILL come off after the princess arrives. I am depressed at the fact that I no longer seem to have hips. They seemed to have disappeared. Where did they go? Hopefully I'll find them in a couple months. Oh well, I'

Praise reports

I know we all seem to focus on prayer requests which is awesome but tonight I want to reflect on answered prayers and praises! I had a great Doctors appointment yesterday. I was really nervous about it but all went well. Dr even said as long as the contractions stay away, I can go to Maui in 3 weeks! Kate is growing big and strong with a healthy heart rate, we could not be more thankful! It's been 2 years next week since I broke my back and the pain has been so minimal. It was a fear I had with getting pregnant. Here I am 7 months pregnant and feeling great! Thank you Lord! Kate is due on October 12th which is the same day that I found out I was pregnant with our first baby girl that we lost. It's amazing how the Lord and His timing works out. Funny and helps heal those wounds.. Jackson Wade was brought into this world last week, a few weeks premature. I got to meet him yesterday, such a blessing. He is a healthy and happy little teeny tiny peanut. -not s
Gosh, I feel like I have so much to update on but don't know where to start.... Monday was such a great day. Our Bible study (which meets every monday morning) got to meet our friend Aron and his family. It was such an amazing day. Aron and his family shared so many things from how the Lord grew their faith through being separated for 10.5 years, miracles that had been done, words of such encouragement and his testimony. It was a blessing. The girls then showered the family with SO many amazing gifts. They had no clue that what we had in store for them and it was just so exciting being able to bless them in a small way. When we get excited about something, we shop! Here are a couple pictures from the day.. Opening presents! Yoel, Aron, Ben and Cokie Today.....something VERY exciting happened!!! My friend Heidi gave birth to the most precious boy...Jackson Wade Chandler. She wasn't due until mid August but due to some complications they delivered him at 33 weeks via c-sec

Labor & Delivery

I figured I'd update the blog now while I am "laying low" and "taking it easy" which if you know me, is hard to do. I'm amazed how fast word travels, so I'm sure you know that Chris and I spent all of last night and early this morning in Labor & Delivery at St. Josephs. It started yesterday in the late stomach was killing me. I didn't know what was going on, I figured my stomach is stretching due to her growing and that's what was causing the pain. I wasn't able to eat dinner because I felt like I was going to pop. Chris and I went to a neighborhood watch meeting and during the meeting my left arm went numb and was tingling. I thought it was odd, never had that happen before so we came back home and I put a call into the doctor. Chris left for basketball (which was not a good idea) and I stayed at home by the phone waiting to hear what the doctor thought. After an hour of waiting my feet went numb so then I really started