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Labor & Delivery

I figured I'd update the blog now while I am "laying low" and "taking it easy" which if you know me, is hard to do. I'm amazed how fast word travels, so I'm sure you know that Chris and I spent all of last night and early this morning in Labor & Delivery at St. Josephs. It started yesterday in the late stomach was killing me. I didn't know what was going on, I figured my stomach is stretching due to her growing and that's what was causing the pain. I wasn't able to eat dinner because I felt like I was going to pop. Chris and I went to a neighborhood watch meeting and during the meeting my left arm went numb and was tingling. I thought it was odd, never had that happen before so we came back home and I put a call into the doctor. Chris left for basketball (which was not a good idea) and I stayed at home by the phone waiting to hear what the doctor thought. After an hour of waiting my feet went numb so then I really started to get worried. I called the Dr. on call and he called me right back. I told him what was going on with my stomach, numbness and my shortness of breath that I had been having. Chris came home and we were off to the ER. We got there and I didn't have to wait a minute. They took me right in for an EKG. All was good with my heart and my blood pressure was great as always. Labor and Delivery wanted to check me so they sent me up and got Chris and I set up in a room. They put the monitors on Kate right away and could tell I was having contractions. Who knew? I had no clue what they felt like, I just knew something wasn't right. Kate was doing somersaults and moving nonstop the entire time. After 45 minutes of monitoring they gave me a shot to help stop the contractions. It didn't kick in right away like it was supposed to. I definitely felt my heart speed up and I got shaky like they said I would but the contractions wouldn't stop. I started to get nervous thinking about what could happen. The nurse came in and said that the Dr. ordered an internal test to be done to make sure I wasn't in pre-term labor. I was nervous, Chris had no clue what was going on and Kate was still having a party in there. I prayed through the whole exam and the Lord totally calmed my fears. We once again were not going to let Satan have any part of the situation. After the exam we waited for the results to come back and in the meantime the Dr. had also ordered an ultrasound to be done. One, to check on Kate, to check on my fluids and her blood flow. The first ultrasound looked great. We couldn't believe how big she is!! She put on quite a show for us. So sweet. Everything looked wonderful and results came back perfect on the first ultrasound. The second was one was check my cervix to make sure it isn't getting shorter and to also make sure I was dilating! Much to our surprise Kate is head down right now and pushing down on my cervix like she wants to come out. That was not good. Good news is my cervix itself looks great and no need to be worried now. The results from the exam came back around 2:30am and it was negative, praise the Lord! The nurse could tell I was dying to go home and get in my bed. She was concerned since my contractions were still going but they were not as close or strong so she discharged me. I promised her I would go right to bed and "sleep them off". The whole experience was a little surreal and to be honest I was not ready for it. This munchkin HAS to cook at least 10 more weeks. Reality his us as I was being wheeled by the delivery rooms. I can't believe I'm going to be in one in a couple months and then get to bring Kate home. I definitely need to learn to rest before that day comes. The Lord is preparing us daily and we are so thankful. Thank you to those who have been checking in and praying for us. It means so much. We're all doing good!! A little on the tired side today although Kate seems to be the little happy camper that she is and is back at her somersaults. It's time I go and learn how to nap...I'll leave you with this lovely picture that Chris took of me at 2:30am all hooked up. Pregnancy is oh so glamorous.

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The place is great. Awesome technician who is very patient and kind. She shows her excitement with the whole ultrasound as well. I found out I am having a boy with no problems. She showed me every possible angle she could of his "privates". It's a cute place- and the price is great. I love having the DVD of my ultrasound to show my family. It's as if they were there. Thanks so much!!!
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