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don't sweat it

Do you ever have those days where you just don't know how you are going to get through it? How about those weeks? To be honest, I thank the Lord that I don't have them very often. This week however has been challenging. Chris and I have been to the doctor's 5 times this week (3 times for me, 2 for him). He is dealing with some ENT issues and is going to have a cat scan soon to figure out what is going on. I went to see my dermatologist on Monday to have some of my lovely moles checked, come to find out he wanted to take a couple of them out so I went back today to have them removed. I was very brave (says my doctor) and didn't flinch. I practiced the breathing we learned in Lamaze while I was getting the numbing shot. At least it was good for something! I now have 10 stitches and go back next week to have them removed. Awesome. I had my OB appointment on Tuesday which went really well...more of that can be found on Kate's blog. So all of the above is manageable and we got through it just fine.. Yesterday is when I almost lost my cool. I was doing all my wife duties taking care of the house. I had the washing machine going, the dryer, dishwasher, air conditioner and was ironing when all of a sudden the house went completely quiet. Everything had all of a sudden been turned off. I automatically thought that we had a rolling black out. Since our house phone didn't work I called Chris to have him call Edison to see what was going on and to get someone out here asap. He put a call into them and they contacted me to see what was going on. I pulled the pregnant card for the first time ever by telling them that I'm almost 9 months pregnant and have to have the air conditioner on in this heat. The lady had total compassion on me and said she would send someone out right away. 3 hours later and the house now 84 degrees the Edison man arrived and "fixed" the problem. Our main breaker had blown and apparently I wasn't strong enough to flip it back up earlier when I tried. We got the air going and all was well again for 20 minutes until it blew again. I kept my cool and did everything I could to help my sweet husband out who was trying so desperately to figure out what was wrong. Finally I couldn't take the heat anymore so I ran a freezing cold bath and sat in there with my popsicles to cool me down. It worked for 20 minutes...It is now 9pm and Chris is in the attic fixing our air problem (whole different issue) and I was in the living room on the couch in my bra and undies (I'm being open so u can see what we went through)...remember, our house is now 86 degrees! I was on the computer emailing when all of a sudden the house goes completely dark. I yelled for Chris and ran into the garage to see if he was ok. He had a panicked sound in his voice as he was stuck in the hot attic with absolutely no light. He begs me to go flip the breaker on while I beg him to wait a minute so I can find some clothes to put on. I am running through the house with my crank and go flashlight cranking this thing as fast as I can to keep the light coming but it didn't work very well. It took me 3 minutes to put on my dress and by this time Chris is not happy. I scrambled to find my keys so I could turn my car on for my head lights to give him some light. We finally got him down and got the breaker turned back on for the 3rd time. We felt like crazy people. Candles were now lit around the house in case we lost power again and we were sweating bullets. By the time we got to bed we were beyond exhausted, hot and sore. It was so nice to wake up to a new day with a fresh start. We had an electrician come out at 9am this morning to look at our box to diagnose the problem. He looked at it for a minute and said that we need to replace the breaker bar and it would cost us $1,850. My jaw dropped and I said "are you kidding me?! One thousand eight hundred fifty dollars??" No way, not happening. Thanks for coming out. I scrambled and called a few other resources I had. I was literally freaking out all day. I gave all my worries and stresses to the Lord and laid my request at His feet. The verse that kept coming to my mind was 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." By no means does God deserve my anxiety and worries but He tells us to lay them at His feet so that's what I did. I can't tell you the relief and peace that was brought to me as soon as I handed it over to Him. We ended up getting a hold of an electrician who is going to come out next week to fix the problem for a couple hundred dollars. See the Lord provides and always meets our needs when we ask!! I'm so thankful that He gave us the wisdom to get a couple other bids instead of going with the first guy because we would have totally been taken advantage of. Yes, I am desperate because we need to have energy in the house. But just because I'm 9 months pregnant and desperate doesn't mean that I'm dumb and going to take one persons word. So for now, we have energy in the house but if I have the air on then nothing else can be running. So much for my multi-tasking. Chris is working late nights at the firm and my massive flash light is not leaving my side. It is now my best friend along with the candles. Ahh, this has been a stressful 2 days but after having all day to think about it and put this stupid problem in perspective it has made me more thankful. It's made me thankful that we are able to have this problem. I'm thankful that we have electricity to complain about, I'm thankful that we have a house that we are responsible for, I'm thankful that I have cold water that I can sit in to cool off, I'm thankful that we are able to call a repair man to fix our problems but most of all I am thankful for the ultimate repair man...Jesus. Knowing that I can call on Him no matter what time of the day it is, no matter how grumpy and not nice I am and knowing that He is bending down on His knee to listen to my cry is more than I could ever ask for. So as I sit in our office tonight waiting for my husband to come home with my big flash light I am thanking Him. We are blessed and we will get through this small and stupid problem that got our panties in a bundle. I feel like an idiot for even complaining about this in the first place but I believe it happened to get my focus back on the Lord and to put everything back into perspective. I pray that this issue will get resolved next week at a minimum cost but the issue here is learning to trust in Him. He always provides and I always seem to lose sight of that when chaos arrives. So that is it. My flashlight and I are going to go check on the laundry and get some cleaning done by candle light. Heck, its kind of romantic around here. Too bad it's just me and the cat! Stay cool friends and remember.. don't sweat the small stuff :)


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