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new year, new you?

So with a new year just around the corner, resolutions are being made all around the world. To be honest, I've never made a new years resolution. What's the point? Why wait until the 1st of the year to start living a healthy lifestyle? There is one thing that I do at the beginning of the year every year and that is clean out my closet. I do this like 4 times a year but I really get ruthless in January. I guess because I've gone through the whole year and if there is something that I haven't worn all year then its out the door. This year is a whole new story. As y'all know I gave birth almost 3 months ago and well some parts of my wardrobe don't fit me like they did a year ago. Bummer. I have about $1,000 worth in jeans that no longer fit. Guess I should have held off on indulging until I was done having babes. (lesson learned) I can get the jeans on, they just wont button. (that's a problem) And I thought I had wide hips before Kate! Oh well, I'll give i

happy baby = happy momma

I guess I should start this out saying "knock on wood".. Kate has seriously turned a corner this week and has been dream baby. We are in Heaven! We started doing an earlier bedtime routine and it seems to be working well! She is sleeping 9+ hours a night and has been doing this for 4 weeks now. I don't know what to do with myself! Sleep is amazing and I am so happy to have it back! She is great throughout the day and smiles and coos. Today I braved Brea mall with her, our first solo mall experience and she was perfect! 2 hours in Nordstrom and not a peep. She's a mini Nordstrom shopper in training. We are enjoying each day with our precious Kate and thank Jesus all day long for this sweet blessing. I'm taking her in to see the doctor on Thursday to get her wound checked. It's still infected and is breaking our hearts. I am learning patience through this and trusting in the Lord with all of my heart. We know that He is going to heal her completely in His timing

Great Grandpas

So precious... In memory of our precious Pops... he would have loved his great grand daughter so much. We know he is smiling down on her from Heaven.

Best Christmas EVER!

Chris and I have not stopped talking about this Christmas. It was all around the best one yet. It was so great spending time with the family and sharing the joy of our precious Kate. We spent Christmas Eve down in Newport at grandma and grandpas house. It was one that will go down in the books for sure. So memorable. We spent the night at mom and dads house that night as always which was a lot of fun. We all sat around in our new jammies and watched "Christmas Story" like we do every year. Who doesn't love family traditions? Christmas morning was beautiful. We all slept in a little bit and then enjoyed a delicious brunch with the whole family. Awesome! We opened the most wonderful gifts and had ourselves a merry little Christmas. Chris and I packed up the babe and we headed over to his parents house. We had a very yummy dinner, opened more great presents and made more marvelous memories with the family. His grandparents came down for Christmas and it was soo much fun havi

Coming January 2010...

This little guy! He is only 2 weeks old so that is why he looks a little silly. My mom and I went and picked out the newest member of the Andrews family yesterday. He is so precious! I am already so in love! He was rolling around in his little bed and nuzzling me. Ohhh we can hardly wait to bring him home! It looks like he will be coming home with us on my birthday. Thank you mom and dad, the best gift ever!!! Oh and in case you are wondering....his name is Bentley. More pictures to come after our next visit.....

The Great Grandmas

Kate is so blessed.

Having joy through it all...

Joy. That is a word that I would say describes my heart. I am always full of joy. I usually always have a smile on my face and love bringing joy to others. Joy has been on my mind all day. To be honest, this has been a really tough month for our little family. It started with losing our sweet Riley who we truly adored. He is missed daily around our home and our hearts still ache. We do know that our joy will be restored one day when we find a new kitten to love. Another thing that has been a bit stressful is it seems our house is falling apart a week at a time. Seriously, every week it has been something. The rains last weekend ruined our wood floor in the kitchen. It somehow got in and bubbled up. We've been trying to let it dry up. Our beautiful bamboo shades in our bathroom busted, had to get new ones. One of the big queen palms in the backyard fell over last week in the wind storm and busted the pot, had to get a new one today and re-plant. The grout in the master bath that is

This Christmas...

So in response to the previous post, this blog will be under construction until the 1st of the year. It's going to take me a while to design the new one. In other news, we are ready for Christmas! All of the gifts have been bought and are wrapped under the tree. I can hardly wait for Christmas! I feel like a little kid all over again. I am so excited for Kate's first Christmas even though she won't have a clue as to what's going on. She is our most precious gift. She's all we prayed and wished for. I don't need anything else. Chris and I are gift givers. We love buying things for others and bringing joy to those we love. I wish we had more to give. That thought brings my mind to Christ. He sent His precious Son to die for me. His greatest gift, He gave up for you. and. me. I am super excited about His gift and so thankful. I will never have anything worthy enough to pay Him back. I am so thankful that there is no need to even try to. I can only imagine the joy i

Excuse the mess...

This blog will be under construction for the next week or so. Bare with us!

Christmas time!

Click for a bigger picture

2 months.

Our precious little girl is now 2 months old! She is getting to be too much fun! The best part about her getting bigger is that she is now sleeping through the night! We are now on week 2 of at least 8 hours a night. It is so heavenly! She's also taking some awesome naps throughout the day. We're really trying hard with getting on a schedule and it seems to be working. She gets up around 8am and is all smiles. I put her in bed with us in the morning and crack up at her smiles, giggles and sassy-ness. Way too much fun!! Kate had her 2 month appointment yesterday that was filled was shots. She did really well but is still fighting a little temperature. So sad! We are so thankful for our baby girl and could not be more in love!

Don't think my momma forgot about you..

I promise she still loves you. I have just been keeping her extra busy so she didn't do Christmas cards this year. Maybe next year. Until then here are some of my Christmas pictures that my mom took of me today.. Love, Kate

Living in denial

yes, we are. We have been trying to pretend that Riley is still at the vet and will be coming home soon. Its so hard coming home to our house with no fur ball waiting for us at the door. I dread getting up in the morning to go to Kate's room to get her clothes because Riley won't be following me in there. It's not the same making dinner and not having him begging me to give him some. Last night we realized that we are totally living in denial when we got home and received a card from the hospital where he died telling us how sorry they are about his passing. Or the flowers that our vet sent us because they adored our boy and feel so bad. We were really hoping that this was just a bad dream and we were going to wake up one morning to him squawking at us. I guess it really is real and he really is gone. Ouch. ouch. ouch.

With very heavy hearts

Chris and I had to say goodbye to our precious Riley after 2 very short yet wonderful years on Wednesday night. I don't even know where to begin... As you know he was in the hospital from Sunday-Wednesday. Chris picked him up at 5pm on Wednesday evening and I knew something still was not right when he walked in the door. The minute Riley got in the house he ran to his box and tried to go potty and nothing came out, He was straining all over the house, just like he was when he was blocked up. We monitored him for a few more hours. I laid on his rug with him in our room and tried to give him his "water treat" but he would not take it. My heart slowly started to crumble because I knew our boy was still sick. I was able to get him to eat. He was starving and came home so skinny. I cleaned up his belly a little bit which was an absolute mess. Needless to say Riley was miserable. He was still blocked up, he was irritated from the catheter and his arm was shaved and bloody from

Celebrate good times....come on!

I'm pretty much sitting here in my chair singing "CELEBRATE" to myself because I am one happy momma. Kate has been amazing with sleeping through the night!!! Last night was her best, 10 HOURS! Yes! I am celebrating with a delish carmel mocha and chocolate chip cookie and then we're off to babies r us! I can't tell you how amazing it is to sleep again. There was a point there where I never thought my eyes would be closed for more than 3 hours at a time. The best part about her sleeping through the night and getting her on a schedule is waking up to her smiling and making cooing noises and being the happiest babe during the day! We are loving each day, she is becoming so alert and animated. Too fun. We truly are having the time of our lives...


It's been a while since I've posted about our furry "son". I know he used to be the star of this blog but our new little star has taken over. She has taken over everything in the house, all of our attention and the little guy is not a fan. Every time he hears the baby cry, he cries. He is still Chris' bff and follows him everywhere. Riley just isn't too sure about his baby sister. He was acting out a couple weeks ago and was peeing on all of our things. 1. the baby's glider 2. Chris's fleece 3. Our bed 4. The couch. 5. The bottom rack of the bassinet. Needless to say, we weren't very happy. We were able to get everything clean as new and locked Riley up in the office for about a week. It seemed to fix his new bad habit. A week later we noticed that he could hardly walk, he was pretty much dragging his back legs and would not pee...anywhere. I took him into the vet last Monday and found out that he has IFLUTD. Basically, a urinary tract infection th