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Big fat loser

Chris and I are both fat and trying to become big losers. I became inspired last weekend when my mom's good friend was here from Georgia. I spent the weekend with them and it kicked my big booty in gear. I've been needing this kind of encouragement for a while. My mom is already down 5 pounds (since Sunday). We aren't doing a diet, just changing our lifestyle dramatically (since we like to eat bad foods). I went to the doctor last Friday and when I got on the scale and saw my number and flashed back to 2.5 years ago when we got married and my weight then I wanted to throw up. I am 30 pounds heavier now than I was when we tied the know. How gross is that? I remember standing at the altar and our Pastor saying that he wanted to see Chris try to put his tux back on for our one year anniversary. He said it would probably be pretty snug from all my baking. I laughed and thought "yeah right!" I can't imagine trying to squeeze back in my little dress right now! I know that pregnancy was a large factor in my weight gain but my problem is food, self control and exercise. I love good food. I have no self control when it comes to delicious food. I strongly dislike working out, never stepped foot into a gym. I am so excited about getting my body back and more so just being healthy and treating my body the way it deserves. You know what a big problem was? Drinking water. I would drink 2 glasses of water on a good day. I was totally dehydrating my body. I am now drinking at least 10 glasses a day and can't believe the difference. I am working out everyday in our home gym which is wonderful. I am eating super healthy which right now is gross since I am not friends with veggies and am allergic to most fruits. is working. I slipped on a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday and la-te-da I got them up and over my giant hips, zipped those babies up and even got them to button. The best part was I didn't feel like I had to do lunges with every step to stretch them out. They actually fit me again. I would have put money down that I would have to kiss those beauties good bye. I still have a ways to go before I feel like I could pop them on and not have to hide my sweet little muffin top but I WILL get there. The best part about this lifestyle change is my husband. He is doing this along with me. It is wonderful to be doing this together. To share our disgusting food, to whine about how we're starving and would really love an IN N OUT burger right now, working out together and losing all this fat! His work is doing "the biggest loser" and he entered. It started on Monday and the winner gets a big fat cash prize along with other prizes. Good inspiration huh? Not to mention being back in shape and feeling awesome again. Ahh this is so exciting!!! The food part sucks, I miss my chips, cheese, burgers, fries and COOKIES! Oh how I miss them. As I was at Trader Joes yesterday picking up veggies and grains I walked past my favorite cookies and blew them kisses goodbye. Everything within me wanted to sneak some into my cart but there is no hiding them from my tummy and but. Just can't handle them right now. One day soon I will re-learn to eat everything in moderation and I will get to pick up my cookies and have a sweet reunion. We have quite a ways to go but we are excited. Thrilled to be healthy and fit again. Chris and I are taking our before pictures tonight. Not looking forward to that at all but it will be good to see how far we have come. If we hit our goals I just might be brave and post the before and afters. Eeek, that thought alone makes me cringe right now. Ok friends, I have lots to do. Have a happy and healthy day. Get movin!


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