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I did it

I went bathing suit shopping and was successful. Well... me + shopping always = a success. My suit was on sale & this is what it was like when I found it... Ok, maybe not but I love it and was stoked to get the last one.

I love this..


Yesterday I woke up with the worst sore throat ever. I took some meds and went back to bed. I had a list of things to do including; taking my car in for new brakes, grocery shopping and taking Kate to the doctor. I didn't feel like doing anything but there is no such thing as laying in bed and sleeping it off when you're a momma. There are things to do and I did them with my mommas help. Last night I became violently ill, definitely the stomach flu. It took me right back to September when I was sick with H1N1 and 9 months pregnant. Thankfully this time there was no pregnant part. This is not morning sickness friends! My sweet husband was such a doll and came home from work to find Kate and I in bed asleep. He took her for the night and was so sweet in trying to take care of me. He made me soup, jello and fruit which I ended up losing and was right there to rub my back as I laid on the bathroom floor crying and making weird sounds from being sick. I am feeling 90% better today,


Yesterday Kate had her 6 month check up. A few weeks late but we made it. Her doctor is thrilled at her progress. Our girl is 27 inches long, in the 90th% for height and weighed in at 16.3 pounds, 50% in weight. She is going to be tall and thin, built just like her Auntie M! The Dr. was thrilled with the progress of her hemangioma. She is confident that it will be gone within a year to 15 months from now. We are so thankful! It has not opened up since February and there have been no problems with it. Thank you Lord. Kate got the last of her "oral shot" yesterday along with 2 shots in her leg. She cried for a second and as soon as I picked her up she was perfect. No tears and no fuss, she is amazing! We are so thankful for her pediatrician, love her so much. If any of you are in need of one please contact me and I would love to pass her name on to you. In other Kate news... her 2 top front teeth are about to pop through. She is definitely going to look like a bunny! ha

My husband is losing

Yes, he is losing weight like Obama is losing his fans. (Sorry, had to) Chris weighed in at -22 pounds. That's right, he is down 22 whopping pounds and looking sexier than ever. He's almost to the weight he was when we got married. He would probably be down about 28 except he has been lifting weights and is building his muscle mass. I'm so proud of him. As far as my fat but goes. No change. Dang. Those cookies and chocolate chip banana bread were not going to let me get away with it this week. I am still at -11 pounds. At least it didn't go up!! I am almost in a whole new number! 2 more pounds to go (hopefully next week) and I will be so close to my goal. Oh how I can't wait to get there. How shall I celebrate? Chocolate cake? Deep dish pizza? Brownies? Oh who am I kidding. A girl can dream. Must stay focused. Back in a bathing suit next week. Still haven't found a new suit. Hopefully that will happen this week. Until next week. Someone have a slice o

House Tour

As promised I have taken a few snapshots of the place that we call home. Kick off your shoes, grab a warm cup of tea and get a glimpse of our California Cottage... That concludes our tour. We are blessed to call this cottage .ours.


Our little guy is getting so big Capturing our hearts more day by day & claiming everything ...... don't mind his messy eyes he's a copy cat Oh those eyes

Biggest Loser

I'm not sure what week we're on, 12??? Haha.... It feels like that! I think it's more like 4 but don't take my word on that. Here are this weeks stats.. Chris: 15 pounds - He was discouraged but I encouraged him to not be because he is building up his muscle and that weighs more than fat. He is working so hard. I'm so proud of him Nikki: da da da dum.. I'm down 11!!! Finally broke that fist 10! I made my goal for the week. I don't know how that happened because I felt like I pigged out a ton last week but I never stopped moving so maybe that was it. I'm so encouraged...this is working. Eating healthy food and moving my booty really does work. Thank the Lord. Time to go pick out my new bathing suit! That's all I have for now. I'm so tired from all my movin and shakin and have a husband who is under the weather and a baby who is cutting teeth. (smile)

The end to an awesome weekend

I wish weekends could last forever. Chris and I had a blast together. Looking forward to our weekends and trips that we have planned until tax season starts up again in August. We finally made it to church on Sunday. It was so good to be back. Definitely filled my soul up with what I needed. I hope to pour it out to others this week. After church Chris and I went to get pedicures , I mean we went and got our feet cleaned up and massaged. It was wonderful. I have been trying to talk him into this tell him how wonderful they are and finally he joined me! Pretty sure he is a fan but not sure he will go back anytime soon. My man has clean, smooth feet. Yeah! No more snagging our silk sheets. The "massage" was great. Super relaxing. We spent the rest of the afternoon laying by the pool and had a yummy dinner celebrating my sister in laws birthday! Lots of fun! Our weekend ended at Disneyland. We went to the last "Electrical Parade" before it's packed up and shipp

Date Weekend

Chris was home by 3:30pm yesterday. :::deep sigh of happiness::: So wonderful to have tax season behind us. Really, you have no idea. It is so nice to have our family back together. To celebrate, Chris and I dropped the babe off at Mimi and Papas house for a sleep over and we headed out to dinner. Once dinner was over we decided to go to Babies R' Us to do some shopping for the babe. Yes, that is how exciting date nights become once you add on to your family tree. We bought her a few new toys and some other things, spending way more on her than us. You should know that it brings us much joy to be able to do things for our girl. (even though she will never have a clue how much we do for her). After our little shopping spree we came home to a quiet house that needed lots of attention. I cleaned while Chris built Kate's new toys and then we went and worked out in our little home gym. Not very romantic but it was nice to be able to work out together and get things done without bein

I did something I said I would never do...

and bought Kate an exersaucer bouncy toy! Eeeek . I always said that we would never have one in our house and now I'm totally taking that back. I don't want our house to look like a day care with baby toys everywhere but I have realized that this is the phase in life that we are in. Probably for many more years actually and I love it. We have packed up several toys this week like the Bumbo chair, moses basket and fairyland. They are all wrapped up tightly in the rafters for the next babe. The big girl toys are coming out and we're loving it. Kate tried out her new toy today and thinks it's the coolest thing ever (aside from her kitten). Here's to a messy house, baby toys, burpies and paci's . Wouldn't have it any other way. PS. I think I forgot to mention why I gave in and bought her this silly thing. Since she is out of her Bumbo chair I have nowhere for her to go while I get ready. I can put her in the swing but I feel like that will bore her, plu

BL- week 3

Short and sweet version. Chris is AMAZING and weighed in -15.2 pounds yesterday! He's lost over 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Did I mention he is amazing ?? So proud of him!!! I am down a total of 8. Grrr, I didn't make my goal for the week but that just means I need to get my butt in gear this week! I will have good news when we check in next week. I am 9 pounds away from my goal!!!! 9 more pounds and I will be at my wedding weight. I can do this!

The end of vacation

Ahh it was a wonderful little get away. Kate was dream baby. She loves to travel, lounge by the pool, swim, eat....she must be mine. Check out some awesome shots we got of her on Saturday night. I am so in love!

Vacation. Finally.

I am so tired so this post will be short. I just wanted y'all to know that we are no longer at the old folks home. We are safe and sound and all nestled at a beautiful resort. We were blessed with an awesome villa on the golf course that is right next to the pool. There are two infinity pools next to each other. One has a water slide and a couple other sweet water features. Kate would love this place when she gets bigger. There is also a bar and grill in the center of the pool area which is fun. This is what we originally had in mind for our mini vacation. This is relaxing. We are all so relaxed and sun kissed that we're beat. I was in my jammies and ready for bed by 6:30 tonight. We stayed at the resort for dinner and ate pool side which was nice & then enjoyed a beautiful walk around the property. I am missing my husband and so wish he could be here to relax with us. One more week and he is done with tax season!!! Praise the Lord!! It's been a great day, tomorrow will


Last night I packed Kate and I up and headed out to the desert with my family for my sisters spring break. They found a house on to rent for a few days which seemed great. Great until we pulled onto our street and realized what we had rented. Oh my gosh. Hilarious. Well, it is now. Once we got into the house that is on the "golf course" and realized that there is no pool to be found. No pool in Palm Desert. Not cool. The "golf course" is another story. Didn't know they could classify this patchy green grass as a course but I guess it works. My mom called the owner to ask where the pool was. Oh, it's only 3 miles away. No biggie. NOT! There is nothing relaxing about this place. The house itself is clean and cute. I guess it's great if you don't mind sitting inside all day or spending your day in the screened in backyard We are resort type people. Love to lay out, splash in the pool, be comfy. This house does not fit those needs.

6 months

Kate Marie is 6 months old today. 6 months of amazing love. This journey that we are on keeps on getting better. Every day is a joy with Kate. She is the definition of a happy baby. Full of smiles, laughs, coos, chatters and sounds only a baby could make. Kate is rolling around like it's nobodies business, getting better at sitting up but not quite there, still working on her first tooth, eating fruits and veggies, soldier scoots and being a busy little one. She gets her hands on anything she can. She takes awesome naps. Loves to shop. Loves to eat. Loves to snuggle. Shes the only one who can make our heart melt in a second. A huge praise is that her blood tumor is shrinking! Yeah! It has not opened up since February and we are confident that we are past that. It is still swollen but not nearly as bad as it was. So thankful. Kate wakes up smiling and squealing with joy. I can be dead dog tired and still run to her room with so much excitement to pick her up and snuggle with her in

Florida Court sets Atheist Holy Day

In Florida, an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and Passover Holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians and Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized days. The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring,"Case dismissed!" The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the ruling saying, "Your honor, How can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays.." The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, "But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant." The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists.." The judge said, "The calendar says

week 2

So, week 2 wasn't as exciting for us as far as numbers go but we are making progress. Today was weigh in day. Chris is down 11 pounds and I am down 7. We are still feeling really good and amazed at the foods we crave now. I have not had one cookie!!!! (wait, I did have one for dessert last night..) We did splurge a little with Easter yesterday but weren't bad. I couldn't even finish my brunch. At the end of the day we both felt gross. We missed our healthy meals and snacks. WEIRD! I never thought I would be into healthy food. Chris is looking so good. I'm so proud of him. He's never worked out this much in the 6 years of being with him. I love it. We've set some high goals for week 3. Hope I can reach mine. Once I do I get to buy a new bikini and fun sun hat, yeah! And Chris...well he's going for the money! Can't wait to update y'all next week!!


We had a blessed Easter. Spent it with our family and close friends and the cutest baby in the world. The annual Parker brunch was beautiful and delicious as always. The Lord was so good to us and gave us beautiful weather. There is no better way to celebrate Jesus, the greatest Love of all than with all those you love. We ended the day at the Andrews for dinner. It was a beautiful yet oh so exhausting day. Easter 2009 13 weeks pregnant Easter 2010 Our greatest blessing

Good Friday.

Good Friday. Every year when this day comes around I wonder why it's called "Good" Friday. It seemed like such a horrific day for my Jesus. It was. It was the day that God sent His Son to die for me. I can't imagine what it must have been like having each hand driven into a cross with a nail, being beaten over and over again with metal hooks ripping apart His skin and a crown of thorns driven into His head. He hung up there and prayed for the men who were hanging next to Him mocking Him and asked His Father to forgive them. He was mocked, yelled at, spit on, beaten and then died all for the sake of you and I. I was totally overwhelmed by that thought last night. It's something I can't even fathom. God sent His only Son to die for me. I can say that over and over and it still blows my mind. Last night as I was spilling my heart out to the Lord, I wept. Wept because it hit me that He not only died for every one of my many sins but also for every one of my worrie