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Long & Sappy Dog Tale

As most of you heard on facebook, I rescued a dog on Friday night. I guess I should back up and say that God gave me a very sensitive heart. I'm a very compassionate person and have a very special place in my heart for babies, old people and animals. [everyone in between too!] OK, now that I got that out of the way here is the story:

Friday night. We love Friday nights at our house. Endless possibilities and we know that we have 2 days together as a family.

So, this past Friday night I was on my way to Trader Joes to grab some more fresh fruit and veggies to make Kate's food. No big deal. As I am turning out onto a busy street I see a dog that is sitting in the street by the curb. My heart went to my toes. Everything was running through my mind. Is he going to run across the street? What if I see him get hit? Did he just get hit by a car? I'm a freak, I know. I pulled my car over, put my hazard lights on and rolled down the window. [ps. kate was not in the car!] The dog sat down and looked at me with the saddest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen. I got out of the car to check him out. I wanted to make sure he was able to get in my car ok. The first thing I did was check his collar. There was the ID registration tag. I called it and went right to voicemail saying that the animal control office was closed for the weekend.

Next thing you know the dog is in my car and sitting in the passenger seat like he was my passenger. I fell in love so fast. On my way home I called Chris to let him know what I was bringing home and asked him to open the backyard gate so he could rest there. I will just tell you this, my husband was not happy with me. I swear he thinks we are going to end up with all the dogs I rescue. Not going to happen!

To make a really long story a bit shorter....

I came home and frantically searched the web to see if I could find more info on this sweet dog who was now camping out in our backyard. I found the after hours number for OC Pet Services and gave them a call. The girl was so helpful and gave me the dogs name, the street she lives on & tried calling the owners. There was no answer so I hopped in the car and drove the neighborhood. I drove up and down every single street and the house was no where to be found. By this time I was really upset. I found the house where she lives on google and cried. It was way the heck across town, in another city. I was sure someone dumped her and that my two "found signs" were worthless. I called Pet Services again around 9:30pm to see if they could try calling the owners again. Still no answer. The girl then asked for my address and said that she was going to send animal control out tonight to get the dog. I flipped out and cried (again) and told here they could not come get her. I told her that I would go out in the morning and find the owners. She agreed. Once I got the dog who's name is Cheyenne comfy in the backyard on our old plush towels and silk sheets I was able to get back to making baby food and finally call it a day. I had peace about the situation.

This morning rolled around & as soon as it was 8am I called Pet Services again to see if they could try calling one more time before I hit the ground running with my mom and Kate in tow. answer. I gave Cheyenne breakfast and took her for a walk and when I came in at 8:30 my phone rang. A hopeful woman was on the other end and said "I saw your sign for the dog you found!!!!" and that's when I stopped her and said "ohh I really hope you are who I'm looking for. I have a border collie here" She said.. "YES! She's black and white, her name is Cheyenne, she's 15 years old and she's deaf!" YES! I have her! We talked and giggled and cried on the phone together. She told me how they were out looking for her until 10pm last night. She said that she walked in our neighborhood and did this whistle thing that Cheyenne responds to and heard her bark. Cheyenne did respond to it. That was the only time she barked. The family got up early this morning to put up "Lost Dog" signs and as they were putting them up they found one of my "found signs".

This family was awesome. The woman's name was Nikki also. Weird. They have two kids and they rescued Cheyenne 15 years ago, 3 days before she was to be destroyed at the pound. Amazing story. I welcomed them into our home at 8:45am this morning. We were all in our pajamas and their kids came running through my house to the backyard to greet their old faithful dog. It was like the scene out of a movie. My heart melted and we all cried tears of joy. This sounds so sappy but this is why I rescue animals. The joy this family received from my small act was priceless. Their beloved family dog was alive and safe. I did thank the Lord for giving me this soft heart. Sometimes it's frustrating because I want to save them all but I can't. I will never put a dog in my car if Kate is with me.

So there you have it. My super long and sappy dog tale. Moral of the story: register your animals and make sure they have personal identification on their collars at all times! Oh yeah and make sure your gates are secure.

Love you sweet Cheyenne, so glad you're home!

[PPS. I was such a wreck on the phone with animal services because I thought the family either dumped her or was out of town for the long weekend and if the animals aren't claimed within 4-7 days the vet will determine whether or not they are going to be destroyed or put up for adoption. I knew that she would be destroyed with being so old & therefore I freaked out, dang you sensitive heart]


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