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getting ready...

I'm in full swing planning for my girls 1st birthday party. Today I took a big step and ordered her invitations. Enough for over 100 people. Yikes! The pressure is on! Momma and I are going to order the tent, do a little cake testing and order a couple other fun surprises in the next couple of weeks.  So excited. We love parties y'all and our girl is getting nothing but the best. The theme? There isn't really one.  We're doing pastel polka dots. I want to save the Princess, tea party and fairy parties until shes bigger and actually knows what's going on..  I am having soo much fun going around town and picking up all of Martha Stewart's items.  This is going to be one girly girl party y'all! Out little small town bakery who now has their own TV show on TLC called, "The Bakery Bunch" will be making Kate's cake. I'm creating a lot of hand made items which I'm really excited about and adding lots of personal touches.


My heart is FULL. My eyes are PUFFY. I do not have the words to THANK Him. As most of you know, I have been praying for a sweet little 6 year old girl who stole my heart last July. Her name is Kate McRae and last year she was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of brain cancer. Hopes were slim to none for a cure but we prayed...and prayed...and prayed...and we're still praying. Precious Kate had her PET scan a couple days ago to see if there was any active cancer. I can't tell you how I've prayed for this girl along with hundreds of thousands of others who trust in the Lord. It's incredible. We have pleaded and begged the Lord to touch her with His healing hand. Tonight, we got the news that the scan came back NEGATIVE! NO active cancer! It is dead! I have been crying for 2 hours now. Chris was so worried something was wrong when I came out to tell him the news. He too proclaimed that it is a miracle. My heart is overjoyed. I don't know when I have cried tears

back to the fair

Momma, Libby, Megan, JP and I went to the fair last night...again. The crazy kids talked us into going on this insane ride.. We went to the hypnotist show which is always entertaining.. check our our view. Why does this always happen to us?? The show... hilarious After dinner and funnel cake the girls went to see Julianne Hough in concert... this was the real reason we were back at the fair. Check out our awesome seats.. This girl has inspired me to get better at working out and toning my legs. Seriously, having legs this good is so not right. We were sitting by Ryan Seacrest who is dating Julianne. He is in his infamous blue hat... So much fun...a much needed girls night. See you next year OC Fair

A girl and her boys

Kate loves being outside.  She could spend hours sitting and picking grass. hanging out on the front porch sweetest face God ever made Kate wanted to help her dada last night.. such a good helper little did she know he was putting locks on the cabinets to keep her out! Aiden came over for a play date last night. We need to have baby races. These two chase each other all through the house.  So cute.

Perfect Summer Day

Today started off perfect. My husband let me slumber in the sheets until 9am while he fed Kate and entertained her. I slept so hard that when I woke up my pony tail had not moved and I had sheet marks all over me. I woke up to a happy baby who was packed up and ready for the beach. My man made me a big delicious ice blended carmel mocha to take in the car and off we went! We met some friends at the beach to play volleyball. Chris played while Kate and I hung out in the tent.     Kate slept..     So I slept..     It was Heavenly There is nothing better than digging your toes into the cold sand  and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves.  Right? Beauty walking down to the water .so excited.                                                          hmm, this stuff is kinda cool! Not sure what Kate is doing Super baby and flamingo pose! did I mention that she's hilarious? It was almost a perfectly clear day to see Catalina Island checking out the water with dad                 

Our day..

Today we introduced Kate to her organic Gerber chicken sticks. She thought they were pretty cool and then she started gagging on me again. Not sure if she is picky or if she doesn't like the texture. You sure couldn't pay me to eat those things. Bentley was the lucky recipient of the chicken sticks. Not sure if he's a cat or a dog. I think he's confused too.. My guilty pleasure. I indulged & Kate gave me the look... We spent a wee bit of time in the front yard this afternoon. It was a cool breezy afternoon so  Kate picked grass while I freshened up my little herb garden. .Oh how I love those tiny little feet. She was not about to let her knees touch the grass That's my girly girl for ya Grow garden grow! Right now I have lavender & rosemary growing out front .amen. our view out the kitchen window Our night ended with Mimi. She came up to hang out with us while Chris was at a work event  and Papa had Bible study at their house. We went shopping & came ho

Calling all fair lovers....

So, we went to the fair tonight.  Not sure if y'all remember my post about it last year but I was counting down the days and it was still just as exciting to me this year even though I'm not pregnant.  I don't know what it is about that place. Maybe it's the smells?  You can't turn a corner without smelling some sort of delicious fried food aka heart attack on a plate. Maybe it's the people? Let me tell you this. You will feel like a skinny super model walking around the fair. There are LOTS of shapes and sizes. Very entertaining and sort of makes you want to think twice about the food line you are in when you see who you're standing in line with. Instead I stay in line and think they have pretty good taste! After two years of making fun of people  who buy chocolate covered bacon and actually eat it..  we decided to try it for ourselves tonight. NOT bad my friends. I actually enjoyed it. Check me out with my bacon and mini doughnuts. I was rockin the fat to