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Sweet home Tennessee

As you can see by my lack of posts I was a horrible blogger on our trip. We soaked in every single minute and when we could hardly keep our eyes open any longer we went to bed so we could do it all over again the next day.
Here we are in Downtown Nashville.
It's so time we are going honky tonkin for sure.

Tuesday morning we went to the Loveless Cafe. This is one of my favorite breakfast spots in the world. It's right down the street from the family house and they serve out of this world biscuits. I enjoyed every bite. This little spot is a local favorite along with all the tourists and musicians. You name an artist, they have been there with their picture on the wall. So fun.

Here we are inside the Loveless. It's an old Motel. So charming.
This might look a bit familiar to those of you who have followed this blog through the years. It's tradition to take our picture in this awesome cut out.
 This year we had one extra little face!
My baby sister and I in front of the Loveless.
We are such tourists.
I love it.
After breakfast we drove a long back country road that led us to a little town in the middle of no where. It was so beauiful and peaceful to see nothing but rolling green hills, farms and houses spread out. It's so amazing to me because growing up and living in So Cal my whole life , we are not used to sights like this.
 It literally takes my breath away.
After our drive we headed back the house and rested for a bit then headed to downtown Franklin. This is hands down, my favorite town. SO charming. Downtown is my favorite. They have great restaurants and sweet little shops. We went to HRH Dumplings for "lunch". We didn't order lunch because we were still full from the Loveless. We went strictly for their clover rolls with honey butter and fruit tea. The best fruit tea I've ever tasted comes from here. I've tried it everywhere and this wins the prize.
Loving my fruit tea...
We walked around downtown and went in our favorite shops. We were in a boutique with Miley Cyrus for a little bit. I had no clue who it was but my sister was freaking out. All I know is she needed to buy a longer dress. So many celebs and singers live in Franklin so it's no surprise to bump into one down there.
Tuesday night we went to Brandon & Jennifer's house in Spring Hill for dinner. They were the best hosts. Jen made the most delicious cheese grits and shrimp for dinner. We love our time with them.

Chris & Kate in front of the famous Pancake Pantry on Wednesday morning..
Wednesday we went to the Pancake Pantry near downtown Nashville for breakfast. The food there was pretty amazing, there is a line to get in all day long. We waited for about 20 minutes. It's always worth it. After breakfast we drove around downtown for a bit then headed out to find houses. We drove and drove and finally found the ones we were looking for. After our house hunting we went back to the house and swam while the boys play more horseshoes, blew up wasps and had their cocktail hour. I was on twitter and saw that the Loveless Cafe was serving butterscotch pudding as their special that day so momma and I packed up the babe and headed over at 5:30pm for an evening dessert. We had  peach cobbler, pudding and biscuits with our sweet tea. It was such a fun spur of the moment excursion. Right after Loveless we headed home and met up with the family to head out to meet everyone for dinner. (good timing huh!?)
We ended up here.

A place called Arrington. It's a gorgeous winery owned by Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn. They have picnic tables all over with swings that hang from big trees in the middle of the winery. We started the evening out with wine tasting. Chris & I aren't really wine people but we loved it and tried some fabulous wine. Dinner was pretty sweet to. Chris & Brandon picked up Italian food from Amerigos, so delicious.
 All 12 of us sat together on picnic benches and enjoyed a perfect evening together. Fireflies were every where lighting up the fields. It seemed like something out of a movie.
The sunset was breathtaking.
Sun going down into the forest.
A swing in the middle of the winery.
Brandon & Jen with Kate.
They became best buds this week.
My Southern cousins
Our time at the winery was the best way to end an amazing week. Every time we go to Tennessee we fall more in love with it there. Our drive home from the winery was wonderful. I could not take my eyes off the beauty outside the window. The song "Best Day" by Taylor Swift came on and tears streamed down my face. This truly was the best day. I spent it with my precious family in the place that we love the most and made memories that will last our whole life. Can't tell you how blessed I felt. We definitely weren't ready to leave but all things must come to an end and it was time.
Thank you to John, Linda, Brandon, Jennifer, Justin & Becky for an amazing week. The hospitality was so great. Everything was perfect and we all came home with all our fingers and toes. Nothing got blown off! :)
We are counting down the days until we go back again and who knows...maybe just maybe we might call this place home one day...
Our precious girl is an amazing traveler.
Could not have asked for anything better.
She has a new friend...Franklin the pig


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