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10 months

I realize that I am almost a month late with this but this little 10 month old is keeping me extra busy these days! 10 months. Really?  It sort of seems like it was just last summer when I was 7 months pregnant and roasting like a pig on the couch.  Oh how I wish I savored those nice long naps on the couch. These days our big girl is quite expressive. She says "dada," "mama," "baa" for ball, she waves bye bye and hello to everyone she sees, she puts her hands in the air for "I don't know", she gives amazing kisses, tries to mimic everything we do, gives us kisses if she does a " no no" and last but not least she is almost walking all on her own. She takes about 5 steps and then crashes. Kate is still sleeping about 12 hours a night  and down to 2 naps during the day! If you can't tell, she is the light of our life We fall in love with this little girl more and more each day She is a busy girl, very social and keeps us on our toe

Family days

Chris and I had a full house this weekend. We celebrated his birthday with our family on Saturday night and then had my Nashville family over for a Southern dinner on Sunday night. We made beef ribs, pork ribs, cheese grits, corn bread, grilled asparagus, and fruit. It was a great time. Good food and fabulous company. The weather was perfect, if only we had fireflies!     Monday night we had a picnic in the front yard..     We have such awesome evenings once the sun starts to set. yes, we have a walker on our hands.. can you tell how they adore each other? We have been trying to enjoy our time as a family before Chris starts his crazy busy time at the firm. This is our last "normal season" before he goes back to school to qualify to sit for the CPA. I am soaking in every minute of having him around in the evenings. He is such an incredible husband and an amazing dada to Kate.

Birthday celebrations....all week long!

My precious husband turned 29 on Wednesday....we like to celebrate in this house and when it's your birthday we celebrate all week long.. .Here is a little glimpse into us celebrating Chris... Janet took us out on Tuesday night to Lazy Dog. Yum! Chris and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Orange County Mining Company on Wednesday We went for Mexican on Thursday with my family Friday night we went to 5 guys Burgers (yum...)  and then went to K1 for a little racing here is the outcome dad wasn't too thrilled Tonight we had our family up for a little dessert it was so nice sitting in the back with the fire pit going Happy last year in your 20's baby love you so much... Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. Love y'all....

Family Traditions & Making memories

I've been wanting to get on here the past couple days but life as a mommy is keeping me quite busy.  Last week went went to visit GG and Grandpa Great. We had such a great time at their house, took them a couple of meals and enjoyed a delicious lunch in their back yard. Kate was thrilled to see them again, it had been too long! It's a lift for everyone when Kate is around. Seeing the joy on my grandparents faces when they are with Kate is the sweetest sight. Kate loves GG's jewelry and glasses and loves when her grandpa great sings her songs and makes her giggle. We do cherish every visit with them. he is so in love Saturday was jam making day. It has been a family tradition for over 50 years and we are still carrying it on! We didn't make any last year so this year we made up for it. We did both strawberry and peach jam, 78 jars worth! Amazing. It's so much fun and really quite easy. Kate joined in on the tradition this year. Well, more like played around the kitch

I'm getting ready..

  As summer is winding down we are starting to prepare for fall.  I love fall.  I would love it even more if Southern California actually looked like this.. We're ready for those crisp fall nights There is nothing better than putting on a good pair of sweats, cozy socks and sipping on hot chocolate before crawling into bed. I love having the windows open on a fall afternoon with a football game on Fall means that Thanksgiving is coming and that means good food and family, which I love. Fall means I get to start dressing in jeans and sweatshirts Fall will be extra special this year as we celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday Did I mention that I can hardly wait to snuggle her on a cool fall night while we sit by the fire in the back yard and roast s'mores? I can't wait... Baked apples, pumpkin pie, apple cider, fruit cobbler.. Yes! Our house will be smelling like a bakery this fall and I can't wait. So, in preparation for fall  Kate and I took a trip to the nur

Family Reunion 2010

Chris, Kate and I packed up and boarded a plane to Oregon on Friday morning. We met up with his whole family for a little reunion. Each family unit had their own little cabin. It was very quaint and located in the most beautiful and relaxing spot. You could hear the rushing river while sitting on our wrap around porch. I could go on and on about stories and such but I will keep it short and sweet and let y'all enjoy a few pictures. It was so wonderful catching up with family that we haven't seen since our wedding and introducing them to our precious girl. I savored every minute with Chris's grandparents. They are two precious souls that I will cherish forever and ever. I love them to pieces and soak in every second I get with them. Here are a few memories we made at Mt. Hood this past weekend. I can't wait to see pictures that everyone else took! our little cabin, it's for sale! my loves on a beautiful hike Mt. Hood all the girls Grandma & Grandpa so precious

it's a new day

I went to bed so bummed out last night. Sort of felt like my spirit had been crushed. I was sad for so many. I spent the rest of the evening in prayer and talking with my husband. He was a great encouragement and I woke up today feeling so refreshed and encouraged. I was blown away by the emails I received from so many. Blown away in a good way...I have chosen to live my life according to the Word of God. Many disagree with me and that is ok. God never promised this would be an easy road, in fact He told us it would be hard. I wanted to share an email that I received from an old dear friend-you know who you are :) "Hey Nikki,  I saw the many comments on your fb and I agree with you and any Christian who is a TRUE follower of Christ would agree with you. Not because its you, per se, but because Christ has set clear instructions. And what grieves me the most is "Christians" who accept the worldly views and say its not right to judge. If they really read the bible, it i

Standing in truth

I don't even know where to start or how to start this blog. I have a million things running though my mind. I'm frustrated, disgusted, sad and disappointed. I'm a very passionate person as y'all know. I hate politics and try to stay out of them but I can't ignore this one. California's Prop 8 to protect marriage between a man and a woman. I voted YES to keep it between a man and a woman. I voted TWICE, why? Because the first time riots broke out and people whined until it went back to court only for a liberal judge to overturn what the people had already spoken! We voted a second time and again it passed and again a judge has overturned it. Remind me again why I vote?! Where are my rights!? Equality, really?! So frustration is there and I am literally disgusted at people comments towards my view. You can call me a Jesus freak, you can call me a Christian who is ignorant, you can call me a me whatever you want . I DON'T CARE ! I've heard


There have been so many answered prayers and amazing things happening that my heart is bursting with joy. I am so thankful for all of the blessings that have been flowing down from my Maker above. Blessings not just for us but seeing how the Lord is blessing others. This morning as I was scrubbing the wood floors, cleaning the bathrooms and doing everything else to get this house in shape while the baby napped I couldn't help but literally say out loud, "WOW! Thank you Lord!" It was like He stopped me right then and there in my tracks. I spent the rest of my cleaning time just thanking God for so many blessings. The big and the small.  I am so thankful for my husband who works extremely hard for his girls and does everything he can to ensure we have a nice life.  It is a priority for him that I stay home and raise our kids.  I am thankful for a husband who knows the true value of family.  I am forever grateful for our precious blessing, Kate. Words cannot describe ho

Mr. Mom

My husband played a fabulous role of Mr. Mom tonight. I had a much needed night off from cooking and cleaning. Chris cooked, BBQ and slaved away in the kitchen while I lounged on the couch and caught up on all the latest LA gossip reading People Magazine and the babe slept. Before I knew it jazz music was filling our house, candles were lit and I was ushered to our backyard for an amazing Italian dinner surrounded by pretty amazing people. My husband and baby girl, of course. Chris made delicious pasta topped with fresh grilled lobster tails and had cheese rolls to dip in balsamic vinegar and oil. Our Italian dinner would not have been complete without our glasses of wine. Kate loves the outdoors. She cries when we bring her back inside. She is loving these warm summer nights when we bring her high chair outside and enjoy sweet family time over dinner. We played peek-a-boo while daddy cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes. It was heavenly. So thankful for a night off from the kit