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I am totally overwhelmed by all the emails and messages on facebook that I have received in the past 24 hours. So many of you guys brought me to tears and I have thanked the Lord for each one of you for taking the time to send encouraging words, prayers and passages my way. I am writing all of them in my journal and thank you for your love and support. I promise to write back to each one of you, it may take me a couple days and I might not be the best with my words because I am overwhelmed but I want you to know how much it means to my family and I. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

I found a few words..

Here's a little peek into my heart and what I've been going though this past month.. I've been trying to figure out what to say, how to say it, what not to get the point. This post is one that is important for me to write but is extremely hard to actually type and read.   Here we go :::deep breath:::  A dear family friend of our family passed away this past April from cancer. He was an amazing man of God. After his service my heart became really heavy for my dad. I didn't know if it was the thought of losing my dad and I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him or the thought of him becoming ill and seeing him suffer like our dear friend did. I drove my dad crazy begging him to do to the doctor. He needed a physical and other tests done that he's never had before and I needed to know he was ok. I would leave notes on his desk saying "call the doctor" and mention it to him nearly every week..."hey dad, did you call th

A little bit of sunshine

This past weekend is just what we needed. Sunshine.Family.Church.Friends We headed down to the beach on Saturday afternoon  and picked up grandma and grandpa on the way. It was a gorgeous day at the beach and a bit cooler than it was at home. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Wilma's on Balboa Island took long walks on the island  it was so fun having grandpa and grandma join us  Kate was thrilled to be back in the sand. People on the island are so nice. We needed to wash Kate up and a sweet couple  had us come in to clean her up in their bathroom  it was so gorgeous.. as always  Sunday was Ava's first birthday party. It was beautiful but a little on the hot side Kate at Irvine Park 0o0o0o.. Bubbles..0o0o0o  Is she not the most precious thing you've ever seen?! Ahhh, I love the weekends  They refuel my soul.  So thankful & so blessed to have the friends & family by our side. Feeling extra blessed and loved today.

I can't find the words

Hi friends.  Please be lifting my family up in prayer. It's been an extremely tough week for us. One day soon I will find the words to write and share. I'll be taking a break from blogging this weekend to spend time with family and soak in what the Lord is trying to teach me during this time. Thank you to all of you who have been calling, emailing, texting and sending cards to encourage and love on us. It means more than you know and we appreciate every single word and prayer. I'll see you in a few days when I can think straight and can gather my thoughts. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit"  - Psalm: 34-18

Please stand up

So, someone in the country of Mauritius reads my blog daily and I would love to know who you are! I don't even know where that is on my map. Mystery reader...please stand up! :) Do I know you? How did you stumble across my blog? I'm intrigued!

a day outdoors

Kate absolutely loves being outdoors. She loves to run around. Inspect every flower & pull grass. Kate also loves animals. She has no fear. She adores her mimi and papas doggies and treats her kitty like a play toy.. This morning we went for a nice walk around the lake only this time I brought bread for the ducks. Kate looked at them like she wasn't quite sure  why they were and why they were making funny sounds.  I gave her bread to feed the ducks  and it went straight into her mouth. We're going to have to work on that. It is so fun watching her around little creatures. Can hardly wait to take her to the zoo! This evening we played in the park that is outside our backyard. It's our community park and I can't tell you how fun it was  to finally play with Kate on the rolling green grass. You might recognize it from our maternity pictures!  She was more interested in walking along the paths..  playing ball!  walking home how precious... Thank you Lord for your

Happy Fall!

Fall is finally here! Yippee! Our little cottage is all set for the season... I love this time of year. Our fall candles are burning... I love baking this time of year. It's sort of the kick off to the holiday season I've been in the kitchen everyday this week making different goodies.. Monday I cooked apples for Kate. She loves them as an afternoon snack fall magazines are here these make me want to dig out all my sweaters and pants and spend the entire day decorating and baking in the kitchen So, that is what I'm doing.. Our sweet little turkey towels are out Thanksgiving may be a couple months away but they're fall(ish) right? They're a great reminder to count our blessings daily. cinnamon crunch muffins These little beauties are so delicious. I can't have these hanging around the house too long or else I start looking like a muffin These went to the firm for all the accountants to enjoy Apple Nachos Sound delicious? Ohhh my, these were an awesome evening

Sweet little shops and such...

I am all for shopping small stores and boutiques and supporting the local community. That is why I love Etsy . It's an awesome place where creative folks sell their handmade items.  I have a few friends who have shops there and wanted to share with y'all... My friend Heidi has a cute little boutique....She crochets sweet baby items along with scarfs, hats..etc for children and adults. So cute. Check out Comfy Cozy Boutique My cousin in law, Kristen has a darling shop that focuses on modern paper creations. There you can find darling note cards and other fun items... she's at Paper Link   My sweet friend Dana is also an amazing graphic artist who does amazing work. She has her own website at  Dana did a lot of things for our wedding, she's done our family Christmas cards and also did Kate's birth announcements. Love her work. My good friend Meghan is getting ready to start her own business as a baker. Not just any baker. Y'a

A little weekend get away

Thursday afternoon my parents surprised us & bought my sister and I tickets to Maui. They flew out on Wednesday and flew us girls out for the weekend.  I have never packed so fast in my life. I packed Kate, Megan and all of my stuff in one bag.  24 hours later we were on a direct flight to Maui. We arrived Friday night at 8:30pm and headed for the condo. We had a 2 bedroom that was 1,500 sq feet. It was amazing. The resort was awesome and on the perfect beach. The water in Maui is to die for. Warm, clear & crystal blue It called my name all weekend long Kate was amazing the entire trip. She slept most of the flight over. She took long naps and slept great at night. Kate absolutely loved the water She had soo much fun hanging out with her mimi & papa She was perfect while we all laid out... Kate kept busy playing with her toys, snacking and chasing the little Hawaiian kitty Our little one is no longer crawling. We were practically running after her.. Oh to be care free and n

11 months

 We're almost there.  We are in Kate's last month of being an infant.  Boohoo.  Our first born is growing up way too fast.  We are trying to soak in everything.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time.  She is changing daily; physically and developmentally.  Kate is extremely smart.  Nothing gets past her. Kate is now eating pretty much the same foods we eat, except only the healthy ones. I am super strict and cautious about what we give her. I prefer to stick with organic and all natural foods. I'm sure I'll grow out of it one day soon but for now her little body is so pure and I want to keep it that way for a while. Her eating habits are helping ours! :) Kate has developed a personality bigger than she is. She is hilarious. Her new favorite thing to do (besides walking) is to take her baby stroller around the house and collect as many things as she can. She puts them all in her stroller and then ditch