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Keeping up with Kate

I totally think this blog needs to be re-named because it is all about Kate. I guess that's what happens when you have kids. It's no longer about us or our wants. I enjoy buying her new clothes and shoes instead of buying them for me these days. Don't worry I won't turn into that mom who only wears baggy sweats and ponytails! Anyway! This really is all about Kate and I want to share the latest with all her fans out there! Kate went to her doctor this morning for her year check up. [side note: I'm still in shock that she's one!] Going to Kate's pediatrician is always something that I look forward to. I know that sounds crazy but the woman is amazing and such a joy to be with. She is a genius when it comes to babies and children. She is a huge reason why Kate is here and healthy. She helped save her life last October when she was so sick. We will always be so thankful for Dr. Patel. We chatted a while and caught up this morning and she was so amazed by Kate

Ahh weekends!

Kate has been missing her daddy terribly. He was in busy season so the only time she saw him was when she was falling asleep. Last week she wanted nothing to do with him when he came home from work. It was so sad. She would say his name all day and point all all the pictures of him around the house but did not want to hang out with him when he got home. She was obviously having major withdrawals and didn't know how to respond. This past weekend was just what Kate needed. It took her a little bit to warm back up to him on Friday evening and after dinner they were BFFs again. She emptied her toy basket and brought her daddy every single toy one by one.  working hard clearing out her basket  So happy to have her daddy back He was pretty happy to have his buddy back  Saturday mornings are our favorite! Chris went to get Kate out of her crib and she was so excited to see him again.  I made the family home made banana pancakes and the two snuggled and watched their morning cartoons tog

Pumpkin Pactch

Saturday afternoon we packed Kate up along with our neighbors and their little guy for the kids first trip to the pumpkin patch. I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was a kid and it was Chris' first time to one. We have an awesome patch just down the street from us. They have pony rides, petting zoo, tons of jump houses and games galore.  Oh the fun we are going to have in the coming years.. Kate picked out her own little pumpkin  Two pumpkins! She was so proud.  Kate and Aiden were too small for everything at the patch except for the petting zoo.  She is totally a girl after my own heart. Kate LOVES animals. She thought the petting zoo was the coolest thing ever. Well, if she could talk I know that's what she would have said. The look on her face as she was chasing around the ducks, chickens, goats and all the other critters was priceless. She made sure to pet every animal in there and I made sure to scrub her hands afterwards.  Family shot.  Our precious girl was

Party Time!

Saturday was the big party! We were up early on Saturday morning to finish set up and final touches but the rain sort of put a hold on things. We enjoyed a quiet morning and once the drizzles stopped we were working full speed ahead! The setup My dad hung the lights in the tent on Friday night, Chris and I hung all the poms on Saturday morning and my mom put all the finishing touches on them. These poms were awesome!! They added so much to the tent. They can be found here. My mom's dear friend Renee flew out from Atlanta on Friday night to join the festivities! Megan and Libby blow drying the chair pads from the morning rain. Just another Saturday morning! ha! Party Time Papa and Mimi Grammy & Grandpa Auntie M In Papa's secret garden The Details  Delicious cake and candy bar The Party Tent Amazing red velvet & cookies and cream cupcakes along with red velvet and cookies and cream cake balls made by Meghan Samsvick at Purely Delectable Flowers by my momma and c


I got tickets to the Ellen show last month and show day was yesterday! My mom, sister and my BFF headed to LA for the day and had so much fun! Lunch and coffee at Farmer's Market.  I love that place. Seriously fun! After lunch we walked a few steps over to the Grove.  Love the shops there. I started a little Christmas shopping & bought myself a fabulous new hair straightener. Mario Lopez was next to us filming EXTRA....he's adorable. My camera died right after this picture was taken! Thank God my bff had her iPhone and was able to snap a couple more memories..  All checked in with our numbers! We had soo much fun at the taping. If you think Ellen dances on her show. Ha. She has nothing on the audience. We were moving every minute except while we were filming. The warm ups before the show were crazy. We were having singing competitions and dancing competitions and laughing hard because you feel like the bigge