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My husband's ghetto fabulous truck is gone!
I am still doing the happy dance!

Chris and I went car shopping this morning.
We went to see what we could trade his truck in for
 along with the mini van that has been in our family for the past 16 years
We didn't get what we wanted so we rushed home and I listed them on

Within 15 minutes of listing the cars, we sold the truck.
It's been an awesome car for Chris, it's always been ghetto in my eyes but it served its purpose
Now that we have a family and my husband wants more kids,
 there is no way we can count on my Jeep to tow us all around town for everything.
The truck finally broke yesterday.

I could have sold the truck 22 times, I got that many people who emailed me right away.
It ended up selling over asking price and we got $600 more than what we thought we would get.
Mind you it's a salvaged vehicle!!
Don't husband is not car-less.
He is driving around town in this hot mini van.
Seriously, he totally pulls it off.

My parents bought this car brand new in 1994.
It only has 89,000 miles on it
This was my first car. I drove it for two years.
We gave it to my grandparents and now it has returned to us.
It has been stored in the garage for the past 15 years
If you know anyone who wants to buy this awesome
shaggin wagon let me know and it's yours!
 $3,000 baby!

This next week should be a very exciting one.
Can't wait to see what car my husband buys!

It's going to get totally detailed tomorrow.
You know you want it...

PS. Don't tell him I put this picture on.
 He would die. He was so embarrassed to take this picture.
Not gonna lie, I'm going to be sad to see this thing go


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