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days 21-30 of thanks

I am thankful for... 21. My family. I have been blessed with an incredible family. My parents, my sister, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins and my in laws are all amazing people and I am so thankful that God put in the family that I'm in. 22. The rain . I am so thankful for the water that falls from the sky. It doesn't happen very often here in So Cal and when it does I always leave our bathroom window open a crack so I can hear it fall during the night. There is nothing more peaceful than the piter patters that the rain brings. 23. Weekends . I am thankful for our "re-fueling" time. We adore the weekends in this house. It's our family time. It's Kate's absolute favorite when her daddy gets her out of bed on a Saturday morning and brings her in our bed for snuggles and toons. 24. Traditions . I am thankful for traditions that we have with my family and traditions that we are creating as our little family. They make the greatest memories. 25. T

Our adventure begins

I am feeling like a bad mom but then again who really follows their child's every footstep? Obviously not me! Let me take you to my heart attack that happened today.. I was sitting on the couch sending an invoice for orders that I received. Kate had just been sitting next to me .2323 seconds before I heard her yell for me and banging on the door. I ran down the hall in panic wondering what room she let herself into when all of a sudden I look in her room and see her hands and face pressed against her closet door. She was stuck. Her closet door is frosted glass and inside her closet are lots of awesome drawers (which I envy!) My darling daughter had closed her closet door and then decided to open the bottom drawer which has her stuffed animals in it.  I pushed as hard as I could and nothing would budge. The only thought that ran through my mind was breaking the glass. I freaked out for a couple reasons. 1. Kate was stuck inside her closet and starting to panic 2. I love that d

Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving came and went and we are still counting our blessings. One of the greatest blessings has been my dad's journey on the cancer coaster. Come to find out it looks like he has had the cancer for years and had no idea. His doctor called him on Friday morning with news that you just can't keep to yourself! My dad is CANCER FREE! The doctor reported that the cancer had started to spread outside of the prostate but he got it all, along with clear margins and clear lymph nodes! He will be going in for more tests in a few weeks, then months and hopefully eventually once a year. My dad is recovering so well and feeling better with each new day. It has been amazing watching him heal! We have been so blessed by such sweet people in our lives and we can't thank you enough for giving your time to our family with your prayers, cards, emails, meals...This truly is what Thanksgiving is all about, it's two words. Thanks Giving. Don't stop giving thanks just because

I got it!

 Kate's face and joy this morning when she saw the Christmas tree all lit up in the living room was priceless. She was running around the house squealing with excitement. It was hard to get a picture of her standing still, that is why all these pictures are blurry. We have already had to move a couple ornaments up a bit higher. This could be a long month! Busted! She got to eat her breakfast by the tree Remember the face I told y'all last night about? The one that is not very nice or pretty? Well, I got a pretty good picture of it this morning. Chris was brushing Kate's hair to the side and she apparently didn't like it so she flashed the look. Man, does it hurt! I don't know where the kid comes up with these things. She knows exactly when to flash it. I also forgot to mention that Kate now knows how to open and close all the doors in the house. Nothing is safe anymore! I need to make a recording of "no no, please don't touch". I also need to lear


No, Your eyes aren't lying. Apparently I was kidding when I said we weren't putting up a Christmas tree this year. Kate has been doing well with my parents tree so Chris has convinced me that she is going to do great with ours also. Mmmm hmmm. I'm scared to death. She was excited beyond words when Chris started to bring in the tree. "ree! reeeee!" She knew exactly what was happening. Kate was daddy's helper until he pulled out the lights. Then it was all over.  There were lots of no nos and please don't touch(s) going on. We got the babe bathed and put to bed and popped in "Christmas Vacation" and poured some egg nog. Chris and I had so much fun pulling out all the ornaments. We have an ornament from every single vacation we have taken together as a married couple. I got so excited about my purse ornament from Nordstroms. I had just said to Chris, "this one is my favorite!" and then.. wham!!! It fell off the tree and shatt

Oh my Kate

Our little one is a character. We can't get over her personality and the little things she does that are absolutely hilarious. Kate is getting bigger, stronger, smarter and cuter as the days fly by. Her new favorite things to do are: * stand on the scale every morning while I get ready and pull out all our bath towels. Awesome. As of this morning she weighs 22.8 pounds. She's small but so mighty and solid. * Run around the house with either laundry or blankets over her head. We try to discourage this but seriously, it's hilarious. Today she grabbed Chris' clean laundry and ran through the house for all of 40 seconds until she ran into the wall.. (sorry about the blurry picture, she was running) Boom! Kate's vocabulary is starting to expand.. Mama, Dada, Papa, baa (ball), doo doo (thank you), yo (hello), ree (tree) We're working on water, kitty and hi right now. It is so amazing teaching Kate and watching her grow. Definitely has to be the most rewarding job o

thankful days 16-20

I am thankful for...  16. Peppermint Mocha's. I am thankful for these because they are a reminder that Christmas is coming. Well also because they are ridiculously delicious and I can't get enough of them. 17. Online shopping. I am thankful for the beauty of online shopping because it means I can sit at home and sip on my peppermint mocha and shop without waiting 30 minutes to find a parking spot and fighting crowds. Not to mention free shipping and promo codes. I'm in love. 18. Insurance. I am thankful that we have great coverage and thankful that my back is getting taken care of two days a week with massage therapy. I will soon be kicking this bad grandma back. 19. Doctors. I am so thankful for the wisdom and help that we receive from doctors. This has been huge for us this week in our family. 20. Encouragement. I will always be thankful for those who are out there to build one another up and encourage others. It is an incredible gift and I have been blessed by

happy birthday, dad!

This was a totally different birthday for my dad but we celebrated the fact that he is alive and well and on the mend! He celebrated by having chicken broth while the rest of the family enjoyed delicious food that dear friends have been bringing over. Dad is feeling better and getting stronger each day. All of his girls have been waiting on him and taking care of his every need. Yesterday he asked if he could have a bell to ring for service. I think he's feeling better! :)  Dad was tired, can you tell? :)  I want to thank each and every one of you who have been praying for him and for us. You are such a blessing to us. There is no better feeling that knowing you are being prayed for and being taken care of by the greatest Physician. Thank you to the Anderson's and Fingal's for bringing dinner over on Saturday and Sunday and to the many more who are bringing meals to them this week. It was such a relief to the family knowing that we didn't have

surgery day

I am so glad that today is here and almost gone! I am totally overwhelmed by the love and support we have been given our dear friends and family. Megan and I got picked up this morning by Sylvia, Wendy and Kym. They drove us to the hospital which was so sweet. We got to spend time with dad while he was in the prep room before surgery. We had fun trying to keep it light and silly. He went into surgery around 2:30 and finished up around 5pm. The surgeon removed the entire prostate and about 15 lymph nodes surrounding it. We should get the pathology report in about a week with the results. Please join us in praying for good news. We need them to be negative. Our amazing friends made the time pass quickly. We had many laughing attacks due to our exhaustion and the below freezing temperature in the waiting area. It sort of felt like we were at camp. We had our circle of chairs with our countless bags, computers, pillows and food in the middle. Could not have gotten through this day without


This has been a really great week. We have been celebrating my dad and enjoying each day. This is a big week for him. His birthday is this weekend and his big surgery is tomorrow. The family went to Disneyland last night to celebrate. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Jazz Kitchen and played around at Disneyland for a bit.                                                   We watched the firework show over the castle which was followed by "snow" falling to "white Christmas". It's magical. I cry every time. Silly sappy me. I don't know what it is but as the snow was falling and the music was playing, all was well in the world. There were no worries, no aches, no cancer, nothing but magic and smiles. As the music faded and the snow stopped falling I listened to the last words of the song.. "may your days be merry and bright.." That is my prayer for each day.. The Castle  Forgot Kate's blanket in the car so

days 11-15 of thanks

I am thankful for.... 11. Our Soldiers. I am so thankful for every man and woman who have gone before us and are out there now fighting for us day in and day out to protect our freedom. They are priceless. 12. Dear friends. I am so thankful for my incredible circle of friends. The ones who have been there through thick and through thin. The ones I may not see for a while but when we catch up it's like we haven't missed a beat. They're pretty awesome. 13. Vacations. I am thankful that we have had the opportunity to do so much traveling and that we have vacations to look forward to. They are a breath of fresh air and we realize that they are a gift. 14. Joy. I am thankful that the Lord has filled my heart with so much joy! My heart is happy and I am thankful that He has protected it and filled it with His goodness! 15. Answered Prayers. I am thankful that I have witnessed so many prayers that we have prayed so long and hard for answered before my very eyes. It i

Date night with dad

Kate and I had a date with Papa last night. Chris was lobster diving, Megan was with friends and momma is in New York. We both needed company so we went out and had so much fun at dinner. We went to the Lazy Dog which is always fun. Kate thought it was totally cool, she loved the lights and the doggies that were outside. She also chowed down her mac and cheese and french fries. I think she ate more than we did! She is becoming quite attached to her Papa and now walks around the house chanting his name. I'm feeling low on the totem pole these days because she only says my name once a month. What is up with that?! Thanks dad for a great date night! We are enjoying everyday together as he is getting ready to have his big surgery in 6 days and will be laying low for quite some time to recover. Please keep praying for him!


Kate came down with her first cold this past week. It was heartbreaking. She was so stuffed up and her eyes were so swollen and watery. It made her extra snugly and sweet which made for some great mornings lounging in our bed and watching toons. I knew she was sick when I made her all her favorite foods to eat and she hardly touched them. My girl never misses a meal. Kate was so sweet and shared her cold with me. I got it the worst out of the family. Go figure. Taking care of a sick baby while you're sick is interesting to say the least. Kate was sweet and brought me all the dish towels one by one while I laid on the couch for all of 7 minutes. At least she was thoughtful and put 3 of the 17 back. We're hoping this nasty cold was just from the crazy weather changes we're having here in So Cal and the lovely Santa Ana winds. Stay healthy out there friends. Take your vitamins!

days 5-10 of thanks

I am thankful for: 6. Memories. I am thankful that the past is preserved with sweet memories that no one can ever take away. I have memories that will last a lifetime. They are precious and I'm so thankful to have them. 7. Provisions. I am thankful that I have never had to worry about where my next meal will come from or if I would have a roof over my head when I lay down at night or had to worry how I would stay warm in the winter. Many people don't have this simple blessing which breaks my heart. 8. The Internet. I am thankful for this little tool that the majority of us in the United States get to log onto each day. I am able to stay in contact with friends and able to reach the world with the help of my Toshiba laptop and Internet explorer. It's a beautiful thing. 9. Selfless People. I am thankful for those who put others before themselves. They are hard to find in today's world and are an absolute treasure when you find them. I am blessed to have several of

Warm up

Our weekend was awesome. It was relaxing, productive and just what everyone needed. Kate actually slept in on Sunday, even with the time change. The kid is a dream, I'm telling you. We packed up and headed over to mom and dad's house for waffles in our jammies and watched a slide show of the pictures we had taken on Saturday night. We lounged the rest of the day while Chris and dad put up Christmas lights. Yes, you read that right...Christmas lights. It's so embarrassing but my dad has a good excuse. Surgery is next week and he wanted to have them up before he is on bed rest. Momma and I went and did our grocery shopping at Sprouts and got a call from grandma and grandpa while we were there asking if they could come up and see Kate. [side note: once you make your grandparents, great grandparents, it's all about the great grand kids.] We went home and made homemade chicken noodle soup, cheese bread and salad and enjoyed the greatest evening with the family gathere

family photo shoot

My oh so talented friend Heidi came and shot some family pictures for us this past Saturday. We all had so much fun playing around on the grass area outside our backyard.  little shorty  run away!  miss. happy go lucky  My love. My best friend. My everything. I had a hard time being serious Kate was so over taking pictures his mini me  weee! I have tons of amazing photos from this shoot and I'm still not sure if I'm going to do Christmas cards this year. I have a pretty awesome home made design in mind if I can find some time to sit down and make them. We shall have to wait and see. Until then, this is all you get to see for now!

first 5 days of thanks

I am thankful for... 1. Jesus! I am so thankful for His love and mercy towards me. I am one undeserving girl. 2. The United States of America. I am so thankful to live in this great nation, so blessed to call it home. 3. My cozy bed. I am thankful to crawl into my marshmallow bed after a long day. 4. My business. I am thankful to be able to stay at home and raise our children while having a little home business that doesn't take away any of my time with Kate. 5. Health. I am incredibly thankful that my family is healthy. I have read some devastating stories recently and it makes you realize the things we take for granted. What are you thankful for?

Kate and Ava

Kate and I went and met Rachel and Ava at Irvine Park this morning. The girls are only 10 days apart (Ava is older) which is so fun. Chris and I did Lamaze class with Mark and Rach which was hilarious. They are so fun and it is SO neat having girls just days apart! This morning we rode the train around the park, visited the ponies and ducks and took the girls to the swings. Loved our time together and can't wait to have another play date soon! Umm, how adorable are they? "Are you serious, Ava??"    such sweet girls   Little Beauty! Love you Rach! So blessed to have you guys in our life!

My little eye candy

I honestly can't get enough of this girl. She is so delicious and I could not be more proud to call her mine. My girlfriend Heidi came to our house this afternoon for a quick photo shoot and I am totally blown away by her talents. Not only did she shoot these pictures, she also made the adorable Mrs. Clause tutu and hat that Kate is wearing. This girl is amazing! I've mentioned her several times on here and I will continue to do so to share her gorgeous work.  Check out her shop . Ahhh I am in love !!!  How yummy is this organic headband?  Kate didn't even know she was wearing it because it's so cozy!