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Remember when I started this blog I told you it would be the good, the bad and the ugly.
Nothing but the honest truth here baby.
This is ugly.
There has been nothing pretty about this week, so far.
It's only Tuesday so there's still hope.
I'm not one to be down and droopy or negative
 BUT this week has sucked.

It's only been two days but this might be a long winded post so sit tight and grab a cup of cocoa..

Monday morning....
Kate was up at 6am and didn't go back to sleep.-bad- I'm used to her getting up for the day around 7:30 or so. We had a nice morning and got ready to head to Bible study to be with some of my favorite girls! Everything was great, we got packed up with our goodies and were on our way. By the time I pulled out of neighborhood and stopped at the stop sign my cat shut down. Bam! Dead!
This little cutie died on me!
I was trying to stay calm and tried and tried to get it going again but it wouldn't budge. So, I called my husband. I did what he said and sat with my foot on the gas for a couple minutes and put the car in reverse to try to get to the side of the road. That all worked except we ended up in the middle of the street and cars were coming right at us. I was hysterical, crying like a baby on the phone. Precious Kate sat in her car seat so calm with the sweetest look on her face. She was happy eating her cheerios while I was having a panic attack, sure we were going to get hit.
I finally got the car to go once again and at this point I was determined to get us to the car shop. We were cruising down the road and once we came to the signal my car once again shut down and died. This time we were on a very busy road and cars were coming left and right. I had my hazard lights on and kept waving people to pass us. What really upset me was how incredibly rude people were to me. They were honking and getting frustrated. Yeah, like I chose to have my car die right there! My main concern was Kate and our safety. I called my momma and she sped over to get us. I called AAA for a tow truck and that was the greatest blessing. The woman who picked up was the sweetest Christian lady. She was able to calm be down, asked if I wanted a police officer to come and keep Kate and I safe until the tow truck came. She put a rush on our order since I had our baby in the car. The tow truck was there in 15 minutes.
Momma came to get Kate out of the car and just as she started to pick her up she tweaked her back and threw it out big time.
(to make a long story a bit shorter....)
We got the Jeep to the shop and I took momma to the chiropractor. It didn't help, she is still in bed and can hardly move. I feel horrible.

 I had to go back to the dentist this morning to have a temporary crown put on. I was just there last Wednesday for a root canal. Talk about painful! I got home and realized that the temporary they put on doesn't fit right. It's driving me crazy but I'm not about to go back to that office since I'm going again in two weeks for the crown. Yes, I'm stubborn. Thanks dad.
Tonight I was cooking dinner (post to come soon) and just as my husband walked in the door I noticed smoke coming from the stove. 5 seconds later our oven was up in flames. I am not kidding. The whole oven was on fire. I was sure our house was going to burn down. Dramatic? But seriously it was something I never want to experience again. I made home made french fries and the olive oil ran over and caught fire. BAD BAD BAD BAD! My calm husband came to the rescue again and we got it out. Our house is still standing, praise the Lord!

Oh! And then today, Kate decided to get herself tangled up in the end table with her foot somehow stuck under the couch. Yes, I had to stop and take a picture because at this point I was laughing.
The upside to our two days?
Going to look at Christmas lights tonight and coming home to drown my stress in ice cream.

I told you this was going to be a long and exciting post.
Looking back at all that has happened in the last 36 hours, I am exhausted but I am thankful.
It could have been a lot worse. We could have gotten hit, instead we just have a nice big bill to pay for repairs. I could have no teeth at all, instead I just have one with a minor problem. Our house could have caught fire, instead it just smells like burnt oil.
Out of all this ugliness, there is beauty and that is the reminder that the Lord is holding us in the palm of His hand. I am so grateful. With the bills adding up left and right and pain in my body and a list of things to do, my heart is at peace. I asked the Lord to stretch me and grow me..boy is He ever! Be careful what you ask for! He just might give it to you! It has been an ugly two days but I am right where I need to be.Learning God's mercy and Grace daily and continuing to trust in Him alone...
Three more days. I think I can make it!


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