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Quarter of a Century

I just celebrated turning 'a quarter of a century' old. Let me take you back to that January day 25 years ago.. I was born on the day the space shuttle blew up. My poor mom. As if labor wasn't stressful enough, she watched the space shuttle blow to pieces hours before giving birth. My birth was not an easy one (so I hear). I was born via emergency c-section with no heart rate and my mom's life was also endangered. By God's sweet grace, we both made it through. My momma is an incredible woman. So strong and courageous. After having my own child I have come to believe that birthdays should be about the mom. All that it takes to get a little one here and that birth day takes everything that's within you to make it through. Can I get an amen from all my mom friends? I love you momma. Thank you for all you have ever done for me, your love and devotion towards me has shaped me into the woman I am today. And really, can you believe your baby is 25? I can't. So

Come on down!!!!

Ok, so I got more tickets sent to me last month. This time they were for "The Price is Right". I took them and was excited because I used to watch the show all the time with my Pops. It was one of his favorite shows. I would also stay home sick from school when I was little to watch Bob Barker and all the crazy people spin the wheel.  I took three hot friends who are fun. We loaded up in the Edge and had lunch at Farmer's Market and walked over to CBS Studios. The whole process from when we stepped foot onto the studio to getting our seats inside took 4 hours. We checked in and waited for our number to be called to stand in another line. Once we were in line we filled out a little form and got our name tags. I was stoked about my yellow name tag. That's all I wanted out of the show and yes, that is all I got! ha. We got our picture taken as a group and then we waited for interviews. They take 15 or so people at a time and a guy goes down the line and says "Hi

Mr. Ducky

I don't have much time tonight but I wanted to post a couple sweet pictures that were taken this weekend. Kate was sick all week and after being couped up in the house for a couple days we finally broke out yesterday and went to feed the ducks. Kate loved feeding them eating the bread that we brought to feed the ducks. She was so amused watching them come right up to her feet.  The ducks are nice if you have food, if you don't then they come chasing after you. I know this because it has happened several times to me. I am the one running for my life from a pathetic duck while my husband hides behind a tree because he doesn't want to be linked to the crazy blond.  Don't worry. We didn't have that problem yesterday.  We brought plenty of bread.  Ahh, it was another gorgeous weekend here in So Cal. I got a tan.  Well maybe not a full on tan but I have tan lines y'all. Have a beautiful week! Make the most of everyday and be joyful! 

Project #1 - DONE

Sometimes I think my husband is superman. This is what his closet looked like on Sunday morning.. He tore out the old hang bars along with the one piece of lame wood that was the shelf. He patched the wall where the old shelf was, scraped the popcorn ceiling and tore out the molding. Kate and I took a trip to Home Depot on Monday afternoon to pick up the last of the supplies. I took off my apron and traded it for a tool belt and textured the ceiling and walls and primed while she napped. I also threw out all these chunky hangers took a quick trip to costco and bought these heavenly hangers! 50 for $15, best deal out there....I bought two boxes! brand new closet! fresh paint and moldings.. 4 shelves, 4 drawers and space for a space saver basket Doubled the hang space! 2 bars plus a shelf that runs along the top that will have wicker baskets for storage This will be perfect for another kiddo one day! Until then my husband has filled it up quite well He has a ton of clothes

Story Time..

Rach and I took the girls to story time at the library this morning... SO fun! I couldn't believe how many toddlers, mommas, daddy's and grandmas there were. The girls had fun dancing and pretending to listen to the stories. Kate wanted to play with all the kids around her and dance. They'll catch on soon enough.. After story time the girls colored ate crayons. They will learn how to color pretty in due time.   I finally got to see the beautiful quilt that my aunt made for the children's center in the library Amazing! I got my first library card. Well first one since I was 12. I thought that was pretty cool! Kate had a blast picking out her books for the week more like for the month! We picked out 3 and will read them before our next story time date next week I love having a baby who adores books. I am so not a book worm but am making it a priority for our children.  All the stories, books, dancing and crayon eating wore Kate out.  Can't wa

He gave..

As husband donated blood today. We didn't get to find out who his previous donations went to today because he was the last "patient" of the day and most of the employees had already left.  I am so proud of this man. He gives 110% of himself daily to his girls and is so selfless when it comes to others. I am so proud and so thankful to call him mine. And come one, is he sexy or what?! Even when he is silly and trying to make this picture look gross. Ahh! Sweet Jesus, I'm in love! Have you made appointment to donate and save a life yet?!

Recent Happenings..

Kate and I have been all over town this past week. Last Friday we went to grandama and grandpas house to spend time with them and help out with things around the house. We love our time with them. They have got to be two of the most precious souls that the Lord ever created. We enjoyed lunch in their beautiful backyard and Kate relaxed on the swing with her great papa.  He showed Kate his juggling skills.  She is the best ball retriever ever.  Kate gave her GG lots of loves as she isn't feeling well these days.  Kate and I had lunch at Mimi's with a couple dear friends on Saturday while Chris took the GMAT. (more on that later)  We met up with my Lo Lo, Leslie, Leah and Sophia...  Too bad I forgot to take pictures of us!  Kate and So So Too cute.  We've been spending lots of time outside the past week.  It's been 80+ degrees here in So Cal.  Loving the sunshine on my face, fresh air blowing through the open windows and birds singing.  Kate is loving being outd