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Don't call me.

I don't like to use the word hate, but I really hate telemarketers. They love to call when the baby is napping which usually wakes her up or right when we sit down to eat dinner. Never once have I ever used a company because they called my house. They're annoying and I don't want anything to do with them. {side note: they do have a tough job so I give them credit & am never rude to them} My dreams came true in February when I registered our number on the   DO NOT CALL LIST . All you have to do is click on the link and register your number. Give it 31 days to kick in and you're golden. Did you know that once you are registered and the 31 days have passed that it's illegal for companies to call and bug you? All you have to do if they call is tell them that you're on the do not call list and they will hang up before you can push the off button. If you report a company calling when you're on the DNC list then they get slapped with a not so nice fine. I

Momma and Devil Dogs

My mom celebrated her 52nd 35th birthday on Easter. We celebrated a couple days early and I wanted to make her birthday dessert something out of the ordinary. Everyone has cake on their birthday, not in this house! I was racking my brain to come up with something different, new and delicious. I found the perfect dessert for the ultimate dessert lover. Devil Dogs by the Pioneer Woman who by the way is getting her own show on Food Network! Pretty awesome! All homemade from scratch! A labor of love but so worth it!  homemade butter cream frosting.  hello beautiful  Happy Birthday Momma!

Spring Boutique

 My mom and I are hosting a Spring Boutique THIS coming Saturday at their home in Orange. I'm really excited about it. I am just one of the many vendors who will be there. It's a perfect time to come out and shop for Mother's Day! There will be tons of items great for mom with two different jewelry lines; Cookie Lee and Stella and Dot. Salad Blessings will be there, the best salad dressing/dipping sauce I've ever had. All homemade and natural. Baked goods by Purely Delectable will be there! Dana Grogger Designs which will have darling note cards, gift tags etc. Golino Interiors which will have canvas designs- really cool! Herb arrangements which make great gifts! And if you're in the market for the mom to be or have a baby shower to go to or just love buying baby items then you're going to hit the jackpot. My shop will be featuring tons of rhinestone pacifiers, pacifier clips, burp cloth sets, tag blankies, tons of shoes, hair clips, headbands, bathing suits and

Easter 2011

It has been one blessed week. We've been soaking in our time as a family. Spending our afternoons by the pool and playing with friends. Working on the house and doing little projects here and there. Shopping for our summer vacations. Enjoying grilling out in the backyard and SO much more. BUT nothing compares to what we celebrated this weekend. My heart always becomes heavy on Good Friday. The thought of Jesus dying for me is overwhelming. Being nailed to a cross with a crown on thorns drilled into his head and hanging next to sinners when He was sinless. It is hard to comprehend and it won't all make sense until the day we meet face to face. I am so thankful for that day. There is hope because three days later, he rose from the dead. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Thank you Lord!  So, we celebrated with our closest friends and family on Sunday morning over brunch. It was probably one of my favorite Easters even though we were all inside and cozy due to the rain.

I am complete again.

We survived another tax season and are finally back together as a family! It is wonderful having my husband home at 5pm, enjoying a family dinner at a normal time and playing outside until the sun goes down. It thrills me to see him so happy and absolutely melts my heart watching Kate with her dada. She has not let him out of her sight. This season has made my appreciation for my man grow even more. He worked 80+ hour weeks, had 2 days off in 2 months and did not complain once . I learned a lot from him and his attitude. He was just doing his job and serving his family. But not only did he work his butt off and serve his family, he did it well. There is a lot to be said for that. If I could, I would marry this man over and over, day after day. I am so thankful that he is mine and I am his.  -marry me, today and every day- .. I am so happy with you by my side..    Love you baby. Thank you for all you do for your girls. Your love, support and encouragement have made my life s

A little party and a whole lot of eggs

My girlfriend Rachel, aka Martha Stewart threw an Easter party for our moms group. It was the cutest little party with the sweetest kids I've ever seen. Detail galore and so much love went into it.. all the bags for the egg hunt all of the littles decorating eggs and waiting for lunch Check out their lunch plates... Easter pasta, butterfly turkey sandwiches, watermelon & celery flowers & veggie sticks delicious chicken salad for the mommas   Hunting for eggs. She was on a mission. Sweet Ellie put all her eggs in Kate's basket. They were hilarious to watch. taking a break to eat a mini cupcake.  party favors. An adorable bunny cupcake.  We had so much fun with our sweet friends. What a great way to kick off Easter week. Of course we know that Easter isn't about eggs and such but it sure is fun to watch a little life run around and gather them. Oh and her surprise when she found food inside! Everyda

Ok, Lord. You can come now.

I think my life is complete. Tonight I experienced bliss in a waffle. I had no idea that this place existed until last night when my sister tweeted a picture of a s'mores waffle and a killer milkshake. I was laying in bed and instantly looked this place up on my iTouch and became a fan on facebook and told my husband that I was going there tomorrow. There is nothing that comes between me and food. Ask my man. Tonight the momma and I drove to Old Town Orange and got in line and waited to order. It wasn't a hard decision for me only because I had my heart set on the s'mores waffle and the mint chocolate shake. BUT now that I've had a taste, I have to go back and try everything. The mastermind behind all the recipes, genius! A little bit of everything.. from fried chicken waffles to creme brulee and berries waffle     The line. This was a light line compared to lunch and dinner time.. Our o