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Back where I belong...

Last Wednesday we flew out to Nashville, Tennessee for my oldest cousins wedding. We had been counting down the days because 1. Justin has found the love of his life and is getting married!!! and 2. because the wedding was in Tennessee and y'all KNOW how we love it there.

The first thing we did when we arrived was drive straight to Cracker Barrel. I did a little shopping in the gift shop there and enjoyed a fab breakfast for lunch. We then headed to the family house and kicked back awhile before we headed to Cancun for dinner. It is hands down the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. That says a lot for living in So Cal. I devoured the cheese dipping sauce that they bring you for the chips. After dinner we headed over to the Loveless Barn for "Music City Roots". It's a live radio show and podcast that goes down in the barn with different artists every week. It was SO much fun. Total family style and Kate stole the show. She danced and danced and danced some more until she finally danced her diaper off. She was dancing with a little boy and tripped over something. I realized it was her diaper and ran up to rescue her and laughed hysterically all the way back down the isle. Something I will never forget.
 Thursday morning we were up and at 'em! Breakfast was at the Pancake Pantry. Another favorite that we visit each year. Kate was especially a fan of her m&m pancakes!
 the best french toast EVER..
We spent the afternoon in Franklin which just so happens to be our favorite town in Tennessee. It is such a charming city and it is also the home to the best fruit tea I've ever had! We made a quick stop to HRH Dumplings for fruit tea, clover rolls and a slice of the cake of the day. Everything is homemade and out of this world!
We went by the Factory in Franklin for a little shopping and homemade ice cream.
Can you tell that we like love food?
We lounged by the pool and the guys played horseshoes the rest of the day while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. It was such a great night! Stephanie flew in from Germany and grandma and grandpa along with steve, jamie and jen arrived right before the big dinner that John and Linda hosted in their backyard.

 Justin (the groom) and grandma!

grandpa and brandon
And our visit would not be complete without a trip to the local firework stand and blowing them that's what the boys did after dinner that night...
Friday morning we made the trek to Dickson County to the 'Beacon Light Tea Room' for breakfast. It's sort of in the middle of nowhere and is that awesome restaurant where you can shop from your chair. Everything on the wall is for sale. It was a little different this year but I did buy a couple little treasures. When we were finishing breakfast we realized that they are closed on Fridays until dinner and opened just for us because we had called the day ahead. Talk about southern hospitality! We were totally blown away! And, I did experience the best biscuit (more like 10) of my life there!!!
The boys went kayaking down the harpeth river that afternoon and the girls went out for a little afternoon treat at the Loveless before we headed out to the rehearsal dinner.

-homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge pie, homemade banana pudding-
Dinner was at Blackstone Brewery that night... Us girls toasted with our Shirley temples...
Saturday....WEDDING DAY! 
We enjoyed another fabulous southern breakfast at the Loveless Cafe
then the girls went for a drive into Franklin.
More fruit and driving through wide open spaces..

Can you tell how happy I am there?
 We came back to get ready for the wedding but before we did that we had to get our infamous picture on the swing.

We drove about 45 minutes to a little town in Ashland, Tennessee to the wedding site, Front Porch Farms. It's hands down one of the most beautiful pieces of property I have ever been on. 80+ acres of pure beauty..

getting the flower girl ready..


she took her job very seriously..
the gorgeous ceremony location...


Kate doin' her thing as the flower girl!
The wedding looked and felt like it was some sort of fairytale. It was a classy southern wedding. One of the most beautiful ones I've been to and we were thrilled to have Kate part of it. She did an awesome job as the flower girl! She walked down the isle perfectly and stood by the girls and then dumped all her flowers out once she was up there. Classic. Dinner was catered by "Nashville's Best Butts" Fabulous southern bbq style food. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. It was amazing. The owner of the farm is the PR director to a ton of today's hot country artists, including Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton who celebrated their engagement party there. My favorite part was during the reception looking out in the pitch black hills that were being lit up by fireflies.

We wrapped up our trip with one last breakfast at the Loveless on Sunday and took a couple more pictures..

It was a wonderful trip. I fall in love a little more each time we go back and I think it's safe to say that I've left my heart in Tennessee. We will be back but not soon enough. It was more than wonderful spending time with family who we haven't seen in a while and spending the evenings out in the backyard by the pool with fireflies in the background.

I mean really, it doesn't' get better than that..

Congrats Justin and Becky! We are so happy for you and were thrilled to be part of your gorgeous day!


What a fun week it looks like you guys had! My sister lives outside of Dickson... didn't you get a kick out of that "town"? Such a far cry from OC for sure. 'Beacon Light Tea Room' Is on my list to visit next time! Last time my sister took my brother and I to a Amish bakery/store just outside of Dickson (closest store to them) and we got some of the most amazing home made breads, [real] wild honey & goodies! Oh, how i miss those little things!!!

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