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30 weeks

Weeks: 30 Cravings: I love everything. Food Aversions: None! Heartbeat: high 150's Gender : precious baby BOY! Extras: Hard to believe I only have 7-10 weeks left of baby boy living in my tummy! SO much to do! The nursery is painted and should be complete within the next couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to start washing all his sweet clothes, blankets and such in a few weeks! I wasn't able to make my DRs appointment last week due to the passing of my grandpa but I'm looking forward to going this coming week to see how big Will is getting. I'm up 19 pounds, lost a couple this week due to stress..not sure that's a good thing but I know I'll be up 20+ in no time. I was completely blessed this past week by my Bible study girls who threw Will and I a beautiful shower. He is just as loved as his big sister already! Lots on my to-do list in these next couple of weeks. Will and I have lots of growing to do! Our little guy is now the size of squash and we

Belly Pic Friday!

10 weeks or less to go!!!

words on a page.

I'm not sure I have the words or if anything will make sense but I just needed some time to sit and write. My world turned upside down on Tuesday, November 22nd at 12:11 when I received a phone call. A phone call that I have been so fearful of my entire life. I was walking down Main Street USA with one of my best friends, my baby girl and her best friend. We were leaving Disneyland after a great day. My phone rang and it was the owner of my grandma's in home care company. She asked where my mom was and I asked if everything was ok. She told me that no, things are not fine and it's my grandpa. Panic started to set in as I asked what was wrong with him. She so calmly told me that he has had a massive heart attack and they needed my mom asap. I made a few phone calls, found my mom and was on my way down to get to my grandpa.  As we were driving down we were told that he no longer had a pulse. I began to pray and ask God to give him a pulse, I began to beg Him for more time,

My cup overflows

I'm in a Bible study that meets every Monday morning at a friends house, we've been meeting for 3+ years and it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. It's a group filled with women from the ripe age of 20 to 80+, the wisdom that flows and the joy that is amongst us is a gift in itself. They are the kind of friends you can call anytime of the day, no matter what. They know my strong points, my weaknesses, my greatest joys and always know exactly when I need a little encouragement.  This morning I was blessed beyond what I deserve and my heart is still rejoicing over the gift that today was. They threw Will and I the most beautiful baby shower. The words and verses that were prayed over baby Will were enough to keep the tears flowing. I was completely overwhelmed, I started crying before anyone even started sharing! The gifts were so generous and so much appreciated.  I cannot tell you how excited we are to meet this precious bundle in just two short months. Havi

A little crazy these days.

             We currently have no master closet.   We tore out the old one {finally} and have started the remodel.  Our 3rd and final closet. Can I get a hallelujah? Amen! As if getting dressed at 30 weeks pregnant isn't challenging enough, I am living out of bags. Hopefully just for a week! {sneak peak at the new nursery color} As you can see from the picture above, the nursery is painted! A new color and freshly painted moldings. All of the finishing touches and deep cleaning will happen once my clothes are moved out.                Kate's room is complete! I'm still in search of a couple more things for the walls. Soon we will all be in our own closets and our house will be complete. Yes, complete. There are no more big projects on our list. A.M.E.N.  So, if I look a little frazzled this week you now know why. I'm also going to admit that I'll most likely be in the same pair of jeans all week because

A month long of thanksgivings..

 We are thankful for.. November 16th . The gift of being able to stay home and raise our children -Nikki November 17th. My big girl bed -Kate November 18th. Time with my family, I live for the weekends. -Chris November 19th. The Lord's healing hand upon my dad. A year ago today he had surgery to remove prostate cancer and today he is free and clear of the awful disease! Thank you Lord! -Nikki November 20th . Goodnight book (she is hooked on the books "Goodnight Moon and Good night Gorilla right now) -Kate

Living life in the frugal lane.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "your life is like a fairytale" or "gosh, it would be nice to have your life" and so on and so on. Very sweet and yes, I will be the first one to say that life is good BUT I think y'all would be amazed if you knew the budget that we live on. Chris and I have always been savers, we were raised that way. We are {almost} a family of 4, living off of one income in Orange County, California where the cost of living seems to be rising daily! The majority of our income goes towards our mortgage, homeowners association, utilities, groceries, gas, insurance, a car payment and home remodel type things. The rest gets put into savings in hopes of a bigger house in the near future. The only debt we have is our home and one car which will be paid off soon. Chris and I live by the saying, "if we can't pay cash for it, we won't buy it." We both like nice things but aren't willing to put ourselves into de