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Our Kate.

It's been a while since I've blogged about our girl. She's 25 months young, going on 12. The kid has the most hilarious personality ever. She's stubborn (wonder where she got that from), strong willed, independent and has the sweetest, most tender heart. Kate transitioned into her big girl room a couple of weeks ago and we haven't looked back since. One day she decided that she wanted to take a nap in there and that was it. Chris and I made the decision right then and there that we would not be putting her back in the crib. I had been dragging my feet on moving her. I wasn't ready for my baby girl, our first born to be done with her crib and her sweet nursery. I cried the first night she slept in her new room. I sat next to her as she was sleeping and rubbed her cheeks and cried some more. {give me a break, I'm pregnant} She looks so tiny in the twin bed but she loves it and does not get out of bed unless she calls for us and asks to get up or else we go in and get her. Speaking of her big girl room, I will be posting pictures soon. It's almost all done! I absolutely LOVE it and so does Kate so that's even better.

Kate is now in the 99% for height and 65% for weight. She knows how to count to 12 and is catching on with her ABCs. She can look at the letters and tell you what most of them are. My personal favorite is listening to her try to sing the song. I HAVE got to get it on video. Hilarious. She knows all of the colors and most of the shapes. She can even draw a circle! Saying that she loves books is an understatement. The kid is a bookworm! {she did not get that from me}. We call her Olivia as she requests book after book before nap and bedtime. (side-note: Olivia is a show on Nick Jr. that she adores, it's about a pig and she too loves books) She does not like to be referred to as a baby or a princess or anything other than "Kate". She almost knows how to spell her name and if you ask her what her name is her response is "Kate Anrew". So stinking cute! She's a little bossy these days and we're working on sharing and being a nice friend. We keep reminding ourselves to give her some grace since she is only 2 but we're working hard at laying a solid foundation with being consistent and teaching her to do the right thing, always. Being a parent is no picnic. I can only imagine that challenges that lay before us but we'll take each one as they come and continue to pray through each struggle and decision that comes our way.

It's very evident that our baby girl is no longer a baby. As sad as that makes me, I can't help but smile when I look at her and the little girl that she is rapidly blossoming into. She said goodbye to her beloved pacifier a couple months ago, finally said goodbye to the bottle and now we're getting ready to potty train in the next couple of weeks. Hard to believe how fast this is going. I'm trying to soak it all in and savor her sweet little baby face because I know that too will be gone too soon as she continues to grow so big so fast.

Our girl is very excited about her baby brother who is on the way. Every morning she gets in bed with me and kisses my belly and says "hi baby Will" and rubs it. She is so loving and I'm telling you right now that I am going to lose it when I see her hold him for the first time! I think of that moment and tears fill my eyes. I'm not sure she really knows what's going to happen but seeing the joy and love that fills her face when she sees a baby is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She's already practicing sharing with him, she'll bring a "baby" toy over and lift up my shirt and put it under and say, "go baby Will". Translation: Here you go baby Will. Her little world is about to change big time but I think she's ready.

Love you Kate Marie.
So proud of the little lady you are becoming.
Being your mommy is an absolute joy and one of the greatest honors.
Thank you sweet Jesus, for this precious blessing.


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