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35 weeks

Weeks: 35 Cravings: Chocolate. Chocolate. Did I mention that I'm eating every piece of chocolate in sight? Food Aversions: None! Heartbeat: high 140's Gender : precious baby BOY! Extras: I think it's safe to say that we're like 85% ready for this little guy. We are pretty much physically ready for him as far as his room being ready, all the clothes and accessories are washed, his moses basket is set up, the swing has been washed and is ready, the diaper bag is packed...that other 15% is me not being mentally prepared. The thought of having a newborn and a very busy 2 year old is daunting at times but I know it will end up being great. We already took the big leap of going from 0 kids to 1, so what's another one? I wish I could say that I'm feeling great but truth is, I feel like a fat pig who waddles around. I love being pregnant but I think the cuteness of having a belly has worn off and I'm over all of my maternity clothes. My mom said it best l

Belly Pic Friday!

Christmas Twenty Eleven

This Christmas was a little different than any other Christmas but it was blessed nonetheless. It was my first Christmas Eve not spent at my grandparents house along with the rest of my family. We spent the evening at Mr. Stox {a family favorite restaurant} and enjoyed a delicious dinner and made lots of memories around that table!  Christmas Eve We spent the night at my parents house like every year on Christmas Eve and woke to a beautiful morning.  75 degrees and sunny I might add! Kate was thrilled to see that Santa came during the night!  The tree was overflowing with gifts.. So much love was shared. The girls in our new jammies {yes, I realize I look like a big blown up Minnie Mouse} .four generations. We matched and didn't even plan it My blue eyed babe We missed sharing this beautiful time of year without grandpa. It just wasn't the same but we kept picturing him celebrating with Jesus and all of our other loved ones who have gone before us and then everyt
Merry Christmas from my little family to yours! Praying that you enjoy this sweet season and soak up time with the ones you love. It will be an extra special time for our family as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and rejoice knowing that my dear Grandma Parker and precious Grandpa Marshall get to celebrate their first Christmas in Heaven with the King Himself. The Lord has been so good to bring comfort to our hurting hearts and we praise Him for sending His Son to this earth to save us and wash away each one of our sins.  No Christmas card for us this year but be looking for a birth announcement for our baby boy in the new year.. Sweet Blessings From my family to yours... Hugs!- Nikki

Maternity Shoot

I am so happy with how our maternity pictures turned out. They were taken on a cold December afternoon and our girl was being a rebel and didn't want to be in any family pictures but I love that shots that we got. They are sweet, silly, filled with joy and lots of laughter. I think they represent my family well... Can hardly wait to meet you sweet William! Just a few more weeks!!

Where in the world are we going?

We have claimed and booked our trip of the day prize and are headed to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We thought the winnings included two tickets anywhere in the world plus tickets and accommodations in Cabo. Come to find out it's all of the above minus the tickets to Cabo so that's where we picked to use our two free tickets. Taking advantage of an all expense paid for trip! We did decide to upgrade and splurge on the all inclusive package which includes all of our meals, drinks and activities which we get to use at multiple resorts! Can't tell you how excited we are for this trip even though it's 8 months away. This is a great incentive to get in shape after our precious boy arrives! Although I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle 5 days away from my babies but we'll cross that road when we get to it. We are so thankful for this trip to look forward to!   Thank you to my sweet husband for winning and planning the entire trip! What a treat!