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Oh Happy Day!

Will and I are almost exactly 26 years apart, off by a week! I just had my "happy day" as Kate calls birthdays and enjoyed a quiet day at home with my man and kids. I was greeted with breakfast in bed and enjoyed my chocolate chip pancakes while snuggling my baby boy, we spent the morning in the backyard sipping on a carmel frap with extra carmel while playing bubbles and soaking up the sunshine, I snuck out to Target for a bit in the afternoon and did some grocery shopping and had an awesome evening with our parents up for an incredible dinner put on by my husband. He planned the whole thing and made me feel so special. Each year keeps on getting better, my heart continues to grow and overflow with joy and so much love. Oh yes, it's going to be a great year! the best present ever my joys Life is good!

Announcing the arrival of our son

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our son, William Allan Marshall Andrews! His arrival: We got to the hospital around 7am on Saturday, January 21st. It was so crazy driving to the hospital knowing that when we returned home there would be two little ones in the back seat and we would be a family of four. I held my belly all the way with tears in my eyes as I felt Will's last kicks inside my belly. It was such a surreal moment. Once we got checked in and admitted they checked me and I was at a 3 and 80% effaced. A couple hours into labor my doctor came in and broke my water to speed things up. That has got to be one of the oddest feelings ever and I'm so thankful it happened in the hospital and no where else! The contractions really started to get intense so I ordered the epidural about 40 minutes after my water breaking. I had a much better experience this time around! One try and it was done! My doctor checked me around noon and I was still at a 3 and 80% effaced a

Belly Pic Friday!

I think I'm about to POP

belly comparisons


38 weeks

Weeks: 38 Cravings: Red Lobster. I have to go before I pop this kid out. Food Aversions: none. Heartbeat: high 140's Gender : precious baby BOY! Extras: I've been slacking updating the blog and what's going on with baby boy! Hard to believe that he can come at any time. I've had a couple of false alarms this past week. I'm not the pregnant lady who calls the doctor every time I think I'm going into labor, thank God for google and friends who have experience with going into labor on their own to help get me through this waiting time. We are finally totally ready for our little man! Our bags are packed, the car seats are installed, everything has been bought, cleaned and is prepared to welcome Will into the world. Y'all will be happy to hear that my hair and nails have been done, I was even able to sneek in a little extra massage! He needs to come so I can stop shopping and cleaning! It's seriously out of control! I have two meals planned to make

A peek inside my soul

So, here we are. Two weeks away from Will's due date and I will bet money that he will be here before then. So many things going through my mind like wondering if the contractions that I get almost daily are going to turn into the real thing or if my water is just going to randomly break and give me a heart attack. I selfishly have a list of things that I want to do/get done before he arrives and find myself quickly checking them off. The house is set, everything has been cleaned, polished, washed and cleaned again. We have everything in place for Will and have Kate set for her time away from us while we're in the hospital. I've felt like I've had a cloud hanging over my head these past few months as we anticipate his arrival. A cloud of fear and anxiety. Fear that I am not going to handle the great task of being a mom of two young ones well, fear that Kate is going to feel pushed aside for all the demands that a newborn brings, fear of labor and delivery and the pain

To Do List- December

I've been busy... House & more... Have rugs cleaned Clean living room window coverings Clean kitchen window coverings Scrub baseboards/touch up with fresh paint Clean out "baby" cabinet in kitchen Scrub kitchen cabinets Buy new drapes for kitchen slider Clean ceiling fans/chandelier Clean up/organize laundry room Steam clean wood floors Deep clean bathrooms Buy new towels for both bathrooms Wash windows/screens Remodel master closet Clean out toy chest in living room Organize baby toys/toddler toys Set up & wash new moses basket in our room Stock bathrooms/storage cabinet for the winter Replant garden for the winter Get XTerra detailed Get Jeep detailed Install newborn car seat in both cars Pack hospital bags Pack Kate's overnight bag Pack diaper bag Will's Room Paint walls soft grey Touch up moldings Hang letters above crib Install new bedding Add new accessories for baby boy Fill his closet up Wash baby clothes, blanket