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38 weeks

Weeks: 38

Cravings: Red Lobster. I have to go before I pop this kid out.

Food Aversions: none.

Heartbeat: high 140's

Gender: precious baby BOY!

Extras: I've been slacking updating the blog and what's going on with baby boy! Hard to believe that he can come at any time. I've had a couple of false alarms this past week. I'm not the pregnant lady who calls the doctor every time I think I'm going into labor, thank God for google and friends who have experience with going into labor on their own to help get me through this waiting time. We are finally totally ready for our little man! Our bags are packed, the car seats are installed, everything has been bought, cleaned and is prepared to welcome Will into the world. Y'all will be happy to hear that my hair and nails have been done, I was even able to sneek in a little extra massage! He needs to come so I can stop shopping and cleaning! It's seriously out of control! I have two meals planned to make for the week and Chris and I have a date night planned and that's all I'm doing.. I'm totally pulling the pregnancy card and am surrendering my house-wife duties. I've reached a new low and burned myself while making macaroni and cheese. Who does that?! For those of you who like to be in the know and up to date with our exciting life (Ha) and who care to follow baby watch you can follow me on twitter {MrsNikkiAndrews} I will be updating it as much as I can and will have someone keeping my facebook up to date while I'm in labor. For those of you who think it's crazy to update while in labor and such...don't follow! I happen to love it when my friends keep all of us posted on the arrival on a new life. We are excited, anxious and so ready to meet our precious Will. I'm sure you can imagine the emotions that we are feeling knowing that his birthday could be any day now! My heart is at peace and just so excited to see his face and kiss his little nose for the first time. I wonder if he will have a head of dark hair like his big sister? What if he comes out bald? Ha, like that will ever happen! Such exciting days ahead. Please be praying for us this next week as we await the arrival of our precious son.

How big is Will?: He is about 6.8 pounds (which is what Kate weighed at birth) and is around 19.5 inches long! I pretty much have a watermelon in my tummy!


Jamie Fingal said…
I am loving your comparisons of what size Will is now. Terrific visuals. Savor your time with Kate. And I can't wait to meet baby Will. Love you!

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