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Announcing the arrival of our son

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our son, William Allan Marshall Andrews!

His arrival:
We got to the hospital around 7am on Saturday, January 21st. It was so crazy driving to the hospital knowing that when we returned home there would be two little ones in the back seat and we would be a family of four. I held my belly all the way with tears in my eyes as I felt Will's last kicks inside my belly. It was such a surreal moment. Once we got checked in and admitted they checked me and I was at a 3 and 80% effaced. A couple hours into labor my doctor came in and broke my water to speed things up. That has got to be one of the oddest feelings ever and I'm so thankful it happened in the hospital and no where else! The contractions really started to get intense so I ordered the epidural about 40 minutes after my water breaking. I had a much better experience this time around! One try and it was done! My doctor checked me around noon and I was still at a 3 and 80% effaced and feeling discouraged that I hadn't made any progress in the 4 hours. Once the epidural kicked in I was able to relax and rest. It was around 1:30pm that I started to feel an insane amount of pressure on my right side. I thought that was odd because my right side was more numb than my left but I was definitely feeling intense pressure. My mom ran and got my nurse to have her come check me and all she said was "close your legs, you're at a 9.5 and 0 station...his head is right there and Dr. has 2 others ready to push". Talk about intense! It took all I had within me to not push and to wait 30 more minutes for him to walk in the door and deliver our boy. I kept having my mom check to make sure he wasn't coming out since I was still a but numb from the epidural. My DR. arrived around 2:15pm, I pushed for a few minutes and our precious William was in my arms at 2:33pm! I can't even explain the feeling of your child being placed on your chest and hearing their first cries. It is beyond overwhelming and precious. They got him clean and placed him on the scale, he weighed in at 6lbs 14oz and 20 inches long. The same exact measurements I was when I was born! Chris and I spent the first two hours of his life doing skin to skin snuggle time, such sweet time getting acquainted with one another.

Life with Kate and Will: 
Labor and delivery was a completely different experience this time around than it was with Kate. The pain was so minimal and the recovery has been amazing. I have no pain and am able for the most part to keep up with all the demands of being a mom of two young ones. The hardest part thus far has been dealing with our sweet girl and her temper tantrums. They aren't just any tantrums, they have been out of control but I think we have finally turned a corner. I am doing my best with trying to manage my time and still make Kate feel extra special and not neglected while keeping up with having a newborn and meeting all of his needs. Will is an amazing baby, he eats (all day long), sleeps for hours, poops and burps. He's your typical guy! :) The only time he cries is when he's ready to eat, bath time and diaper changes. I am the one waking him up every 3 hours during the night to eat, he's just so content!
We are feeling beyond blessed and my heart has been completely melted by this little boy. I have turned to butter and cannot get enough of him and all his snuggles. Those fears of wondering how I was going to love him just as much as I love and adore Kate all went out the window on that rainy January afternoon when we met for the first time. It's incredible having two little ones and the love that we have for them is unlike anything else we have ever known. Kate loves her baby brother, she loves to help burp him and hold him. She's a little rough but we're working on that. I thank the Lord all day long for these two and can't wait to watch them grow up together and become the best of friends.
Thank you all for your kind messages, wishes and prayers for our family. We have been overwhelmed by all the love and support we have been shown. To all of our dear friends who have been bringing meals and are bringing them in the coming days, we can't thank you enough. It is such a lift, especially with Chris being gone 3 nights a week at grad school. I truly feel the arms of Christ wrapped around my little family.

Here are a few snapshots from Will's Happy Day!

just got admitted and settled into the delivery room

meeting my boy for the first time

skin to skin time...just minutes old

the most incredible team
they also delivered Kate together!

My boys
Proud daddy holding his son for the first time

Big sister meeting Will for the first time

This is how we slept our first two nights together in the hospital

15 hours old
Get ready for this blog to be flooded with pictures of my precious treasures!


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