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jogging down memory lane

I've been thinking about time a lot recently... How much time I spend not sleeping due to caring for my babies, how much time it takes to get the house going and everyone ready for the day and how much time it takes to wind the house down at night only to get in bed and do it all over again the next day. Then there's that realization of, oh my gosh I can't believe our first born is already two and a half years old and our baby boy is almost 6 week s old. There are those days that are so sweet where I wish I could freeze time and then those days I wish I could speed up time and get past certain phases.  Finally there are those days that I look back on and can't believe they are gone forever. F O R E V E R.  I think we all have those moments where we smell something that takes us back to an old memory or a song that will take you right back to that special place or certain person. I've been having a lot of those moments recently.  I've spent so much t

one month

Happy 1 month to our sweet son! I cannot believe that we have known you for a whole month. Our first month with you has flown by yet we feel like we've known you forever. Our hearts are filled with so much love for you, we are head over heels for you baby boy! I am experiencing a whole new kind of love with you in our life. Your snuggles are my favorite pastime, your grunts crack us up, your smile melts my heart and the love you have filled us with has made me a better person. Will continues to amaze us daily. He loves to eat, pass gas, snuggle and ..sleep! We finally busted out the swaddle me and are getting 4 and 5 hour stretches of sleep during the night. Thank you Jesus! One of my favorite things about Will is his sweet smile. He has my grandpa Marshall's mouth and seeing him smile brings so much comfort and joy to my heart. I absolutely love how the Lord works. He created our precious son so perfectly and for Him to add such sweet resemblances is such a gift. We a

Happy Love

I love Valentines Day. Chocolate. Flowers...and more chocolate! But most of all, I love that it's all about L O V E . My heart is filled with lots of that stuff these days. I packed the babies up and we went to lunch with the best husband and daddy ever! We then headed to my jeweler to get my ring cleaned and pick up a diamond necklace that I won! So fun! The rest of the day was just me and these cute faces. Big Sister is a ham I enjoyed a romantic dinner for one by myself on the couch last night while my man was in class. When he got home he surprised his girls with valentines and flowers. Kate loves her flowers, can't wait to plant them once the rain passes. opening her Valentines from mommy! I am so incredibly thankful for my valentine, my precious husband who works so hard for his family and never complains. He is more than I could have ever asked for and I can't imagine living a day without him by my side. Our little valentines are amazing and the lo


I'm two weeks in on this mom of two gig and I think I'm getting the hang of it! Most of our days have been spent at home but I have conquered 3 outings out on my own! I have yet to take Will out in a "public" place since he's still so tiny...we've only been to friends houses but it's a great start and I'm feeling more confident. If only I had realized how easy 1 kid was! Big sister is doing a lot better and I think the worst is over with the crazy tantrums *knock on wood*. She loves her baby brother and has never wavered on her love for him. Our precious Will is doing amazingly well! He is eating like a champ! He weighed in at 7lbs 11oz yesterday at the doctor! Up a full pound and 2 ounces since we left the hospital. He is the definition of dream baby. His days and nights are still mixed up which has been really fun. hahaha Even though he's up a good portion of the night and I'm exhausted it's not bad because he doesn't cry. He just