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2 months

  Precious boy is 2 months old!! Will continues to amaze us with his super mellow disposition. I'm pretty sure he has put some sort of spell on me because my heart swoons every time I look at his sweet face. He has recently started smiling when he hears Chris and my voice and yes, I become a ball of mush. Our Prince loves to snuggle, he loves floor time on his super cool play mat and he adores his big sister! The boy also loves to eat, which happens about every 2 hours or so. He's becoming a little chunker which is absolutely delicious! If only I could get away with my rolls being cute. Our little man has been sleeping through the night for the past week! I'm totally knocking on wood but it has been so refreshing!  He loves going for car rides, going on walks and swinging in his cozy swing. Things he's not so fond of: tummy time, bottles diaper changes. Will is now wearing 0-3 months and some 3 month outfits. He is about to grow out of size 1 diapers and make his way

A few things I've learned.

I have learned more valuable lessons these past 4 months than any class would ever be able to teach. Watching two people whom I adore die right before my eyes has taught me a lot and made me realize what's really important in life. 1. Invest your time in people, not things . Relationships are far more valuable than any other tangible thing ever will be. 2. No matter what life throws your way, stand firm & trust that there is a reason & you ARE going to get through it. "To everything there is a season.." Read Ecclesiastes 3 3. Spend time with those you love.  You never know when it will be your last together. 4. Things don't matter.  You could have all the money in the world, a beautiful home, a nice car. They don't matter. It really hit me last week as I watched my grandma and all that she left behind. None of it goes with you in the end. It's just stuff. 5 . The far most important thing that I have been reminded of is how incredibly impo

Our last moments

This week has been awful and heartbreaking but there have been some sweet blessings sprinkled in between. I thought Monday would be my last time seeing my grandma. I left knowing that she loves me and her knowing how much I love her. Last night things started to take a turn for the worse so we all went and gathered around her bed. Her son made it to her bed side at midnight after traveling all day from Costa Rica. When he walked in the room her eyes opened, she said hi to him and reached for his hand. This was all after the nurse said that her eyes were now unresponsive and that it looked like she would be passing anytime. I knelt by her side when I had to say goodbye around 1am this morning and she gripped my hand so hard. My heart broke, it felt as if she didn't want me to leave her but I also felt that it was her way of telling me that she loves me. Again I left and prayed for the Lord's perfect timing to take her home amongst the hundreds of tears that fell from my tired e

Getting ready to say goodbye

I am pretty sure I was just sitting here writing about telling my grandpa goodbye. It hasn't even been 4 months and this morning I walked into my grandma's place and had to do it all over again. This came totally unexpected and I don't think any of us were ready for this. My precious grandma took a really bad fall in her room at 4:30am on Saturday morning. She cut her head open and received 14 staples along with 3 deep stitches, the CT scan also shows that her brain is bleeding. Her body is frozen from Parkinsons and now she has stopped eating. Let me just say that when I walked in and saw her this morning, my heart broke all over again. I sat by her side all day, holding her hand and telling her stories. She would smile every now and then and gripped my hand. I knew that she was hearing me. I sat there and prayed quietly for the Lord to give her some strength to talk to me. 5 hours later she opened her eyes, saw me and smiled. In her sweet voice she said "Hi honey!&qu