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152 days young

I'm pretty sure I just blogged about my boy turning 4 months and here we are pretty much 2 days later and he's 5 months already! What in the world?! The days seem to be going by faster and I seem to be aging and looking more exhausted as each one passes. What's up with that? Five months young and the {littlest} joy of our lives. William Allan Marshall Andrews, how we adore you. Our little man is now 16 pounds even! His big sister better watch out, he's catching up! Kate was only 18 pounds at a year so this guy seems huge to me! A few new firsts for Will, he has started "solids". I pureed avocados and sweet potatoes this week. Here's how it went down...  nom.nom.nom   He loved the avocados & I gagged the entire time I fed them to him. Sweet taters       I don't think he was a fan We'll try those again next week. I forgot how much fun I had making Kate baby food. Is it bad that I wanted to add some butter and brown sugar to his sweet p

I'm never leaving again.

If you follow me on facebook or twitter then you probably have noticed that this week has been anything but awesome. My kids have found every nerve that the Lord so graciously gave me and Kate has pushed buttons that I didn't even know were there. I've had to spend some serious "quiet time" each morning before my feet hit the ground to ask the Lord to give me all that I am going to need to get through the day. Today was the kicker. I had an MRI planned and I was excited about it. How sad is that? I was looking forward to some quiet time and was really excited to not say the word "no" or "stop it" for an hour or so. Well that was stupid. First, driving there was crazy. I thought I would be smart and take side streets since I'm not a fan of our California freeways and merging and all. If you've ever been on the 91 you know what I'm talking about. So, being smart I took side streets. It was more like the scenic route of the ghetto and

Pre-Summer getaway

Spent a week out in Palm Desert. The first half of the week was just the momma, the babies and me and then our good friends the Golinos joined us along with my man! We roasted out butts off but had so much fun doing it! Love this tradition! The Mimi   Sports Illustrated??  We were a bit obsessed with the shakes and smoothies  So fresh and So clean Matching jammies made by Ava's great grandma! Hey girls, you're all clean so how about you go run and play outside for a bit! Duck chasers Parents who let their kids chase bids drove me crazy, now I'm one of them.  My favorite Italians ever The Golinos! My crew BFFs (hey Rach, I think we need this same pic of us, HA!) little man Did I mention how different it is traveling with kids?? The Cabo countdown is on!

A parent's worst nightmare..

I was debating on whether to post this or not but I felt like I was supposed to share in hopes of making sure no one else goes through it. Yesterday I took the kids to my parents house and we went swimming, which we do a couple times a week. I forgot Kate's floaty and still decided to take her in since we are in the middle of teaching her how to swim. She was doing great swimming with me and and when I had to get out to feed Will my mom went in with her and they played on the steps. Next thing you know we're all laying on the lounge chairs and Kate is underwater. At that very moment it felt as if we were put into slow motion. I don't think our minds knew how to process the horror that our eyes were seeing. I'm telling you the sight that we saw will forever be etched in our minds. She was bobbing up and down, her head never came out of the water, she was kicking her legs, flailing her arms, eyes open with the most terrified look on her face. I began to scream and yell
As I was updating my music this week I came across this song and wanted to share because I have a feeling that this will speak to many of you as it did to me. It will most likely mean something different to each one of us and I pray that is blesses you and meets you right where you are, whatever it is that you're going through. Big or small, we all need some kind of healing.