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Half a year!!!!

My sweet son,  I say this every single month but seriously, I can't believe how fast you are growing up!  Half a year has gone by and daily I wonder how we ever lived without you. You are such a love..  a snuggle bug..  a wiggle worm.. so content & happy  and one of our greatest joys! To celebrate turning half a year old you cut two teeth in one week and learned how to sit up! An over achiever already like your daddy! You are stubborn like your momma and still will not eat solids even when momma tries to trick you. Also Son, it's a good thing you are so darn cute because this not sleeping through the night thing is getting a little really old. I'm sure it's because you think you're going to miss something but really dude momma is not digging these parties that you're throwing in your crib during all hours of the night. It's absolutely amazing to think that you've only been in our arms for 6 months when it feels like we have loved


For the past 3 years I have been growing out my locks. I first started growing it out in hopes of having less poofy hair. I then decided that I was going to go for it and grow it out until it was long enough to donate. I've always wanted to donate my hair to locks of love or another foundation to help someone with cancer but I never had the patience to let it grow. Let me tell ya, prenatal vitamins, 2 pregnancies and no time to think about cutting my hair did it! This is the longest my hair has ever been in my life. I went in on Saturday to have it chopped and totally got sad. It was so fun having long princess hair but then I thought about the women who are fighting for their lives who have no hair. How blessed I am to be able to cut my hair off and help another woman feel confident and beautiful again.    Right before the cut   My freak out moment.  How crazy is that? And yes, my hair is that curly and out of control.


Today brings closure to the whirlwind of heartache these past 7.5 months have been. Eight short months ago all was well in our world and I now know why the Lord doesn't allow us to see into the future. Had I known what was ahead I don't think I would have been able to handle it. I'm hardly keeping it together most days now but it is because of His love, grace and compassion for us that we are smiling and moving ahead. Today the last piece of this puzzle was taken apart. The final page of this story was written and now literally all we have left are memories. One of the sweetest places on earth, my grandparents house on Ogle Street was handed over from our family to another. The deal is done and it is extremely bittersweet. I walked through their home for a final time a couple weeks ago and tears rolled down my cheeks as I went through each room. I took myself back and remembered the memories that each wall holds; the joy, the laughter and most of all the love. I thoug