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7 months

Son shine,  It's amazing to think that you are now 7 months young! You're changing daily and growing up to be the most handsome little guy since your daddy. You had your first sleep over with both grandparents when momma and dadda went out of town. We missed you and sissy like crazy but knew you were in great hands. You also went on your first airplane ride and as we walked off the plane people made remarks that they didn't even know a baby was on board! That airplane took us to Washington where you got to meet your great grandparents, your great aunt and uncle and your only cousin! We are blessed with a family who is filled with love baby boy, never forget that. You are so loved. A couple big milestones were hit this month: 1. The grandparents finally got you to eat solids while we were away and now you eat like a champ! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yippee! 2. You are rocking and rolling and I'm terrified . Seeing you on your little knees rocking and trying t

Well hello there..

August is here and almost gone and we are just getting home. The first week was one that I was so looking forward & dreading at the same time. Chris and I slipped away to Cabo San Lucas...  just the two of us.. Missed our babies like crazy but I will say that I didn't cry, not once! (thanks to our Skype dates!)  We ate our little hearts out, drank all the yummy drinks, napped, slept, enjoyed actual conversations without having to shhh babies and  napped some more. After a few days of arriving back in the States, we packed up the kids and flew to Seattle for a week. We went to visit Chris' grandparents and went knowing there's a very good chance that it would be our last visit with them. Our time with them was so good, we soaked in every minute, conversation and hug. We also got to spend a lot of time with his aunt and uncle and cousins. Love them all so much!  We also celebrated my man who turned 31 on the 18th! This month has bee